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  1. Tyrell_like_Squirrel

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    I can buy that as an explanation. It just feels like such a betrayal of what I thought that character was about. I assumed there was a lot more to Stannis then just an idiot duped by a psycho into burning his child alive. Yep, feels like a waste to me.
  2. Tyrell_like_Squirrel

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    This is just the worst. I've been a long time show defender. The writers are going to have to make changes, the show has its own merits, there's always the books, etc. But this is just awful. I'm a big time Stannis fan, and that's not based on fanboy silliness, I genuinely like his character and arc. Stannis is a character who has grown throughout the books and swore that if he died taking Winterfell, his men would keep on fighting for his daughter. What I saw tonight wasn't that character at all. I was telling all my friends "He won't burn Shireen, he won't That's just not Stannis." He can be gruff, he can be an asshole, but even Roose Bolton spared his crazy bastard son. Even Cersei cried when Joffrey died. This on the other hand... This is just awful. One of my favorite characters has been ruined. And that's not melodramatic hyperbole. I cannot, and will not support a guy who burns little girls, certainly not a guy who burns his own little girl. What is the point? I really don't get it. Why start making Stannis into a sympathetic character just to snatch it all away? So many show watchers asked what the point was of Stannis. I guess just to burn children. It's honestly pretty disgusting. I'm curious, people keep saying that Martin is going to have Stannis burn Shireen in TWOW. Is there a link to that info? Has Martin actually said that's whats going to happen? Or have D&D confirmed somewhere that this is going to happen in the books? If that's the case, then what a waste of a character. What's the point?