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    How would you rate episode 310?

    I gave it 7. I would have liked to see a good cliffhanger. However, it included some very good acting and tied up some loose ends. -Seeing Robb-Wind was heart-breaking but effective. -I love the new Arya-Hound dynamic - two very different, very angry people. You know that the Hound has her back. -We now know for certain whether or not Theon will be carrying on the Greyjoy dynasty. Not. I was never sure from the books. -The scene between Asha and Balon Greyjoy – thumbs down to Balon for being the worst father of the year and thumbs up to Asha for standing up to him -Loved Tywin sending Joffrey to bed for misbehaving. Charles Dance is amazing as Tywin and Jack Gleeson is so good at making us hate Joffrey. -I know Shae can’t leave because of the storyline, but I really wish she had taken the money and gone. In spite of all the talk of true love, Shae loves Shae more than Tyrion and is a liability to him. -I didn’t like the Dragonstone scene in terms of Stannis’ decision to go to the North. It made it look like Melissandre's idea and made Stannis look like Melissandre’s puppet. I like Davos, but he is either a saint or a fool to continue to support the Stannis being portrayed. The only reason I can overlook Stannis laughing and smiling is because I can accept that he is beside himself with joy to finally have something real to do besides moping and enduring Melissandre’s ambiguous prophecies and ominous/self-satisfied glances. -The scene with Daenerys was cheesy. I would have preferred to see her ride a horse into the crowd. I’m actually more a fan of the dragons and the people around her than Daenerys herself.