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  1. Not really. GRRM himself said events in the books happen out of order to the POVs. Theon could well be into the ADWD stuff in a season. Let's not forget season 4 is SOS/FFC/ADWD stuff.
  2. I'm laughing but I really shouldn't be. Oh dear. I wonder if Shae is CGI.
  3. Well they can't do that in the show. Otherwise they could lose Alfie and the audience would forget about him. He needs to be kept around, though I don't know why he is in so many episodes. Aren't they going to run out of ways to show him being tortured? Hopefully they'll jump start the reek storyline soon.
  4. If she had this monologue in season 1 before Jon killed the Wight, then this would have been AMAZING foreshadowing. But it's in season 3 and is kinda pointless.
  5. Give him a fat suit, bam. Lord Manderly.
  6. I think Cat had more lines of dialogue as Lady Stoneheart. Seriously, I swear she speaks 1 sentence every third episode. Waste of Michelle Fairly.
  7. 6. Not much happened, and there were very few strong scenes. Most of them told us things we already know: Sansa, Shae and Tyrion are upset about their marriage, we know. Wights are a thing, we know. The throne room had dragon skulls that got smaller, we know. Theon's being tortured, we know. Thought the bear pit was a let down from the book, the only scene that took me by surprise was the Dany scene with the messenger. Had a nitpick about drogon attention whoring but otherwise I think it's the best scene in the entire episode.