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  1. These are astonishingly high ratings for being an internet poll. There's usually somone who gives the 1 vote in protest or whatever but here there's not a single vote of 5 or lower.
  2. ingsve

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    I always understood that as a different way of saying birthday as in the day they got their name rather than the day they were born.
  3. ingsve

    Episode Names

    Only in meta. If they do something superimposed then it could be nice to use a quote from the episode like in The Wire after the title sequence of each episode.
  4. ingsve

    Episode Names

    Definately episode titles. Though it might be hard to find a title that summarizes an episode in a good way since there might be pivotal things happening in distinctly diffrent places within one episode but I guess it's just a matter of making a decision. Titles could take inspiration from a lot of references but there are a lot of quotes that are great titles. For me the first episode should definately be called "The things I do for love". Other great quotes could be: The crow is a tricksy bird. I'm going to kill that. We take it all. There are no men like me. And now my watch begins Dark Wings, Dark Words I am king here. The night is dark and full of terrors. The Others take your honor.
  5. ingsve


    It might not be and probably isn't that straight forward. With an expression like that it doesn't have to be a simple word for word translation. It could be something seemingly diffrent that simply translates as "did you know" What we do know however is that "zhey" is a vocative particle that is used in front of the name etc of that which you are adressing.