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  1. Ah, context matters. Not to mention the digital medium fooling me into taking it literally. Well, not quite literally, but you know.
  2. Not for the first time, or the last. The problems with the show seem to have hit my subconscious. I dreamt that while watching scenes from GOT, someone says something about plots being woven together. Me: Something to the effect "There's nothing woven; they just toss things in when they feel like it." (I might have added that in later seasons there wasn't really a plot, either.) A tent meeting of people fighting against D&D. The people in charge have us take out our copies of GRRM's book. (It was only one book and had a picture of GRRM on the cover.) I think that was meant to be our secret weapon or something. Someone says the Emmys should present a usurper award. Which could mean an award for someone playing a usurper, or for someone actually usurping. Would one call D&D usurpers? They did kind of get put in charge of GOT on false pretences?
  3. Yikes! Though to be fair to show-Tyrion, I get the feeling he's too stupid to do all that deliberately. Although ... when he strangles Shae, I think he still has his brains. Either they fell out on the way to Essos, or he got replaced by his stupid twin Morion. Or perhaps Shae sucked them out with her mental suction powers before dying. Which would be pretty cool.
  4. They kinda forgot the Faith. As for the Reach, it's like the North was in season 6: inert. The Reach kinda forgot, too.
  5. They weren't. They took the HG from season 7 and fixed it up. I'm not sure of the details. I think the VFX team did it. It's been a while since I watched that video.
  6. And: apparently a book on GOT is coming out shortly. It's by James Hibberd, who iirc was the chap who ran a forum on GOT in which no questions were allowed. The Dragon Chap posted on it in reddit. (I don't know anyone in that reddit, at least by name, and I don't know how wise it is for the Dragon to call everyone in there "has-been kneelers", in terms of persuading them to do something. But that's by the way.)
  7. It was very weird how Cersei somehow became Dany's equal. The Lannisters took Highgarden in a walk, ostensibly because the Tyrells are rubbish from a military point of view, and really because plot, because Benioff. While we're on the subject of Highgarden, am I remembering correctly that it was essentially a rather arid-looking plain? Not much in the way of ... garden? (Not that that's on a level with basic problems of plot and characterisation.) And apparently the plain of Highgarden turned into the desert of KL in season 8. In other words, they just took a photo of HG, jazzed it up a bit, and voila': KL.
  8. This was the absolute worst thing about season 7. I was always asking "What about the sept?" Hot Pie mentions it, but everyone else shrugs. The nobility as well as smallfolk ought to have been outraged. And Jaime or Bronn casually mentions that there's no more High Septon. And we need to go after a wight because we need Cersei? What? They ought to have been able to essentially ignore Cersei and fight the WW, and then mop her up afterwards. Weird.
  9. Aha! I wasn't seeing the "Inside the episode" back then. I do recall that Cersei's motive for arming the Faith made less sense in the show. Although the sept explosion itself did, I thought, make a certain sense: I could see Cersei just blowing all her enemies up like that. Contrasted with Evil Dany, which came out of the blue. But if GRRM does it I'm guessing the narrative logic will be more coherent. "Narrative logic" ain't GOT's middle name.
  10. One thing I've wondered for a while is where the "what's this plot" thing came from. I think I first heard of that from watching Glidus. One of those chaps.
  11. Kinda forgot. They say this stuff in a kind of pompous way that will fool you, if you let it, into thinking it makes sense. As for rewatching Hell's Bells, with or without sound, I'll have to take a pass. Once was enough. I don't doubt the editing is messy, though.
  12. Righto, le Pointlessbowl. My reaction to that, even before seeing it, was mleah. That is, the basic idea didn't appeal to me. I'm not a sports fan, still less an American football fan, so whateverbowl. And one of the things I did like in later seasons is New and Improved Hound -- which is not very compatible with Clegbowl, is it? So I don't know what the Ds could have done or left undone to interest me in what I already thought was a soulless hyporama. One of them thought it was "apocalyptically beautiful", and who am I to say it wasn't?
  13. I'm betting on GRRM finishing(*) before Mauler. (*)One paragraph
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