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  1. Godfrey

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Godry the Giantslayer
  2. Anyone having thoughts on Samwell being Grand Maester? If he's Grand Maester he won't be able to be with Gilly or Little Sam anymore. Samwell is hardly a good candidate for Grand Maester. Julian Glover who portrayed Pycelle told us he didn't want to be in Game of Thrones any longer, that's why he was killed off in the show, though he likely would've died before the Season 8 final. There wasn't enough time in the show to have a suitable Grand Maester appointed i guess.
  3. There was scenes of the wights running into the dragonglass blockades in Winterfell, it's easy to miss Guessing all the arrows had to have dragonglass too.
  4. Sure Beric dying to resurrect someone would've been good. Nice to see Arya didn't hate him when he died though.
  5. Sandor, Arya or Melisandre didn't think about trying to revive Beric again through the Lord of Light/R'hllor? why? Looked like thousands of people retreated into Winterfell though there was so few people defending the walls when the dead were climbing the walls.
  6. Seems unlikely though i've seen some theories online that Bran could become the next Night King. Bran has the Night Kings mark on his arm, and Bloodraven told him "he touched you" This one possible way i could see the show ending (Brans eyes turning blue) Any thoughts on this? The scenes in the next three episodes with Bran will likely be interesting now that the Night King is defeated.
  7. I doubt we will see a new Grand Maester in Season 8. ' It would've been good if the Maesters at the Citadel in Season 7 mentioned that Grand Maester Pycelle had died. I'm sure we will see a new Grand Maester in the book series though.
  8. Godfrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    How about the two Kettleblacks they'll have to get into the series and get into the kingsguard before Jaime gets back to Kings Landing. Not 100% what book it was.. but it was storm of swords part 1, right?
  9. Godfrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Are they not going to use the Lord of Light's real name in this show? Haven't even heard a mention of the "God whose name should not be spoken" yet, have we? No mention of Balon Greyjoy yet either, thought his death was announced at the small council before Tywin announced these two new marriages.