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  1. Hobb was mentioned earlier in the season so yeah, I think that was supposed to be him.
  2. I think Neil Marshall is one of the archers on the wall. Here is a picture of Marshall: http://cdn.screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/neil-marshall-black-sails.jpg
  3. Honestly this episode was a great achievement in television. GoT has raised the bar yet again. People being up in arms because the show didn't change the books and shoehorn Stannis into this episode is sad. This episode was about the Night's Watch, and it was great.
  4. http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/12/122165/2587701-9733518266-13834.gif
  5. Yeah I think Sam was a highlight of the episode, he's really coming into his own, and he had some great one liners. I love Sam and Gilly and people here are calling it filler because their favorite character, Stannis, wasn't featured. Terrible. 50 minutes of fighting would be bad television without the character scenes to actually make viewers care. Also Tormund was a total beast.
  6. Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xv9Emwi1Cc Dany got 4 and a half minutes in Mhysa.
  7. Yeah, if the posters here were in charge the episode would not have been called "The Watchers on the Wall" but "The Mannis."
  8. People don't care if the show is faithful to the books if the show makes their favorite character look cool. Blackwater Stannis was nothing like the character in the books. With The Watchers on the Wall, people are pissed that the show didn't rush the initial skirmish, downplay the Night's Watch, and make the episode about Stannis. People say D&D let their biases get in the way but if some of the posters here were writing this episode, Sam and Gilly would have been killed by Wildlings, Jon is about to killed by Mance, when Stannis swoops in a dragon, chomping on a cigar and says "Hasta la vista, Wildlings."
  9. You're kidding yourself if you think the Show Runners had little or no control over the biggest episode of their series to date.
  10. Varamyr hasn't been on the show, I can only assume you're thinking of Orell from season 3? Varamyr is in a casting call for the 5th season, so he'll be introduced next year!
  11. Why not? If you have read the books you should know what the events at the wall are ultimately more important than whoever's ass is on the iron throne.
  12. How is that a plot hole? Two giants could have lifted the gate for what? A mammoth to lead the charge through the tunnel lead by regular wildlings? The beast of burden is there to provide brute strength, the rest are there for their skills in battle.. Let the mammoth rip the gate down so the rest can save their strength for actual fighting. Nothing about this is a plot hole.
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