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  1. I'm sure this has come up before so maybe someone can help me out. I would have put in in Small Questions, but I'm hoping it will generate a bit of discussion. I'm only about 49% sold on RLJ, but I think there was likely a child, even if it's not Jon. I also find the idea that Rhaegar was trying to fulfil prophecy and father a "Visenya" quite intriguing. Listening to the Fire and Blood audio book, though, something jumps out at me. Visenya was the oldest and yet Rhaegar calls his firstborn Rhaenys - why would he start with the youngest? Does this negate the prophecy theory, or is there some reason I'm not seeing? Is it simply because it didn't occur to him until after they named Rhaenys and he just liked the name? I would love to read your thoughts on it.
  2. Neddy's Girl

    Prophecy and the Three Heads of the Dragon

    Thanks for the replies - I need to sit down and read properly before I come back!
  3. I'm still waiting for the book announcement. "Now for the real ending..." The promotional material practically writes itself! P.S. Nice to see you back
  4. I haven't read all the thread yet but wanted to say, from what I've seen of people criticising the petition, they're getting the wrong idea. For one, most people will have PAID for this - whether through HBO directly, Sky, Now TV, etcetera - it's not a cheap daytime drama on a freeview channel. People have a right to complain that they aren't getting value for money. For another, folk aren't complaining (generally) that they didn't get the outcome they wanted for they're favourite characters, they're angry that those outcomes didn't make any sense and were poorly executed. Fans aren't so stupid to just want happy endings. Contrast this shitshow with The Wire, regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. As I watched it, I noted how brutal it was in it's disregard of the viewers' feelings (stairwell anyone?), and yet I didn't feel angry or unsatisfied; the story was well told (and I even enjoyed the final season ). I also hate this, "Could you do any better?" argument. If I'm a bad cook, does it invalidate my right to complain if a restaurant serves me hot garbage? I'm sorry the cast and crew worked so hard and wasted so much time and money on this. Maybe it gives them some idea of what their fans are feeling though. (I haven't actually signed it yet, as in my mind, there's a lot more than S8 needs remaking, but I may do so in a show of solidarity .)
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    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    So much this. At work or anywhere really.
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    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    I think that's what's bugged me for so long - people are allowed to like what they like, but when it's hyped up as if it's the greatest televisual achievement of all time and completely immune to criticism, it pisses me off.
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    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    Oh, abso-blinking-lutely. I might even watch this one! I was speaking to a showpologist at work today who finally conceded that it was "a bit disappointing"; I'm hoping for full on rage next week I've had doubts from season 2, problems with season 3, stopped watching after season 4, and I now I finally feel that I'm not just some book snob who doesn't get it. (There was always the ever-growing Rant and Rave, but nobody in my real life ever agreed with me.) I do feel some sympathy for people who've stuck with it up until now though; it must feel like a total betrayal, so I'm sorry they couldn't have had a satisfying ending, but I do enjoy that people are finally criticising D&D, who have deserved it for a long time. And a small part of me is quietly hoping that we will shortly have a book announcement...
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    Poor children...

    When I was pregnant (4 years ago) I read a thread about whether or not you should name kids after ASOIAF characters and most people (book fans) felt not, one of the main reasons being that we don't know how these characters will ultimately turn out. Good call I think!
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    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Since the end of Season 4, I didn't think this show could make me feel anything but disgust and derision, but after reading about what they did to Ghost last episode and Jaime this, I have to admit it's hurtful. So maybe it's hats off to Dumber and Dumberer, as they made this show hater feel something? Arseholes.
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    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    I wouldn't be disappointed if RLJ is true, but I also feel it's been demonstrated just how hollow focussing on his "Targaryeness" becomes. I've not considered Dany being dead before, but I agree that there must be consequences from Jon's death.
  11. Neddy's Girl

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    This is what has tipped me over to the non-believe camp, although I'm still about 52/48 I feel like this started with the annulment. They had this preposterous storyline to make him a contender for the Iron Throne, while, even if he is half Targ, it's his blood that's important, not his legitimacy. I don't watch the abomination, but I keep up to date with what's happening and I just can't believe that this is the ending we will get. Like you said, they just don't know what to do with the big "revelation".
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    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    But the thing is, I don't watch it (haven't since s4, which I watched while doing housework), but I can't escape from it. It's not just people at work or at social events celebrating it (where I generally keep schtum, because nobody likes a party pooper), it's also on my favourite comedy shows. 8 Out of 10 Cats even showed a clip. I can't think of any other show that has had this treatment. This forum is one of the only places I can find out what's going on without people gushing about it and treating me like I'm crazy if I simply say I don't like it or watch it.
  13. Neddy's Girl

