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  1. I think I welcomed you in the other thread back - but I'll do so once again "officially": Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  2. Welcome, Creighton. :cheers:
  3. Welcome, Jack, to the boards! :cheers:
  4. cannot be unseen! Oh my goodness, Tyw... ehm... Floyd. Charles Dance
  5. Huh? Anyway, welcome. :cheers:
  6. Welcome, griffinmartell, to the boards! :cheers:
  7. Welcome, Eire, to the boards! :cheers: It was interesting to read your post - and it got me thinking. No kidding.
  8. Welcome, newcomers! :cheers:
  9. Or with When We Leave? I also like Sibel as an actress. Oh, btw. Peter Dinklage is Hung in "Knights of Badassdom".
  10. Get involved. You can refer to HC or me that we told you about the thread. We do discuss quite a range of things, but we don't talk religion, feminism or other things that really could set the thread afire. In case of the show (GoT), we use mostly spoilers because not everybody gets to see the newest episode at the same time - we have members from America and all over Europe.
  11. Merci beaucoup. =o) Je sais parler le Latin aussi, alors je n'ai pas de problème d'apprendre les languages romanes. This is interesting. It really is. And you'd be really welcome in TTTNE. =o)
  12. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Of course I would. :smug:
  13. You'd be welcome there. And there you have the chance to get us to know more personally if you want to. All it takes is an open heart and open mind for new people. And care. Care for people you befriend, because we are friends. We are there for each other in times of need and pull for each other - even if we live at different places in the world. We really are. That's no empty statement. :cheers: for my friends! You know who you are. And I don't want to miss anyone of you.
  14. You'd be surprised what employers and professors actually *know* about their employees resp. students. In times of Facebook where at least I don't have an account you can never be sure. And there are other reasons for not wanting other people to know one's looks. If you want a pic of your opposite, go ahead and ask via PM, I'd strongly recommend that.
  15. Welcome, aptdando! :cheers:
  16. ¡Olé! Red-Viper24, ¡bienvenido'! Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  17. J'ai fait des études de français il ya quelques années, et j'aime bien lire des livres en la vérsion originale. C'est pourquoi je parle le français et je l'aime bien. Oui, j'ai rejoui d'être en Suisse. J'ai des amis à St. Gallen. Et j'ai un beau-frère suisse - il vient de Berne. Si tu veux, je te donne ma main en amitié. =o) Je suis allemand. "Yes, I live in Geneve". Je crois que tu as voulu dire cela, n'est-ce pas? ;o)
  18. Bien venue ici! =o) Tu habites à Geneve? J'ai été plusieurs fois à Berne et Zurich. La Suisse est sûrement belle.
  19. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  20. Welcome, Four-Eyed Raven, to the boards! :cheers:
  21. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  22. Welcome to the boards! :cheers: Heh. I also have a crush on her. And you're welcome. :cheers: Welcome! :cheers:
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