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  1. Ellfoy

    French politics: houlala!

    Probably because people are irrational and hate is louder ? It is easier to blame everything on a minority than trying to think of a way to change things and society. Also because because the FN gets more coverage from the medias and lot of people sit lazily in front of their TV and don't take the time to search for information on their own ? But I guess it was a rhetorical question. Actually, Fillon is definitely not from the center-right, he is from the most conservative part of the right. So Fillon is from the real right. As for Macron, he declares not being from either the right or the left, and if he was a minister for the left, his programm was certainly not a left programm. The best way to describe him would be center I guess. As for Mélenchon, he is tagged from being far-left when actually, he just has a real leftist programm. He himself declares that he is not from the far-left. It is just that in the last few years, the "left" hasn't really presented a real left programm and has become more centerist.
  2. Ellfoy

    French politics: houlala!

    What you need to know about polls and the big french medias that make them is that they all belong to 9 big rich groups which explain why France is only ranked at the 43th (45th ?) place in the international Freedom of the press ranking (Which is very side for the country of" the human rights and freedoms") The second problem is that these big groups are completely tied to the elite class which most of the politics comes from. It's really crazy the number of politics which are married to big journalists for example. All the bigs know each others and it is in their best interest (for the power to remain in the hands of their class) to keep this system. So the press is going to push to vote for the candidate of this system : Fillon and Macron (as was the case for president Hollande and former president Sarkozy). Macron has been pushed by the press (because clearly Fillion is not going to win), he was litterally everywhere, because the press wants the people to think that he is the favorite. The funny thing is I personnaly don't know anyone who intend to vote for Macron. So basically this is how things went in the past election : pretending that they were only two sides, the right and the left which both provided candidate from the elite class with basically the same ideology. And rather you voted right or left, nothing changed but people still dit it. Because if not, absolute terror : the FN (nationalist party) will win ! So the elite class, helped actively by the press, used this fear of the FN to make people vote for either the candidate of the right or the left. As for the people voting for the FN: they are poor delusioned people who are tired of the system and buy the hateful propagandas from Le Pen, thinking that it would improve their life because it would at least change something. There were always different candidates but no one talked about them, the medias made just passing mention of them. And they are still doing it, the medias are talking about the "useful vote" : which is to vote for the favorite (a.k.a Macron) so the FN will not win. Except, I don't think it's going to work this time. People are completely fed up. They don't want Fillon or Macron. Sure, there will always be people voting for the FN (there is no hope for those ones) and there will be people voting for Macron because they are still going to buy the "useful vote" propaganda (or by convictions, there are of course people who actually support him. Or Fillon.) but what I see around me is that people are looking elsewhere. I know a lot of people which intend to vote for smaller candidates and the one rising is definitely Melenchon, probably because he actually has a programm which make sense and propose an alternative to the classic neo-liberalism which is currently driving us straight to disaster. The proof that Melenchon has a good chance is not only that he has the most active campaign, that his meeting attracted thousand of people but also the behavior of the press: he was so far just mentionned in the press, then reluctantly acknowledged as one of the big 5 candidates and in the last few days, we assisted to real anti-Melanchon campaign in the big journals. He has now become the n°1 ennemy of the press. No wonder when you know that his programm will tear down the actual elite system. I am sorry if this post apear overly simplistic : evil system/ bad vilains, but it is difficult for me to write elaborate thoughts in english.
  3. Well I'm not even going to address the "Stannis ordered Shireen to be burned" because if so, I think I'm going to burn something aswell... Except, what are they going to use the Shireen sacrifice for at this point of the story??? I actually laughed at the Dorne scenes. I don't really know if this is a positive or negative reaction. On the positive note, I liked the fighting pit scene, even if the flying scene was disappointing (laked passion). I'm happy that they showed that Hizdar may be not likeable but was still innocent. But what I really come to say is that The widlings passing through the Wall was my favorite scene in the books and I've been waiting for years to see that scene on TV...and they completly butchered it (it lasted what ? 1 minute ? A highly symbolic and very important scene !). First: Being on the wrong side of the Wall, do they think that the tv-watchers are that stupid to not notice? Second: Hostages ? No, let's pretend that Jon Snow is just a noble guy with a "good heart that will get us all killed", right ? Third: Widlings passed with absolutly no comment to Jon. Where the hell is Ghost ? (Again !) Last but not least: another Olly shot ? WE GET IT ! He's going to stab him ! Are they going to ruin every scene with a shot of this kid ?? I'm completly depressed. #FuckHBO
  4. Ser Grandfather ?! Barry !!! NOOO !! How could you do that ? Just when he was talking about his old buddy Rhaegar ! Barry deseved a better death ! A BOLD death !
  5. That would be confusing. People might think he is Rhaegar's son (that and Show Podrick is quite the ladies man). Still on that idea of Podrick=Abel, uh ?
  6. Now, I can't shake the picture of Rhaegar singing in the streets of King's Landing with his bro Barristan trailing behind... Do you think Kit can sing well ? Because we might get Jon Snow singing in the next episodes... lol
  7. I don't even care if it was told via Littlefinger's creepy voice !
  8. OMG is this happening ? Harrenhal Tourney ? Rhaegar ? Lyanna ? !! I can't believe it ! Yes !
  9. God, you took your time to push her away Jon ! I think I just watched the cutest scene ever ! Shireen :love:
  10. That must be the first time that I actually feel sorry for him...
  11. Ellfoy

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    It seems that in the new Cinderella movie with Richard Madden, Cinderella and the Prince are going to met before the bal without him revealing his identity and going with the fake name: ................. Kit. :rofl: It's been ten minutes that i read that and I can't stop gigling !
  12. Because freedom of expression is one of humanity most valuable right.

  13. You think I got it wrong in spite of the fact that it would tie well with the King/Jon foreshadowing thing that we got in the books or do you doubt that D&D can be subtle ?
  14. So, i think i never as much laughed watching an episode of GoT. Crasy Lysa is epic. I'm so happy that they kept the same actor for Sweet Robin ! Sorry, I have to mention this: When I saw Carl-the-rapist-who-likes-knives-and-curly-hair-just-like-his-mommy bowed before Jon Snow, I laughed thinking "even asreholes bows before Lord Snow"(and "maybe, he likes his hair too"). But then, someone here complained because the Lords didn't kneel before Tommen, they just bowed. Plus, the revelation in this episode that "snow falling in a vision = Jon Snow".The Show seems to insist on "the snow falling on the iron throne vision" Well, that got me thinking. The title of this episode is "First of His Name", right ? But, we saw Tommen like what ? 2 minutes ? The coronation of Tommen wasn't the important thing in this episode. Are D&D trying to pass a message ?
  15. Ellfoy

    Official Testing Thread