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  1. Well, it's highly suspect because this story is from yesterday, when Ros had already been dead for two weeks and filming had ended months ago, and it speaks about how an actress on the show has refused to do future topless scenes. I concede that it isn't impossible, but I dont think that was why she was written out of the show even if it is true.$ To Mafalda, sorry if it came off as petty. I'm not targeting you, it's just coincidence.
  2. I dont understand, you dont care, yet your angrily replying regardless? And your being quite aggressive here, not me. You actually did say "Shame the entire reason she was killed off was because she didn't want to do nudity anymore.", which is exactly the same as "Esme not doing nudity is definitely why she was kicked off the show." Sorry that I didnt pick up that you were joking when it was definitely not clear at all.
  3. My issue is more that you are saying that that is definitely why she was written out of the show. When it is not even absolutely certain that it is her. For instance, this was posted once season 3 filming was done, it could still easily be referring to Emilia. Also, how could it be refering to Esme, when she's been written out of the show already, and wont be back? How can it possibly be her?
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