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  1. From "The Americans" season 3: “That’s what evil people tell themselves, when they do evil things.”
  2. I agree. Lots of sturm and drang here, but I enjoyed it. And, yes, I've read all the books and prequels.
  3. I thought it was excellent, and agree with the observation made earlier in the thread about a real Coen brothers feel to that scene.
  4. Has anyone listed all of the Lovecraft references on the maps? There are a lot. Leng, Kadath, etc.
  5. Agreed entirely. I understand that what happened to Theon wasn't explicitly described in the books (as it was mostly contained in Theon's internal monologue, or mentioned by Ramsay), but I think that just wouldn't work on the tv series. The scenes are tough to watch, but Theon was brutalized by Ramsay. The tv series makes that very clear.
  6. After two very solid episodes, this was a letdown. A 6 at best. The changes with Gendry really rankled me.
  7. Now that Spartacus has ended, you have a lot of very talented actors who could fit the GoT mold. Liam McIntyre would be great.
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