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  1. 1 has the highest vote with 18% right now. It'd become prime minister of the UK if this were an election :-) My rating for this is also 1. I don't know how GoT can recover from this low. It just jumped the shark as of this episode. I hope grrm will be our savior and write his books quickly so that the memory of this season can be erased asap. The Dornish plot was amateurish at best. I've actually seen more well thought out plots in some 80s B-movies. I have no words about the winterfell scenes. They were beyond tasteless. I had hated last season's handling of the North storyline with Jon being sent out with the superfluous character of Locke to rescue Hodor, Bran and Meera. Basically the show really butchered the North storyline with this episode.
  2. TWOIAF was written recently and grrm didn't write the content about Sothyros and other far flung places, so IMO it is possible that the authors were giving a shoutout to 'HTTYD'
  3. Maybe Grrm was trying to indicate he had some Weasley blood? Dont think it is mentioned if he was a ginger
  4. Any differrnces can maybe shown as a note hidden inside a spoiler tag or collapsible section?
  5. lot of redundant information there. Maybe, a collapsible section about the changes in situation at AGoT and ADwD?
  6. Old Bill Bone of the windblown could be a reference to Billy Bones, a famous pirate from the golden age of piracy (who appears in Black Sails)
  7. She was created for the MMORPG if I'm not mistaken
  8. The wiki is not spoiler-free from my understanding. So I don't think there's a point trying to enforce it just for a character
  9. yes. I don't think having two pages for the same character is a good idea
  10. I didn't see the theory about Varys/Ilyrio being the mother of Joffrey.
  11. Clear reference to "Carcosa" and the "Yellow King" from Ambrose Bierce's short stories. Also recently referenced in the series, True Detective.
  12. Jesus (!) GRRM even skimmed off the Bible :bowdown: :bowdown: :thumbsup:
  13. From WoiaF Spoiler The bewildering number of "King Durrans" in the Stormland history may be a (not sure if intentional or a freudian slip) reference to large the number of dwarvish kings named "Durin" in Middle Earth.
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