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    I had read up to somewhere in Storm when season 2 aired. I was really looking forward to how Reek would play out on screen, because, gods! that moment Theon is considering taking the black, then Ramsey shows and he is triumphant, followed by despairing as he realises the true depth of his betrayal; it is horrifyingly magnificent. And then it didn't happen - we don't see Reek until Theon becomes him. I still mostly enjoyed the show in season 3 and kind of hate watched season 4 as I did not enjoy their choices. The last episode I liked was the battle against the wildlings. I have sometimes flicked over to watch it, not liked what I saw and turned off, but I very much enjoy the rant and rave threads, which keep me up to date!
  14. Remember the good old days when it was the lovely Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port, with input from Elio and Linda? Geoff also did cast interviews online and a superb interview with GRRM himself, where he talks about the tankers of money driven up to his home to convince him to do the series
  15. I haven't finished this ginormous thread yet, but I'd seen some speculation about how the next 3 episodes might go and I didn't want to piss on the show lovers' parade, so here's my guess: Bran's eyes light up - mwa ha ha - he's the Great Other and the only thing that stood in the way of his power was the NK, who the Good Guys just took out - suckers! He raises his hands, and with them, the AotD. Then, either: The Good Guys race to KL, the army hot on their heels to make, after some toing and froing, common cause with Carol. But wait! Larry has to fulfil his volonquar prophesy... oh hang on, that's not a thing now. So she lives, they defeat Bran deus ex machina, and, you'd better get 2 more thrones made from all that iron/ steel/ obsidian, because Deadpan, Kit, and Carol are going to try and make it as a thruple a la Aegon, Rhaenerys, and Visenya. Shame there's only two dragons. Or: Along with the AotD, Bran enthralls the Good Guys, flies them down to KL riding Viserion, ready to face off against Carol. But she is one tough cookie. Somehow, despite three huge dragons, she kicks Bran's ass (you know, 'cos reasons), breaking the curse, and we get the thruple situation again. Or, better yet, Carol destroys Bran, but our Good Guys die with him, so the last shot, the conclusion of 75(?) episodes, is Carol atop the Iron Throne, winking knowingly at the camera.
  16. I kind of asked this question in another thread, and yup, that's probably the best explanation. I think this was brewing since the annulment, which made no sense to me. It seems they just want him as a contender to Deny and for his arc to just fizzle out.
  17. I haven't looked forward to this for a loooong time. Drag Race makes my weekends these days! The time I save not watching, I use to come here or watch PJ! I can't out and out ignore the show because everyone I know who watches it (even book readers) loves it. So I have to dilute the sicophantism (not sure that's a word or even the one I want!)
  18. So he can fight his girlfriend for the Iron Throne? It just falls so flat.
  19. The more I read (these discussions), the more sure I am that the show is not spoiling the novels for me
  20. Thank you. That makes sense for the show I guess. I'm hoping Aegon plays that part in the novels so that it frees Jon up.
  21. Whilst you're waiting for the next episode... I understand why some people think Dany's reaction to Jon's parentage is not a very natural way for someone to behave under the circumstances, but she would obviously see him as a threat, since the show has gone to pains to make him a legitimate contender for the Iron Throne with the annulment storyline. So my question is this: Why does this even matter? Is the Iron Throne the end game? Shouldn't there be more to it than who sits it? I always thought that Jon's genes were what would enable him to fulfil whatever prophecy, or give him special powers, or whatever. Like, I don't only worry about inheriting my papa's high cholesterol once my parents get married! And this is without the fact that the show (and books) have already established that the throne can be taken by conquest (although, yes, Robert did have the best claim through lineage). Sorry if this has been brought up a bunch of times, but I genuinely want to know why people think Jon being king is more important than him being the second coming (or whatever).
  22. Do you think this will be the case for the books too? The show writers and book theorists seem to do mental gymnastics to make Jon legitimate, when I just feel there is no need. I feel his blood, not his name, is why he is important. And there are other contenders for the Iron to bring about that conflict. Or is show Jon supposed to be merged with book Aegon VI to make it more dramatic that he is fighting his girlfriend? (For the record, I really hope they don't get together in the books.)
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    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    For the record, I haven't watched since season 4, I get all I need to know here! I don't think I could if I wanted to. I saw a clip last night and it's so dark I'd have to turn on audio description. I already have to have subtitles for everything!
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    I made a visual timeline of events

    This is superb and it pleases my brain. I particularly like the quotes you've put in. Form and function!