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  1. Upgraded it from a 9 to a 10. I'm treating it as separate from the books. When looked at like that, it was astounding television.
  2. Initially was slightly disappointed as it could never match up to the scene in my imagination. Gave it a 9. But all last night it was haunting me in my dreams. Maybe it deserves a 10...
  3. 9/10. I thought the Tyrion-Sansa wedding was fantastic television. Sure, there were book differences which may cause problems down the line, but in the moment I really enjoyed it. "And now my watch begins". Perfect.
  4. On the rewatch: bumping it up from 5 to 6. Although that could partly be due to skipping the Theon scene.
  5. I'm not all that pessimistic - I have loved this season a lot. I was expecting episodes 7, 8, 9 and 10 to be fantastic but as it turns out episode 7 wasn't. Clearly my expectations aren't right, so I'm accepting that I may be wrong about episodes 8, 9 and 10. I do still think they will be great...but I'm not so sure. My rankings so far: Ep 1: 8 Ep 2: 8 Ep 3: 8 Ep 4: 10 Ep 5: 9 Ep 6: 8 Ep 7: 5
  6. This episode should have been awesome. Now I'm not so sure that the last few episodes will deliver...
  7. 5/10 from me too. Really really disappointing. All the classic book moments were watered down and replaced with filler crap that isn't even that important. Up till this episode, I thought this would be the best season yet. Now I'm thinking that's pretty unlikely.
  8. Agreed for the most part but that will change for Season 5 and onwards. Not seen this episode yet but my expectations are now tempered. Disappointed that the bear scene isn't as epic as I thought it would be.
  9. Great episode - 9/10 from me. I have to confess, I was slightly disappointed with Beric's resurrection combined with the Hound's reaction but still enjoyed the scene a lot. In general, all the scenes were on point and worked well. Can't believe we're halfway through the season already though. :(
  10. Such a good episode. 10/10. Kings Landing this episode was beautifully done, Craster was great and Dracarys (not my favourite moment from the books) was good too. My only gripe is that the slaver was uncommonly stupid - but it's the same gripe I had with the book. So yeah, really like the direction they've taken with Varys and Olenna - and knowing what is likely to happen makes it pretty satisfying. Also, Jaime and Brienne were great yet again, "Boy" was suitably creepy in those final moments and Beric Dondarrion is setting up nicely. Epic epic episode. And Episode 5 will be amazing too I think!
  11. Are you serious? The actor who played Xaro Xhoan Ducksauce would be much better. :P
  12. Tried to create a topic about this in the forums, but knowing my luck it won't be allowed by the moderators. Book spoilers:
  13. 8/10. Frigging' loved Thoros. Queen of Thorns was also very good as expected and I enjoyed the fight between Jaime and Brienne (although wish it had been longer). Liked Theon's scene too and Jojen brought a lot of charisma to his role. (a part of the books I don't find particularly interesting). Was expecting Cat to be bad but ended up just being 'meh' about it. Overall, this was another episode of setup, and for what it was it did well.
  14. ^Disagree. I think Rose Leslie is great as Ygritte. Nailed her character down perfectly - including her irritating nattering! I would rate this episode 7.5/10. Feeling kind at the moment so voted for 8/10 on the poll. Tyrion and Tywin was the main highlight for me. Tyrion's walk out of the room was just perfect. Had mixed feelings about Jon's story, on its own the acting was convincing and the dialogue excellent - but having read the books and knowing what they substituted it for it was a little disappointing. Liked Dany, like Davos and Salladhor Saan, and like Joffrey, Margaery and Cersei. Acting all round was fantastic and elevated the episode from a 3-star one to a 4-star one.
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