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  1. My left foot sucks...

  2. Coffee and I feel fine.

  3. You're right. I learnt Dutch, because I live near the Netherlands. ;o)
  4. Hartelijk welcom op het board, Tessa! Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands. Hope you like it here. And welcome to the other "new-comers".
  5. A headache coming on...

  6. Welcome to all new persons!
  7. Dice.... SPIEL right ahead...

  8. Okay. So, I'll have to check out people who are going. Thanks for the answer.
  9. Hallo, everybody! I first learnt of ASoIaF at a con, decided to read the books, but didn't have the time then. Later, some friend of mine - we played rpgs together - told me about the series. He was very impressed as far as I recall. Once again, I decided to read the books - but lacked the money to buy them. When season 1 was shown on TV, I watched it and became really hooked on it (not only because of the fantastic opening sequence), and I got me the books (English version) and read them - on the train to work, at home, nearly everywhere. I finished ADwD last week, and I look forward to TWoW, and season 2 - I haven't seen it yet. My favourite characters are: Tyrion (now, who would have guessed that...), Eddard Stark, Jon Snow. I'm typing this from merry old Germany. Greetings to everybody! =o)
  10. Coffee and I feel fine.

  11. Everything peachy over here.

  12. Laughing... heavily.

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