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    It is not a pale horse

    i assume it was a reference to the pale mare, or bloody flux. One disaster after another for KL.
  2. Maester Vargo

    [SPOILERS] Another theory about what just happened

    This. so much this. There is an angle in the books where Dany going crazy could work. Hell, I've been hoping for her to just burn Meereen to the ground. Great way to suddenly end that annoying storyline and get her moving again. Should have done that on the show. Definitely not in line with what we've come to expect from Dany on the show. There hasn't been a set up for this. It would have worked a lot better if Cersei had planted wildfire throughout the city to make Dany look crazy, as a last f*** you. Have Dany fly up and blast the red keep with dragonfire, killing cersei and igniting the wildfire. Then everyone thinks Dany was responsible. Still would have been dumb, but less dumb. The real mad queen in the show has been cersei, but she got the heartfelt send off as half of a pair of star-crossed lovers, rather than getting immolated as psycho incest lady.
  3. Maester Vargo

    [SPOILERS] Another theory about what just happened

    I like this idea. It's better than what we'll actually get.
  4. Maester Vargo

    will we see roasted Jon?

    God, I hope so. Jon's too stupid to rule.
  5. Maester Vargo

    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    Careful not to make Qyburn mad. He is the greatest, most interesting, (most smart), most important person of all time.
  6. Maester Vargo

    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    Good point. Stupid Ned, Stupid Robb, Stupid Jon, Stupid Rickon. If Bran wasn't 3EC, he'd be stupid too.
  7. Maester Vargo

    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    I think it's the Jon effect. Jon's "you know nothing Jon Snow" stupidity is toxic and infectious. Everyone gets stupid when they get close to Jon. Not emotionally, just in the same general space. And I don't believe, not for a second, that Jon is anything but Ned Stark's kid. The Stupid runs strong there. Unless Lyanna was also a moron. Then, maybe...
  8. Maester Vargo

    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    Qyburn is the smartest, most effective genius in the history of the seven kingdoms (a world populated with morons. It seems like Winter's true effect is draining the brain power of most people). He raises the dead, he invents dragon seeking ballista bolts, and far more. Qyburn is clearly the only intelligent person left and should sit the iron throne. Sansa isn't as dumb as she used to be, but she's pretty dumb. The only smart thing Cersei's done is let Qyburn do all the thinking. Ditto with Euron.
  9. Maester Vargo

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    If anyone is bringing Rhaegal back, it'll be Qyburn. Because the show is this dumb and Qyburn is the smartest, greatest person ever.
  10. well, since Qyburn is apparently the greatest scientific and magical genius in the history of westeros... #TeamQyburn Qyburn, First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, the First Men, and the Dead, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, the Prince that was Promised (after he raises Balerion, the Dragon waked from Stone, because why not? Qyburn is the greatest mind ever)
  11. Maester Vargo

    Treason Is Treason

    Varys' storyline has become one of the worst. He's gone from the smartest guy in the room to the stupidest.
  12. Probably the worst episode I've ever seen. One of the worst episodes I've ever seen of any show, ever.
  13. Maester Vargo

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    It really is for the best that her army of foreigners (and Jon's wildlings) was decimated. She's proven that she will fight for the 7 kingdoms. The people will rally to her after she sacrificed her invading, foreign army. Sansa will suck it up and kneel. Dany fought her ass off to save Winterfell. She has been baptized in blood. Sansa and Arya will get Edmure Tully will rally the riverlands to her cause. Any remaining northern lords will rally to her. Once Sam makes his peace with it, she'll rally the Reach. The Vale will rally to her side. I would expect the Reach will rally to her as well. And they've got Gendry. Sir Gendry, perhaps? Maybe even Lord Gendry of Storm's End? Dany will now have the army of the 7 Kingdoms, not the foreign army. Cersei is using the foreign army. This is also important.
  14. Maester Vargo

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    To be honest, I totally forgot about that vision. So, that theory goes out the window. But my greater point, that Euron is using some kind of blood magic to dominate his thralls own wills, but he isn't actually warging them, stands.
  15. Maester Vargo

