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  1. They finished her emotional arc. they are still actions which she has to do. Everything I listed before are actions which must be done.
  2. Nah, I dont think they have the time for that in Ep 10. Remember they have to have : Tyrion /Jamie scene Tyrion/Tywin/Shae scene, Arya/Hound scene, Arya/Bravosi Captain, Bran/CoF. Bran / Bloodraven, a Brienne scene, a Dany /dead child scene and a dany /dragons scene Also I'm betting we get a Cersei scene where they mention the Mountain being alive and the possible reaction of Dorne
  3. GRRM is the moron. The beetles are his characters. Why is he killing them ? Only he knows. :-)
  4. King Zee

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Why do people keep wanting Littlefinger to say he was in love with Ser Pounce ?
  5. Kevan is old though and when Kevan dies Lancel inherits. Jamie was talking about the next generation of Lannisters
  6. King Zee

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Are you sure you arent letting AFFC Cersei affect your opinion of ASOS Cersei ? Tywin's death had a major impact on her personality.
  7. King Zee

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I hope people understood that is what "nice" Cersei was all about - working the judges -- Mace's daughter, Tywin, Oberyn.
  8. King Zee

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Meera asked Jojen how will it end......meaning how will he die....and he saw himself on fire.
  9. King Zee

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Really. that was uncalled for. People dont care if men get killed by other men. Its expected. Women dying, especially killed by their lovers is a much more dramatic theme. How many men have been killed by thier lovers in this show or even the books ? Even Robert was killed by a boar not Cersei directly.
  10. King Zee

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    You know its occurs to me that this season could well be subtitled "violence against women" Cersei. -raped by her bf Shae - killed by her ex bf Lysa - killed by her husband Ygritte killed .......(by her ex ?) Brienne - a fight where she bites someones ear off. Sansa - general creeping by LF
  11. apparantly everyone missed Varys saying that if confronted about Shae by Tywin, he would not lie.
  12. For all the Penny haters....you do know that nothing prevents Penny from being off screen at the Wedding. Later she can simply say she used to help her brother put on his costume.
  13. I dont think it was the same actress but I do think it was meant to be the same character.