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  1. it's so true. It's ls all over again from last year. Everyone convinced themselves something was going to happen, even though there ate perfectly legitimate logistical reasons it couldn't happen. I feel bad for the show watchers since book readers are now deciding to retaliate by spoiling them.
  2. Honestly the people on this site are doing a really good job of making everyone else hate stannis. It's pretty obvious there isn't enough time for Jon to meet with mance and for stannis to show up. They couldn't wrap that up in the 7 or 8 minutes hbo would give them. Hbo only lets shows go overtime in finales.
  3. everyone is focusing on the chamber pot comment, but does anyone think the dying on the bed and at a dinner comment is actually foreshadowing too. Lot of people speculate that cersei will be strangled in her sleep. I wonder who might die at a dinner.
  4. I personally like that lf isn't the Gary stu he was in the books, that he can make mistakes of that something can be out of his control. People treat that book characteristic, the perfection, like it's a credit to his character, but I think it detracts.
  5. go joff go

    How would you rate episode 407?

    This Gregor might be a worse actor then the last two. His one line made me cringe as the delivery was totally wrong. But eh whatever
  6. lol wait until tyrion and all his little bronn-a-maniacs run over you. Oh yeah
  7. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    plus I bet they expand on it and connect the dots more so it won't be so over the head of viewers.
  8. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    here is the problem with the aryn reveal, show watchers don't know who he is, and they wouldn't know if they revealed it this episode next episode, episode ten, or if they used big flashing light, sucks I know but I think the reveal is an acknowledgement of that
  9. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    well this post convinces me maybe they should be less subtle
  10. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    WHO CARES. This is a silly thing to get worked up over. So she has some savvy, big deal.
  11. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    funny how book ready scream about the shows lack of subtlety out of one side of there mouths while missing the subtlety with the other side
  12. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I can't wait for all the crazy deviations.
  13. go joff go

    How would you rate episode 404?

    This one was one of my top5
  14. go joff go

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    The they give stannis other devil horns. D&d obviously hate stannis other and are in the process of ruining him.
  15. whoever came up with autocorrect should be shot