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  1. 10. Why? He's DEAD! :cool4: :laugh: :smug: At last! The right one got killed for a change, and it was nasty. I give Sansa full credit, and good for her. Makes me hope she and Arya get reunited, and can chat about the notches in their belts someday.
  2. Phaing

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Good answer to my being critical... better than most, anyway. But hang on just a sec here. I remember Arya's first kill way back at King's Landing. That was perfect; sudden and shocking to Arya. The time she killed that little crew of loud-mouths after the Red Wedding was nicely done as well. However, this time, bot the men she kiled were already on the floor, she was basically being a Jakal following the Hound around and picking up his scraps. That bothered me about as much as how much she enjoys killing now.
  3. Phaing

    How would you rate episode 401?

    And I thought I was being harsh! I give it a 4. Last season really got me down with all the filler. Almost a whole damn ep. about Theon escaping/not escaping and being made into Reek... really? THe only real action here was the fight at the Inn... and a bloody good show it was! But the adulation over Arya turning into a wanton, heartless killer, I just don't get it. Seems to be the most common fate for anyone still alive in Westeros, to tell you the truth. Maybe Stannis will make it to the Wall this season. Maybe.
  4. I didn't know it was coming, and it was as ugly as it was unlikely. The entire Army of the North, gone just like that? Yeah, whatever. But hey, Cat Stark is dead! :cheers: :thumbsup: Made all the rest of it worth while, bigtime.
  5. Phaing

    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    What, so the entire Army of the North was annihilated at one wedding party? Meh, okay, at least ol' Catlin Stark if finally out of my mystery. Couldn't stand that character or the actress. Hey, before you start in, what the hell are we watching here? Its a death-fest from the word "go", so why not enjoy it as it was intended? The Iron-born can go anywhere they want and do anything at all in the (formerly) formidable North, so I see no problem with 50 of them smashing the House of the insane torturers. Who knows, maybe this newly sympathetic Greyjoy will be the next Measter or King of everything, eh? I mean, really, what the fuck? Well... at least Stannis is doing the right thing. I'd have supported him from the start, he's about the only non-Stark that isn't an out & out scumbag from hell. As such I thought he'd be dead by now, but I'd ride with him anyway. Wait and see how the rest of them blow-off the warning from the wall. As for the other interesting part of all this; Dani is still going strong. She could build an empire right there where she is, a good one, and live beautifully ever-after. But no... on to the filth of Westeros and the inevitable tragedy that awaits her there. Right? I gave up trying to read the books, after watching the series they are much too long and dreary. So, just guessing here, but after the last 2 episodes certain things become clear; Winter might still be coming. John Snow is the dumbest Bastard that ever lived. Arya will lead her family back to ice-bound prominence, once everyone else is dead. After 8,000 years of preparation and planning, the Others will make some obvious mistake and blow it. Dani will save the world (hopefully after everyone in Westeros over the age of 20 is dead) and then get knifed in the back for her troubles, probably by Tyrion or Sansa. Oh well, at least the first 2 seasons were good.
  6. Phaing

    How would you rate episode 308?

    What... hoping for another season based on book 3?
  7. Phaing

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Gave it a 9, and might have made it a 10 if the Sons had not behaved so ridiculously. But hey, there are no tens, eh? Much controversy on YouTube about Dani doing her first nude scene since Season one. I think its cool that she's not leaving that burden entirely to actresses that have not "made it" yet. It also made a contrast to earlier scenes where she was so much... less, than is the case now. She's making the transition from child-bride to Joan of Arc both believable and fun to watch. And damn, isn't it great that the Hound finally admitted that he tried to help Sansa? Funny how Arya thought he was taking her back to Kings Landing, she was the only one in the world who didn't know that was an impossibility from the word go. Sam is stil wandering towards Castle Black, while John, who went the long way, is already past the wall. Funny how that works out, ain't it?
  8. Don't mistake my silence for argeement

  9. still searching for that perfect avatar

  10. Reincarnation has been SO disapointing...

  11. Violence is Golden.

  12. So many Demons, so little time...

  13. Phaing

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    Huh? No, Jorah is not playing a double-game anymore. He had his chance to walk away and allow Dani to be assassinated. And, he would have had everything he lost restored to him back in Westeros... for whatever that's worth during a Civil War! He's one of the faithful. Why are people amazed that word gets back to King's Landing about Dani AFTER she gets to Qarth. Its a whole bloody city with ships coming and going every day. People talk, after all, wouldn't it be more amazing if nobody bothered to mention it while trading?
  14. Phaing


    Thanks for the welcome. Ironically, if I ever found myself in Westeros, Tyrion is the guy I'd want to talk to first. The RPG here, the MUSH (even the folks I talked to over there didn't seem sure what that stood for) is highly structured. It might even be too complex for a newcomer to consider fun, but the faithful sure seem to enjoy it. I hear that there were 30 players gathered for a recent tourney... so it definitely works well for those taking part. I'm going to hold off until I have read the books, just to absorb the Culture & all the rest of it. BTW- it takes place in the year 164, over a century prior to where the story-line is currently.
  15. Phaing


    Thanks for posting all that! What got me here was the idea of RPing... but they call it a MUSH here... so I'm holding back until I find out what the frak that's supposed to stand for. :dunno: Never saw such a fast-moving forum, either. Looks like I have a lot to learn, like how to upload an avatar here.