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  1. Hopoefully no one gets their eyes stabbed out or Pictarys, though. It's messy.
  2. Sometimes just PM-ing doesn't work and you have to up the ante, sadly. It can get deadly.
  3. 1. Arya 2. Sansa 3. Quaithe Bonus suggestion: Night King. Even though he's show-only. Maybe it says "Can't answer. Nonexistent." Or some such rot.
  4. Rd 5 2 7 6 Voting; yah. I can't even blame anyone b/c I'm voting, too. We have to choose three, and sadly can't vote for everyone. C'est la vie.
  5. Tywin et al. started the Dance of the Dragons by posting rude troll messages on the Targ social media site DragOn. Things like "Rhaenyra did disgusting things with a Braavosi alley-cat." (Meta-lies!)
  6. HC is David Boonioff's personal valet, and it's largely thanks to him that we got a season 8 at all. He's the one who turned Boonioff's drunken ramblings into a script, albeit not a very coherent one. He's especially proud of "Her Satanic Majesty". "That's deep," he says. What Boonioff actually said was "Hrstnnnnnnnckmudgescheeeeeeeeeeeeese." Now that really IS deep.
  7. i sent a sentence. did you get it? sorry, gotta run,.
  8. We don't have to completely exclude content related to GRRM, do we? So long as not a spoiler? Camping's good, though.
  9. Looks like the game will start in time for Halloween? Meanwhile, there's Acrophobia.
  10. JC's new book is only 1.75 on Amazon. It's entitled Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorghkhgh!, and that's also the subject of the book. Don't knock it till you've tried it!
  11. I just sent my super-late entry. Was busy at work and then away from computer. How much time do we have? I seem to recall it being more. My vote shortly, but those are some scary entries.
  12. Meanwhile, a little more than a week till the Emmys. I shan't watch, but will get the info from Dragon Demands and Co. So long as Ds don't get any, not fussed. I really do want Emilia Clarke, the three who submitted themselves without help from HBO, and the composer to get them, though.
  13. Oh, and Mauler did the Unbridled Rage thing to ep. 5. Long, but worth a watch, especially for tearing "foreshadowing" to shreds around 2:25-ish. (The best is when he does it to Hot Pie.)
  14. Probably people have seen this already. But the Ds gave an interview in Japan where they comment on their serious error in leaving the coffee cup on the table in 8.4. There's a Dragon Demands video on it. Yes, it would have been a masterpiece without that blemish, no?
  15. Oh, righto. I'll join. 48 hours not very much. But do my worst.
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