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  1. What doesn't make sense to me is Myrcella and Cersei would not oppose eachother no matter how much people tried to manipulate her. Stannis is the one in the North, not his wife. In a short amount of time Dany went from Quarth to conquering 3 cities of slaver's bay and gained an army... He expected to have years before Cersei screwed things up in KL which means Dany easily fits into the she'll be here within a few years... So my guess is Dany, Cersei Margaery
  2. If anyone tries to bring up "whitewashing of Cersei" I'm going to tell them to watch this episode. Threatening to kill Margaery because she called her "sister" ? Telling Loras to STFU, pointing out the Rains of Castamere? and after seeing so many freaking people comment about the Sansa thing and how she shouldn't have knelt it's ridiculous. In the books Tyrion is too proud to ask Sansa to kneel and Sansa knows the Tyrion can't reach her. In the show he does ask her to kneel. She couldn't refuse a simple request like that, it would make no freaking sense. When you apply for a job don't audition for one that is called "whore" Possibly or they were referencing Cold Hands. They were making a lot of noise to let Sam and Gilly know that Puddles was after them. Again, show simplification. One sellsword army instead of two(even the size more than doubled) Storm Crows and Second Sons were 800 men a piece in the books weren't they? They're over 2,000 in the show.. Brown Ben Plumm wasn't elected a leader of the Second Sons until Mero fleed, so their options are: make Ben Plumm a captain of the Second Sons now that Daario is the only person in charge. Option B is add him later as a "faction" that splits from Dany and Daario while in Mareen. Option C is have Daario take over Ben Plumm's role and betray Dany. Yes and no, the dragonglass killed the White Walker but it broke against a wight/armor. Killing the White Walker didn't break the dagger, it did make it extremely cold to the touch. Sam and Bran definitely do meet this season. I don't know if they'll show Coldhands this season though, Sam and Gilly might just appear on the other side of the Wall and describe him. It seems silly since Cold Hands could get played by a stunt double this season and recast, but perhaps they want to give the finale a "magical feel to it" She told Margaery that her brother(Loras) will be her father in-law(since he's marrying Cersei)
  3. In the books he only says "so long as you give mine to Robb Stark" Why did they give NCW more lines to say? Because awesome. Doubt that happens. Talisa is a noble from Voltantis. Shae is a commoner from Lorath supposedly, Cersei asks her when she left Lorath(2.9 Blackwater), claiming she recognized her accent because she had a Lorathi handmaiden once. Shae doesn't ever confirm she's correct just makes up a bunch of BS on the spot to cover her ass. Cersei can tell she's not a noble woman by the way she curtseys I suppose as well. Jaqen H'ghar claimed he was from Lorath, but it was probably just part of his cover since his accent changes a bit when he changes his face. We've seen him once as soldiers are riding past him and then Karstark and Robb start talking about RR march being a distraction. It's been pretty obvious since season one that Osha doesn't want to go back north of the wall. She chose to kneel instead of die and didn't ever try to escape from Winterfell until the Greyjoys took over. The only time she suggested going back to Mance was when they "captured" Bran in the woods when they first met him. "A living kin to Benjen Stark" or something... She tried to warn Robb Stark about the danger North of the Wall when he rode south, it's clear she's seen the walkers before, I guess most the audience just needs a reminder about where Osha came from and though she was loyal to her "little lords" in season two, there's a line she's not willing to cross, that line is the Wall. First off, it's a nod that Syrio's words still have an impact on her. Syrio is the one that told her there is only one god, and his name is death. Just like Syrio's words have a huge impact on her in the books. "Quick as a snake, silent as a shadow" Arya goes through a religious struggle with the old gods in the books, she abandons them after Ned beheading, she mocks them in Harrenhall(enter Jaqen with "the gods are not mocked girl") but then asks for help, which is answered by herself(through Nymeria). She rejects the "red god" when the Hound is found innocent of murdering Mycah even though he admits he killed him. We get the GoHH in the books instead of Melisandre, so instead of the old gods green dreamer fearing her we get the red god priestess with a hint of fear. When she gets to Braavos it's not going to matter anyway, since she'll start serving the God of Many Faces and Many Names.
