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  1. She's not perfect, and I would never claim otherwise, but she will never be Ramsay Snow or the White Walkers. She is a good guy, even if she isn't Harry Potter with a perfect sense of right and wrong, she is still a protagonist in the GRRM sense of the word. Look at the show, if that last episode last week was not a statement to her prevailing over evil then I don't know anything.
  2. Cool, thanx for sharing :)that conversation is exactly what everyone is thinking, that's funny :cool4:
  3. Just wondering, what about the Arianne chapter made you think Aegon is fake?
  4. YUP agreed totally, I am also drooling waiting to see what happens. I hope they do go to volantis, that city is ripe. And now she has the iron born fleet and the volantis fleet to get her there. :cheers:
  5. yeah I mean I think he bad stuff has already happened. IMO what she did that was 'bad' was worry about Hizdar while she locked her dragons up. And when she was at the cave with Drogon and she turned her back on him and started walking away and then starting like dying or whatever was wrong with her. those were bad choices, clearly because right after that drogon came back to save her and then they feasted on burnt horse together :) (yummy) plus she made the terrible decision of saving MMD. So i think all in all she has already had a lot of 'bad' already. don't you think?
  6. I agree :) But what do you mean that 'the slaves meant nothing to her; and look what she has done for them' ?
  7. I love to be agreed with thank you. I also admit to having no idea what will happen in the last 2 books, but I am sure that Dany is a good guy all the way through. She is the reason a lot of people love the books and the show. While not all of her decisions have been perfect her and Jon are The SOIAF. and everyone needs to deal with it.
  8. Sorry, but I could care less about the dany-haters, they make no sense to me and I don't hear them. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Blood_of_the_Dragon Blood of the dragon came out a month before GOT. And anyway i know I'm right about Dany being the Protagonist, so ppl can say whatever they want and I'll still know I'm right about that subject at least through all these books I am sure about Dany.
  9. No I disagree, Dany has been set up to be the savior not the other way around. All good things come from Dany, ASOIAF is based off of his first short story called 'Blood of the Dragon', which is just dany's POv's from GOT. These stories are about Dany and her family. She is the good guy all the way.
  10. YIKES, you mean an army of dothraki walkers? Holy shit, even Rick and the gang couldn't handle that!!
  11. LOL, yeah that would be tough either way, she is going to have to get a lot of ships to make all this work. Basically she will have to commandeer the entire Volantene fleet.
  12. haha, that is exactly what I think too! Weird! except it will be Tyrion and BBP taming the dragon. the dragons liked BBP the first time they met him, I think it was Viserion specifically that was fond of him. That couldn't have been mentioned for no reason.
  13. yeah but as a dragon flies, she's not too far from either.
  14. i mean obviously that, I see no reason why dany would let him live. but i mean after that there is no reason to just wander around in the grass. She will either have to head to Mereen or go to VD.
  15. Hey that's a good point! but she has to have a purpose to be there I think Jay Maester Jay has a point. what else could she possibly be trying to accomplish on the Dothraki sea. I mean there's nothing to do there if not go to Vaes Dothrak right?
  16. Vic vs Barristan hand to hand. OMG i have no idea. Barristan is so quick and strong, but gaining in years, and this battle will definitely tire him out big time. And Vic was just tearing through ppl when they boarded that ship. like 6 or 7 ppl in a row. I would have to give the upper hand to Vic I guess, even though I don't want to :(
  17. That's what I tend to think, how could they all show up for the same battle on the same day? They aren't emperor penguins. So that means that right after the battle, there will be another fleet pulling up behind the ironborn. If we are lucky the slave's on those ships will just overthrow the volantene captains and join dany's cause.
  18. This battle will be so epic. It's already the slaver's vs. barristans army and the iron born are pulling up in the harbor. The volantene fleet is right behind them. Dany and Drogon have a dothraki khalasar 20K deep and there are 2 other dragons on the loose. I can't even imagine what will happen and who will die!?!?
  19. I just bought the books with Dunk & Egg short stories in them. Ill have to get back to this after I read:) And I can't remember exactly what they said in her vision, except that 'this is the PWWP' I just thought that it was Rhaegar and Lyanna instead of Elia. there is never a mention of who the woman is specifically.
  20. Oh yeah good point about 'Behind are the tigers' so yeah maybe they will show up during the battle. :cheers:
  21. I love how, really no one has any idea what will happen, credit to GRRm for making the most unpredictable set of books ever! I like Barristan, and the fact that he has pledged himself to Dany and has told her she is not like her father, that she is the trueborn and rightful heir to westeros makes me feel better for her, like he wouldn't put his name on something that wasn't in the right. I hope he is able to come through this battle galiantly, maybe he will die a little later, but I hope he gets to at least see Dany again and give her Silver back. I feel like Tyrion, Jorah and BBP are going to somehow be the heroes of the battle for Mereen. They have something cooking, and it will be the only way to defect back to Dany and keep her happy with them. So the Khalasar Dany just met up with , it's enormous right? It's everyone that was left over from kahl Drogo's Khalasar right? If Dany leads them to the battle with her dragon the slaver armies wont stand a chance seems like. I have seen ppl say the wild card in the battle will be the Volantene fleet. But idk, will they really show up in the middle of the battle just like the ironborn did? Seems like too much of a coincidence for them all to show up within a few hours of each other on the same day right?
  22. here is the most recent arianne chapter http://georgerrmartin.com/if-sample.html
  23. Yeah he won't like it, but what's he gonna do? the targaryens and Dorne are each other's only friends in Westeros. Seems like they would stick together. Unless, of course, it comes to surface that at some point Rhaegar did in fact set Elia aside to make Lyanna his official lady before Jon was born. Which I think had to have happened right? i think it was Rhaegar and Lyanna in Dany's vision in the HOTU......does anyone else?
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