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  1. Can you shrink one in Paint and then upload that?
  2. Looks like my avatar still exists. Sent mine in yesterday. Have fun!
  3. Oh, I'm in too, as I said in other thread. Entry coming presently; need to work on it.
  4. I'm in this one, too. Political slogans? "Vote Littlefinger and Get Bordello Discounts!" Just a thought.
  5. I dreamt a Pictionary player was wondering what a picture was, and I said something like "mermaids" and to check the Acrophobia thread. Then we started recruiting random people in the classroom as minions. Theon/Reek and Ramsays occupied a house; some females helped an escape, one of them (a sorceress) had been with Ramsay, but changed sides.
  6. The only one I put any real artistic effort into was the last one ... for fairly broad values of "real".
  7. Robb turned into a wolf god turned into a Rocksniffer cyborg. Nuff said. I wasn't the only one to guess I was repeating a chain; Bucky did as well. We should each get 300,000 points and absolute dominion.
  8. Joust. Maybe I'll get lucky and my opponent will be Dontos. In a melee I'm doomed. WYR be Jade Emperor or Lord of the Seven Kingdoms?
  9. Are we waving bloodstained banners and what not?
  10. Summer Islles. Though with my luck there's a catch, WYR ride a dragon or a flying zorse?
  11. Kingslayer. Killing family would just seem ... off. WYR converse with show-Tyene or (season 8) show-Jon?
  12. Reportedly, there's a theory that Tyrion is a time-travelling fetus.
  13. I'll sign up. 76? We went through 47-75 fast!
  14. I loved GRRRM and the Bees. First I googled Herr Mythenmetz, then I googled that Cankarry chap (somehow I thought he'd be a football/soccer player), and then I even googled circle of life. Thanks for the game!
  15. I had no trouble recogising Varys. I thought LF was Juhn Snuh at first, but then figured it out. My apologies to Herr Doktor Mythenmetz.
  16. Yikes! I was completely fooled. I love the way that lizard chap turned into Trump. My sentence came from a bizarre unfinished (and likely to remain so) parody. I confess I've never thought of Harry Potter as a Sex God. My pictures were pretty bad this time, except the reptiles. Those I think were decent.
  17. The sentences I had to draw didn't seem too off-colour; but they did require a certain amount of googling.
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