  4. so cute, I'm sad to see Hot Pie go, I hope they have people stop at that place just so Hot Pie can make cameos. Brienne maybe, that just add another person to her looking for Sansa Stark and running into all the people that Arya Stark came across. He showed remorse about it last season when he's about to kill Mel, "I killed my brother?"..... She does the same thing in the books. She needs them to react the way they do or something might not have smelled right. Valar Morghulis, means All Men Must Die, Valar Dohaeris means "all men must serve" The reader knows from the get go that she understands him because we're inside Dany's head. In the book she reveals it to one of the slavers( the rest are too distracted because they have a freaking DRAGON!) As soon as the transaction is complete, she starts screaming "it is done, you are mine, bought and paid for, it is done" in Valaryian. Yeap, it becomes pretty obvious because she's silent. She can't really talk to Jaime about why he lied for her, but when she gets a chance I'm sure she'll ask. Why do they let Will go so he can tell people that they have returned? Why did they let Sam go? They aren't just mindless zombies. They want people to know that they're out there. Beric is going to be in the next episode. My guess is if they do a champion single combat scene for Mareen it will be Barristan so we can finally see why he's the greatest knight ever. Jorah and Daario are also possibilities, it will probably not happen this season though, sadly. It's different in the books, but basically after Robb lifts Jaime Lannister's seige at Riverrun, he tells his uncle Edmure to hold it. Edmure does hold it, but he also attacks the Mountain. Robb lifted Jaime Lannister's seige at Riverrun season one and captured him, lifting the siege brought all the Lords of the Riverlands into the war against the Lannnisters. Very shortly later, Ned is beheaded and the Lords are discussing Stannis/Joffrey/Renly etc. that's when Robb is given his crown and declared King in the North. (however since they helped the Riverlands allied with Freys through promises of marriage and Riverrun, the Riverlands are part of their kingdom) King in the North and Riverlands just doesn't sound as cool
  5. She'll probably admit it later on to him, he's being kinda mean to her at that point. Valar Morghulis is a popular saying. Many people that don't speak High Valyrian know what it means. Pod's a lot younger in the books(ten or twelve Brienne can't tell how old he is), Pod saved his life, Tyrion wants to reward him for it. It's because you don't even know what happens. The chapter ends with the Darthanki swinging his blade down, and Jaime screamed. It's a couple hundred pages before the next Jaime chapter that reveals his hand was cut off. Brienne still seems to have her clothes on so.... not far I guess. Yes, obviously, just like the PW is clearly this season because they mention the cost of it. On a serious note I think she's just trying to make polite conversation with them, and it's a good set-up "Don't worry he[Robb] doesn't harm little boys" He's got nothing left now, all his sons died fighting a war that seems pretty hopeless right now. All that is driving him is revenge. We see many examples of this in the books. The huntsman that captures the Hound wants to throw him into a crow cage and let him rot. Lord Wyman wants to kill Frey's and bathe in their blood as he's dying. and then there's what Catelyn Stark becomes. Karstark in the show tells Catelyn he would gladly tear his heart out of his chest if it would bring his sons back to life and let them be stuck in captivity like her daughters are. She saw the Hound at Winterfell, when the King visited and they traveled together back to KL, that place was one of the places they stopped. Hot Pie says "I'm no brother of a king" .... Arya's brother is a king. It does sound like he says 'Arry' when he says goodbye. Perhaps he didn't learn her first name after all. I saw about a one second clip of Yara from this season. Balon would die this season if they follow the books, it's the whole reason Robb sees the opportunity to get North again and the reason he goes to the Twins in the first place. The Kingsmoot wouldn't happen until next season, it gets called but it takes awhile for all the captains to get to Old Wyk. Perhaps Stannis isn't even worried about the Ironborne at this point? He did destroy their fleet in the Greyjoy Rebellion so I'm sure he believes he can take care of them again no problem. Robb is talking about how he had a trap set for the Mountain they would've surrounded him and killed him. He also explains that Tywin Lannister doesn't need his men as badly as they do because they're greatly outnumbered. "He[Pod] saved my life so I [Tyrion] owe him a small amount yes." - did he just make a dwarf pun at himself? "I[Littlefinger] owe you as well, it's said you helped my red hedded associate out of some trouble with the queen." so Tyrion owes Pod and Littlefinger owes Tyrion therefore Tyrion doesn't have to pay for Pod's reward. Tyrion might have figured it out, but Bronn certainly probably couldn't connect the dots so he goes along with it to give the boy some confidence. Call forward actually isn't it? Since the show hasn't gotten that far yet. Nice catch though. It also probably strengthens Dany's resolve since that slave would rather be dead than a slave. Since the first scene of NW that go beyond the wall in the first episode in the first season. It gives him something to do this season. I hope they don't alter him becoming King later on.... 3. scouting for wights? I have no clue really. 4. Sam doesn't kill a wight, he kills a white walker. Probably when one is stupid enough to challenge the slayer. I'm guessing it comes after him and Gilly and the baby and he protects them? 5. He just got pwned. He's a little bit depressed right now. Did you see the pile of notes on his table? 6. Every Northman knows the Stark words. 7. Changes made season 2 have a "weasel soup" domino effect. They weren't introduced then, so now they're unnecessary. Perhaps this also keeps us in the dark a little longer about how sellswords and their loyalty? I believe the saying goes something like "The Iron Bank will have it's due."
  6. The funniest part I see is the fact that Barristan doesn't know that Tywin, Joffrey, the Starks etc. are dead. Which means that if Tyrion gets a chance to talk to Barristian it will be a pretty interesting conversation.
  7. I don't believe that blowing the dragon horn will call Drogon back to Mareen. He's too far away to hear it. When the horn was blown at the Kingsmoot I don't remember the Dragons obeying. Also I'm not so sure that Victorian will risk blowing the horn 1. He doesn't know where the dragons are. 2. He doesn't know what the horn will do... 3. He has a fleet of wooden ships in the bay.
  8. It takes a long time for news to travel half-way across the world. The only reason Westros keeps up with Dany is because of Varys and Ser Jonah. If Tyrion manages to get to Dany/Barristan he'll be able to update them on a ton of stuff as far as Westros. Even bring a couple people back to life.
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