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  1. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Are you aware that there are only 127 pages in the books betwwen Rw's end and Pw's end? Generally if you look close enough until now the show is on 150 pages per episode... and when you talk about the wedding in all episodes of the season, when you show the scene with the leeches for 3 people, you need to close it. Otherwise : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov's_gun
  2. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Another problem is, when you consider all other long term Tv series, generally the second season is way better than the first, and the third is rather so-so... in the Tv series Game of Thrones, I guess pretty much everyone agrees that the first was the best... so from my point of view, there is a problem here... I consider quitting, but I guess curiosity win... I do hope the 4th season would be better... otherwise, do not know what to say...
  3. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 310?

    DarkANdFullOfTurnips, if you have an objection about what I wrote there about storytelling, rather than swearing, I'd like to hear it. I guess talking about something for the whole season and not giving it is a good kind of storytelling for you... well enjoy it then...
  4. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 310?

    ok, they liked it and I did not... so? The first problem is storytelling, if you talk about a wedding all the time and do not give it, it's poor storytelling. Second my concerns are about the outcome of the story, I fear that needless alterations may influence the books which are not yet published. Third, In the books there is a rather objective point of view on the characters, but in the series I do not see it. I really cannot see how Shae's end will be now... totally out of character. Jamie's presence is also a huge problem from my point of view... so my concerns are generally about the story and mostly about storytelling... that's my opinion...
  5. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 310?

    I think the only season worth watching was the first one...
  6. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 310?

    I voted 1/10, the worst episode of the series, the third season is a let down. [Possible spoilers for non readers] ... No coldhands, no Sam the Slayer (yeah he killed but none of his brothers has seen it), the baby named Sam, no waiting to name it come on... no Un-Cat, no PW (and still they are talking about the wedding, what kind of storytelling is that? Balon Greyjoy lives, Stannis is far form the books, from the hesitation about the boy's fate and doesn't kill Davos just because of Mel? Sick and tired of Dany favoring final scenes. Mysha scene was ridiculous. Sam does not promise Bran about telling Jon that he lives. Rickon going under the protection of Umbers, how will Mandarley learn about his fate? If the north will know that Rickon still lives, how will be the outcome, fake Arya and etc.? ... [Possible spoilers for non readers] The series is getting worse and worse...
  7. A Son of Ice and Fire

    How would you rate episode 306?

    I gave a 6/10, the final scene was breathtaking, many had liked very much Tywin/Qot scene, even if it's a really good acting scene and the actors have my full respect of handling the characters, I found it totally unnecessary. What disturbs me is the unnecessary changes of the plot in the books. I am well aware that it's inevitable making changes in the adaptations, but he unnecessary ones are quite displeasing. There was no need to push Loras instead of Willas and please do not tell me about budget or etc. Willas was only mentioned in the books, none saw him, so there won't be a necessity to hire a new actor. What I believe is they just want to give more importance to the insignificant side-character Ser Loras. Maybe the (totally incapable and unconvincing) actors' agents pushed for more time and it's not fine by me. Ramsey Snow is brought brilliantly, compliments to great acting. The LF/Varys scenes are always great, the one we saw in the first season was instrumental just as the one in the climb, they are more revealing than anything about the real "game". Not a Ros hater, though always found her presence somewhat unimportant and she won't be missed dearly by me, but there is no need to invent stupid things like the manner of her death to drive people to hate more the Lannister bastard king. He is already hate-deserving. It was good to see Sansa's tears, she is one of the characters that I cannot stand. (no disrespect for the actress playing her, she is pretty and capable.) The Mel and BwB scenes are confusing, cannot decide what to think, so I'll pass any comment...
  8. A Son of Ice and Fire

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    [ Could this truly be Prince Aegon?" "Gregor Clegane ripped Aegon out of Elia’s arms and smashed his head against a wall," Ser Daemon said. "If Lord Connington’s prince has a crushed skull, I will believe that Aegon Targaryen has returned from the grave. Elsewise, no. This is some feigned boy, no more. A sellsword’s ploy to win support." My father fears the same. "If not, though… if this truly is Jon Connington, if the boy is Rhaegar’s son… " "Are you hoping that he is, or that he’s not?" "I… it would give great joy to my father if Elia’s son were still alive. He loved his sister well." "It was you I asked about, not your father." So it was. "I was seven when Elia died. They say I held her daughter Rhaenys once, when I was too young to remember. Aegon will be a stranger to me, whether true or false." The princess paused. "We looked for Rhaegar’s sister, not his son." ] The choice of the words that GRRM used made me think. Nothing obvious, just an intuition. Can't say anything for sure...but sth made me feel a serious doubt instantly...
  9. A Son of Ice and Fire

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I believed Aegon to be real until reading the first Arrianne chapter, now I think it is more likely that he is fake. I guess GRRM is trying to hold both doors open, just not to spoil the surprise, but I believe it will be revealed in a short time that he is fake and he won't be able to survive for long. I found really funny that some people think that there will be a Aegon+GC/Tyrell alliance. That is very unlikely, but there is a real possibility that JC and Aegon eliminated, GC will take sides with who has the money to pay. Tyrells are able do that. So instead of allying with Aegon, we may very well see GC bought by Tyrells, which will eventually help them grow strong...