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  1. Becca, I just received ACOK #279 today, so I may as well add that number to my want list just. Just the other Sub Press books is fine.
  2. scoogs

    What do you Collect?

    I'm still fairly new to this and only collect the books. AGOT - Barnes & Noble AGOT - UK Collector's Edition ACOK - US 1st/1st ACOK - UK Slipcased Edition ASOS - US 1st/1st ASOS - UK Slipcased Edition AFFC - US 1st/1st w/regular and proof jacket w/unused artwork AFFC - UK Slipcased Edition ADWD - US 1st/1st (need a better copy) ADWD - UK Slipcased Edition ADWD - Sub Press Signed/Limited