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  1. Wow, a lot to process from that episode. I'm personally very interested in what is going to happen with Sansa and WF. I don't mind the deviation from the book. I'd rather have the players get closer together, and never could keep track of who was who in the Vale anyway. Those scenes, while intentionally disturbing, were very well acted. As horrible as it was to have that happen to Sansa, I did feel like it was something she chose, at least to the extent someone in her position is able to actually make a true choice (which is to say, not much). She wants revenge, and that means being at WF. That is her home, and whatever happens to her there, I think it is anchoring for her. She can see an endpoint where things aren't terrible when she's there, whereas in KL, it was all just going to be horrible for her forever. Dorne. Ugh. Gods. That was...awful? Like, really, really bad. Jamie's non-existent plan...them almost getting close to the princess and crown prince of Dorne by putting on some different clothes? The sand snakes...oh my. I don't know when I've seen worse acting. The fight was ridiculous. I don't even know what the point of all that is. We lost Aegon and Arianne for this? Arya's scenes were wonderful, and talk about atmospheric. But...I just do not care about the FM plotline. I'm sure it eventually becomes relevant to the overall story, though I have no idea how it works into the White Walkers, which is the whole point of things. Mainly, just like in the books, I want Arya to get herself back home where she belongs and it is frustrating to watch her go through motions that seem largely pointless. That is a book failing, too, though, at least for me. I love the character when she is interacting with people that matter and a part of the rest of the story, but isolated like that, it just isn't something that interests me. I did like the bit where Tyrion pointed out that Jorah thinks Dany is going to be the awesome ruler when she hasn't even been to Westeros and has really no idea about how things work there. There is so much Dany doesn't know, not just about Westeros, but how to rule in general. I hope she is willing to listen and learn it. ETA: I hope it is the Queen of Thorns who sets up Cersei's downfall (well, with an assist from Cersei herself, lol). I want to see a smug QoT watching Cersei get locked up. No way Grams is sitting idle while both her grandbabies are locked up.
  2. I want to like Dany, I really do. She just makes it very hard. Again with the killing people who may or may not be guilty? Now forcing Hizdahr to marry her...all I could think about in that scene was that if the situations were reversed and it was Dany cowering on the floor, forced to marry the man who killed her father, being threatened with death if she didn't, we'd have tons of sympathy. But, Dany's pretty, I guess, so...yeah. I hated that. Just ew. I hope Missandei is setting her up for betrayal. Otherwise, I just hate storytime wasted on the whole thing with her and Grey Worm. I do not care about these people! I can't figure out what is going on with Sansa, but she is definitely getting some key bits of information. She could use Ramsay's fear that the new baby will take his place to manipulate him against his father, but it seems the show is setting it up for her to escape. I still think the adorable Shireen is toast, but maybe she'll survive and bring literacy to the world. The appearance of the stone men was really well done. It does make you understand the worries over greyscale, which is clearly going to be a plot point. I totally thought Ramsay was going to make Theon give him a blowjob.
  3. I'm hoping LF has some plan going on in the background. His actions with Sansa make zero sense. He knows so much about what is going on in the world, but the man he chooses to marry Sansa to, and he's just like, "Eh, haven't really heard much of him. Good luck with that. Catch you on the flip side." I want to believe there is something else going on, but I don't really have a lot of faith that LF isn't just being stupid for plot reasons. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. It did feel like dodging some R+L=J anvils, but for non-readers, I guess that it was time to remind them that Jon's parentage was an issue and there were these people that might be important. I really fear for Shireen. The talk of greyscale and Mel needing Royal blood and Selyse not liking her daughter...hmmm. Plus the sweet scene with Stannis. It just seems to be setting it up for the audience to like her before Mel tries to burn her. But then it implied Mel would be going with Stannis on his march to WF. I don't know. But, Shireen is at the Wall for a reason, because she would've been an easy enough character to leave out of the show.
  4. Count me in the minority (I guess) who is very happy to ditch the fake!Arya story and have Sansa back in the North. So far, in the books, the Vale storyline has been dull (to me). I'm much happier with her plotting revenge while being in serious peril, just as I like my characters. Plus, more chances for characters I actually give a crap about to collide is fine by me. King's Landing is by far the least interesting to me, and amazingly enough, I found myself missing Dany scenes. I don't know how the show made Mereen interesting, but there you go. I guess I'm easy to please or something. Show is show. Books are books. Entertain me, damn you!
  5. I liked the episode. I guess I really just see the show and book as different entities and it makes it so much easier maybe? I don't know. Maybe I'm just easy to please. I really liked Dany's story so much more here. Using her struggles in Mereen to convey information about Aerys was brilliant. They managed to make Dany look far more competent in one episode than most of ADWD. Sometimes, I think not being in her head helps. I don't think it is realistic to expect Dany to literally swing the sword. First of all, chopping off a head isn't exactly easy. There is a reason good executioners were prized. And you don't want to mess that up. I can see her trying to hack away at the poor man if she tried. She was standing right there while someone she had been close to begged her for mercy, while the people she had risked so much for shouted for mercy and she still delivered justice. Go Show!Dany. I like you so much more than your book counterpart. And Drogon! Wow, we've gotten Ghost and all 3 dragons so far. Lyanna Mormont, you are my hero. I'm so glad they included that, especially if we aren't getting the Manderley thing. I liked Aemon casting the deciding vote. In a way, that is good for Jon b/c no one is really going to gainsay Aemon. Interesting talk about the greyscale...makes me really wonder how that is going to eventually be a part of things. Those mentions aren't thrown in there for nothing, methinks.
  6. I really liked it. Jon said that Mance was just sending a small force to test their defenses. I thought that made total sense and really put the dire circumstance of the NW into perspective since they almost got their asses handed to them without the full force of Mance's army coming at once. Maybe it isn't as epic as the book, but it didn't disappoint me just from realistically what a TV show is going to be able to do. Jon got to be smart and brave and self-sacrificing, so I'm happy. And Ygritte is dead, thank the gods. I guess I'm easy to please. On the other hand, if we don't get "Edd, fetch me a block," I will seriously riot.
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