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  1. My heart is pounding after every episode.. Things are ratcheting up every week. I'm so excited!
  2. LMAO. Speaking of, they seemed to be having a bit of a "moment" in their scene together.
  3. Patrick Malahide just turned up in Indian Summers (episode 4). I only just spotted that Indira Varma is listed as an executive producer on this too.
  4. I will probably turn all topics back to Melisandre, sorry!

  5. Anton Lesser was in an episode in the first series as well.
  6. Liam Cunningham will be in the next episode of The Musketeers. He has a terrible wig :(
  7. Bit weird, but then the RL politician had a very strange voice too ;)
  8. Mapp and Lucia was really good fun in general and Gemma had a great role. Now I'm prayer circling so hard that she'll be in S5. Damn my love for "lesser spotted GoT characters". Mark Gatiss is also one of the main actors in Mapp and Lucia btw. Aidan Gillen is the lead in a 3 part mini series on Irish TV at the moment called Charlie, about one of our most notorious Prime Ministers. He is wearing a terrible wig (though the RL version had a ridiculous hairstyle anyway) and he's chewing the scenery. And I'm loving it. I'm not sure if the producers were going for comedy gold though..
  9. Gemma Whelan will be in "Mapp and Lucia" on BBC1 starting on December 29th.
  10. Ha I started watching that but switched on some episodes of Clocking Off that I'd recorded in the last week and he's in that as well! Robert Pugh featured in an episode I was watching earlier on; he's playing a middle aged father of two who goes for a vasectomy only to find out he's been infertile all his life. Craster never had that problem :uhoh:
  11. Started watching the new series of Ripper Street yesterday and one of the first characters to appear was played by Francis Magee (Yoren). Clive Russell plays a recurring character. I'm sure plenty of GoT actors will appear in future episodes as per the last two series.
  12. Robert Pugh was in the new episode of Atlantis. He may have been in the first series as well. I don't really pay a lot of attention to this show. There was a lot of talk about him being sent into exile by the late King (played by Alexander Siddig). Joseph Altin also turned up later on. And of course Mark Addy is in the main cast. /Continues to partake in GoT Cast Drinking Game and suffer from pickled liver.
  13. Just spotted Noah Taylor in Peaky Blinders. RIP Locke, you were taken from us much too soon :crying: :bawl:
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