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  1. There are indeed several (literal) LOL moments in the book. though some are too awful to be really funny. and yes, the titles are great.
  2. benioff is not worthy of my hate. i guess i disapprove of him rather thana ctually hating. (I do hate my computer; but that's another story or three.) but the 300 extras on stage and stonehenge and 70 horses (70 cheetahs, as another dunnite suggested) and whatnot. if there's one mantra we've been repeating whilst reading FCKAD, it's "they could have done that in post-production!" followed by "they could have filmed that in the studio!"
  3. yes, sweden had problems w/ their covid response. no rona, please! i've seen st. tywin, and i think dunn alludes to it. i vaguely wondered at first if maybe they typecast charles dance as "grandfatherly". which could also be true.
  4. We finished Jaime/Brienne bath chapter and Rains of Castamere chapter. There wasn't an awful lot of dirt -- apart from Boonioff thinking Tywin is lawful neutral (!).
  5. The book doesn't seem to have much about season 2. It kind of jumps to season 3. There's a bit about Talisa and about season 2 casting; but nothing about Qarth or Jaime randomly killing his cousin. Oddly, I don't even remember it discussing the Tywin-Arya scenes.
  6. how quaint. i'm actually an enormous mass-murthering dragon.
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