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  1. Critical Needs Addressment would at least have been dignified. Vague enough to include all the silly stuff in there you want. And the name generates impressions of urgency, of importance to pass. Build Back Better is something I am physically unable to say without sneering.
  2. Straight up, I'm glad I won't have to hear it referenced positively by people I'm ideologically bound to support. I lost a little respect for the Biden administration every time one of those stupid infomercials played. It's like they were trying to move in on the subliterate vote, inspired by Be Best.
  3. Guy I know said "oh, Matt's friend?" When we were discussing the topic.
  4. As the 1 seed in Experts I will be accepting oaths of fealty from every playoff participant. Kneel before the Sun Throne and make your pledges upon the Dragon Scepter!!!
  5. Dawg, with all due respect - and remember I'm saying with all due respect-, you have no idea how humans function independently or in group settings.
  6. You understand that the White Tower is supposed to be hamstrung by conservatism and borderline superstition all wrapped up in tradition and ceremonies that do nothing except halt progress, right? Like, that's one of the things the story is about. How institutions can undermine the very people they're supposedly empowering for even as critical a job as saving the world. They're kinda silly and stupid about some stuff because they're a 3,000 year old organization of people who all think they're the most important person in the world. It takes some young blood hotshots who are too busy with the actual business of heroism to bother with Aes Sedai trivialities and infighting to push the entire organization into usefulness and innovation. That isn't a flaw in the writing, that's what the author was telling you about the state of the world and this particular part of it. Just because you summarize an aspect of a story with a dismissive tone doesn't make you smarterer than the writer. It just makes you look like an asshole who has watched too many "The Problem With..." videos on YouTube.
  7. You realize it was written by a military man, right? And saluting or standing at attention/parade rest is not optional?
  8. Why wouldn't wizards consider it important to be magically powerful? That's the thing that makes them special, makes them wizards. Their literal power. The confusion/consternation over this part of Aes Sedai culture is, frankly, revealing. People who think they're special are jealous and superior about being slightly more special than their peers. Have you people never had a job before?
  9. I'm not really sure why the length of EotW is supposed to be some kind of excuse for this sloppy, helter-skelter mess. They had almost three times the run time as Fellowship of the Ring had available.
  10. Good luck @Jaime L, it looks like it'll be close. And that means fun.
  11. What the hell are we arguing about again? I'm sure I started it, whatever. Sorry, tough week. Tough year. Been a lot of those lately, I shouldn't add to the Despiser's woes. I also wondered that Filip might reappear, but it made sense to me that his effort to emulate Naomi's achievement of breaking away from his family means he doesn't reappear. Sure, we want him to show up because we're interested in him and his fate. But really the happier ending is that he got away from it all for good. Maybe he fell off a treadmill and broke his neck, or had six kids and one of them killed him over a crooked dice game, or maybe he lived happily ever after. The ending they seemed to want to give the character was that whatever happened to him, he got the chance to start over. That blank slate ahead of him is more important, I think, for what it represents than a cheap cameo return. Just my thoughts.
  12. Yeah, dude. He's following her example of getting lost in decent, everyday, contribution to society and leaving the crimes he was manipulated into committing behind. Like his mom did. Which is why he uses her name. And then disappears... Naomi didn't intend to become a savior of the galaxy or reunite with her dysfunctional family, she just wanted to disappear. And that's what Filip did. I mean, I don't understand the confusion.
  13. Steppin had 5 or 6 scenes. SCENES!!! In which he was the focus, the character around which the others orbited. That's more than any of the -ostensibly- main characters have gotten in any two episodes, let alone one. All in one episode! This dude who we met in the episode previous as a bit player was elevated to main character of an episode and then died. Suicide is a terrible, terrible, thing. Worth exploring in your fiction, because it's real. And using the Warder bond as a vehicle for such exploration is not a bad idea, it's actually rather inspired. But when you've gone out of your way to avoid revealing who your protagonist is for over five hours of material and are actively hamstringing the presentation (let alone development) of the MAIN CHARACTERS for the sake of keeping some poorly written secret... You do not have time for supplemental characters that do not continue to impact the story. That's bad writing, bad planning, and bad storytelling.
  14. They had 7 hours to tell a story and haven't yet informed the audience who the main character is. Instead they spent the last 100 minutes developing a character who died (rather than killing him at the outset of episode 05 and developing Lan, dealing with grief of losing a warder friend and confronting the realities of his own bond with Nynaeve and Moiraine, y'know, the characters that are involved in the story), and then an Amrylin who was cool and interesting but has now exited the story for the remainder of the season, functioning only as a plot stirring device to get the heroes (about which we know Fuck all) to get to the climax... The creative decisions, how and where to focus the narrative thrusts of the episodes, are so baffling to me that I cannot even take the story at face value. There's nothing wrong with going a different way than the books. But just because you're blazing a new trail don't mean you're not leaping off a cliff.
  15. How about the fact that he did not reappear in the text after emulating his mother's quest for anonymity and escape from his misdeeds? Maybe he was trying to follow her example, not her literal life path. How's that for an interpretation? 'Cause that's what was written, not what I wanted to be written.
  16. I thought the whole point of Filip's ending was that it was his own, free of his parents and their stories.
  17. "I put the seal in the coat! And I put the coat on her!"
  18. What's Homeworld, Wert? I ain't played no videogames in a while.
  19. What about just realizing that they, too, enjoy being painted and groomed by slaves, er, I mean servants, or uh... employees? That's the word. Employees! Or is it Grooming Artist now? I'm never hip to the latest corporate nounening, I fear.
  20. Wouldn't want you to get the 1 seed too easily.
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