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  1. the battle looked a mess to me. not that i'm an expert. i guess sansa withholding the info was to make it more dramatic? but yes, you can't do that in a battle. how can the commander make informed decisions if he isn't ... informed?
  2. and now for the fun: BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS they commonly called it BOB. book brags about all the emmys it won. [how?] some "critic" called it probably the best television show ever. [surely TV isn't *that* bad?] it had to be "bigger and better" than Hardhome. sapochnik consulted and estimated that he'd need 28 days to film the battle. "the producers countered w/ 12." they lost the ending and had bad time mgmgt. i don't think these comments are in the book -- or not in so many words. the terrain was a "soft, undulating field". the rain turned the ground to mud, and things never quite recovered. the bowl-like terrain turned into a "muddy soup". sapochnik only got one restroom break in several hours, which may well be "the resolute director's most impressive feat of endurance". horses were a problem because they defecated and micturated a lot and didn't like standing around. there were mock corpses of horses and people. [i'm relieved they were mock.] each fake dead horse cost $4,000. liam cunningham: "i almost got killed during the battle of the bastards." he's fairly handy w/ horses, but this horse got jumpy and leapt up so high cunningham had to duck to avoid getting his head cut off by a russian arm attached to the camera. [yes, you read all that right.] "starks fight w/ their b*lls and not w/ their head" 1-shot of jon staggering. finally benioff: "ppl are so good at picking up fakery on screen." weis: KH might be of serious value in a real mediaeval army. [doubt it.] KH looks and only sees the faults. we commented he has actual professional standards. dunn says he gave crew member his jacket. cogman compares a scene in the episode to the trash compactor scene in STAR WARS. not in book: in the UK it's illegal for horses to even look like they're touching each other. the bolton crest is "fascistic and graphic". [well, i guess it is graphic.] northerners, wildlings, and boltons all have their own styles of combat. they had a horseman charge through a lot of corpses. sapochnik needed 3 extra days to film a key sequence and didn't have 3 days. he dashed off an e-mail to the D-chaps, expecting to get yelled at. "D&D liked scripts executed the way they wrote them, and w/ good reason." [waht good reasons!] the best solution sapochnik could come up w/ was having jon trampled by his own men. D-chaps said OK. KH did subtle stuff to show jon's post-death emo-ness. his humanity's fractured. "not him anymore." [didn't really notice, except he's stupider] "spent a whole day beating ramsay." iwan got "a few bruises." yes, therewas literal physical punching. Ds joked at iwan rheon "isn't it great that ramsay sits on the IT?" rheon: "he's ddad, isn't he?" rheon spent a nice long time tied to a chair surrounded by scary dogs. sapochnik: "BOB was all about the journey back to life at the 11th hour, rediscovering the desire to live. looking back, it seemed like an insurmountable task ... then season 8 happened."
  3. one fun thing not revealed in the book: it *looks* as if ramsay is shooting actual arrows at jon. see 1:58:45 to about 2:11:00 in our podcast. the book DOES reveal that cunningham's head almost got cut off. more later.
  4. it's certainly worth asking why they do anything. commonly it's b/c benioff had a random thought in the middle of the night. apparently.
  5. my favourite bit in the pranks chapter is where they try to get a rise out of alfie allen ... and fail b/c he just acts cool and nonchalant about it. it is weird how much incriminating stuff is in the book despite its being a puff piece. it's all a riot and D&D are "two wild and crazy guys" as we used to say. i can't even w/ the waterboarding etc. i can't help wondering: couldn't they just have had the actress scream? as in pretend to be waterboarded or whatever? i.e.e, act, which is what actors and actresses do, hence the name 'actor' or 'actress'? the mania for making it 'real' reaches incredible levels at points.
  6. THE PACK SURVIVES the show had "planned the final two seasons". [really?] arya in braavos was engaged in a "battle of wits with the waif". [really?] maisie wanted to be really blind, or at least ish; so she wore two sets of contact lenses and made herself sore. there was some discussion of arya's abilities and "how much of a super-assassin is arya exactly?" or as bryan cogman puts it "how much ninja warrior vs. how much humanity?" maisie didn't hesitate to argue w/ the directors when she didn't agree w/ their interpretation of arya. they mention hodor actor's back injury again. martin says in the books "hold the door" is different, and really means "guard the door". brother ray's community are a "new age sect". [really?] ed mcshane, the actor for brother ray, seems to have quite the character. he was so displeased with his burger that he kicked it and it went flying towards rory mccann, who had no complaints about his burger. catering on set improved after this. mcshane is also the chap who said GOT was "t*ts and dragons". some lovely bits about season 6, ep. 10: the script was withheld until the table reading. weis kinda forgot to tell pryce he was going to die. [a pattern here] lancel actor had to crawl through bat poo iirc. also he singed his eyebrows b/c they had real fire [!!!!!!!!!] septa unella was going to be raped on camera, but they changed their minds ... without telling the actress. then they made her go through 8 hours of filming while being waterboarded. i don't think it was literal waterboarding, but still ... it was like drowning while the rest of the body was dry, and it was the actress's second worst experience after childbirth. she and lena heady had a laugh over it afterwards. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] [PS. !]
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