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    What if we have seen it and just haven't recognized it? Euron's man blows the dragonbinder horn, sacrificing his own life for no real reason beyond showing to the Ironborn that Euron's crew will die for him, even if there isn't a reason. I think that it's more than possible that the removal of his crew's tongues isn't just to keep them quiet, I think there's a magical ritual involved that binds them to him and gives him some kind of power over them. Whether or not it involves warging into them, I can't say. I also don't think that Euron hired a FM to kill Balon. I think either Euron did it himself, perhaps using a glamour to cover up his identity to castle guards and such, or he sent one of his tongueless men to kill Balon. Perhaps his magic is powered through removing the tongues of his crew. Keep in mind Varys' story. The sorcerer cut off Varys' little spider and fed it to the flames to power his magic. Euron may gain some kind of power by taking the tongues of his crew as a sacrifice to power some kind of dark magic. He's been to Asshai (supposedly) and could have learned some kind of magics not seen elsewhere to date. I think the tongue removal is a kind of bloodmagic that binds the victim to Euron in a way that allows Euron to dominate their willpower, perhaps even at great distance, but not necessarily skinchange into them. For example, he can't actively communicate with the Dusky Woman and he can't see what she sees or know what she knows (though who knows what an obsidian candle would allow), but he gave her commands before she left and she has to follow them through to the best of her ability. Keep Victarion happy. Kill him if need be. When the time is right, grab the horn and blow it. When the horn is blown, the Dragon is bound to her, but she dies (which normally frees the dragon), but since she's a slave to Euron's will, the Dragon becomes bound to her master, Euron. That's my theory anyway. Edited to add: Another bit of support of this is the concept of thralls. The Ironborn take captives as semi-slaves they call Thralls. Thrall is a derived from a norse word that means a person in bondage or slavery. Given what we know about the Ironborn, that's an appropriate term to use, if archaic. Thrall has a second (more modern) meaning, though. Dictionary.com also defines thrall as "a person who is morally or mentally enslaved by some power, influence, or the like". His magic makes his crew thralls in that more modern sense. They're not just held in bondage. Their minds are enslaved, not just their bodies.
  16. Maester Vargo

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    He's not going to Mereen. If he did, it would be a colossal waste of time since Mereen will be a smoking hole in the ground after Drogon burns it to its foundations.
  17. Maester Vargo

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Adding about 20 cents of my own after reading the transcribed chapter and thinking on it... I think the purpose of the tongueless is that Euron wargs into them and controls them. Some part of his ritual that allows him to maintain power over them involves the tongue removal. When Euron tells Aeron that he didn't 'do the deed himself', but it was his hand that pushed Balon, I suspect that it was one of his tongueless who pushed Balon, while under the control of Euron. My other thought is that Euron himself is or was a faceless man or trained with them at some point and learned their powers. That would give him the ability to skinchange and appear to be someone else, while killing Balon with his own hand. It would also allow him to torment Aeron by appearing to him as Urri. He may have also learned the ways of the ruins of Valyria from the Faceless, which may have been invaluable in acquiring Dragonbinder and the Valyrian Armor. He's much too into his own identity to be a true Faceless Man, but he could have done what Arya seems to be doing and kept his own identity while learning their ways. I think that the Dusky Woman is much the same. Euron can enter her mind at any time and take over control of her. Once Vic arrives at Mereen, he intends to warg into the Dusky Woman and blow the Horn, which will kill the Dusky Woman, but bind the Dragon to Euron. I'm not convinced that Euron is the bad guy, yet. That seems to clean, too easy. I also don't think Jon is the good guy. Also seems too clean and easy. He's certainly an unsavory character, but Azor A'hai himself was pretty scummy. This is a guy who murdered his own wife to gain power. Where was Euron when the red comet first appeared? Was he in the ruins of Valyria, I wonder? Azor A'hai is born in Smoke and Salt, right? Where is it smokier and saltier than that forsaken land. And 'born' may not mean the actual act of childbirth, but could be more a spiritual rebirth. He discovered his calling in life, that is. He could very well be a bad guy to the people of Westeros, he could intend to take the crown and smite his enemies, and rule with an iron fist. But he could also be Azor A'hai and lead humanity to victory over the great other. That said, the dead gods in Aeron's vision...I find it curious that the Great Other isn't mentioned. Nor is the Storm God (the opposition deity to the Drowned God). Obviously, the old gods are also missing. Any other missing gods? Seems like that could be telling about Euron's true nature. Also, having said that, and linking back to my earlier point, perhaps Euron does represent the destruction of the world as it is. Perhaps he leads humanity into a new age by throwing down the Others, the Old and New and Foreign Gods. Or, I guess, it could be that he throws down humanity. What of "Dragons, Krakens, and Sphinxes" - could be that these are literal dragons and krakens. But while Dragonbinder binds a dragon to the someone, supposedly, it doesn't summon them. I read somewhere that the ruling family of Cracklaw Point is rumored to have a horn that can summon Krakens. But I think that Sphinxes aren't real creatures even in Planetos. There are statues of them in many places, especially in Essos. The other possibility is that these are people or Houses. Dragons being Targaryens. But Krakens are the Greyjoys themselves. Maybe that just means the Ironborn in general? If so, does that mean that the Dragons are Dany with her armies? But what of the Sphinx? That's the most interesting part. There's a quote somewhere that the Sphinx is the riddle, not the riddler. So, I think that rules out Alleras, who I don't really see how she could be important enough to be included in such a vision. Unless the Sphinx (Alleras) becomes the Shadow bride?