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  1. King Tam Stark

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    The majority of posters stating it’s poor writing without any explanation why they think that is ironic, it’s easy to criticise! You guys may be right but a faceless man doing the deed surely isn’t that unrealistic is it? Best killers in the world and all that...
  2. King Tam Stark

    Death scene: Lyanna Mormont

    Her death was epic and foreshadowed Arya killing the nk it was almost identical
  3. King Tam Stark

    Is this really the end of the Night King?

    Everyone story has to have an end. He’s dead dead!
  4. King Tam Stark

    What’s going to go down in the crypts?

    If it’s any dead from the last 8000 years from the area the aotd have travelled through the army would be insanely big and growing ...can’t see it
  5. King Tam Stark

    A theory about the Night King

    Any good threads on night king identity? I tried the search function unsuccessfully I think he’s a targ since he can ride a dragon and allegedly withstand fire
  6. King Tam Stark

    Aegon, Warden of the North

    Danny managed it just fine, what changed?
  7. Really far fetched if it’s cersei who ends up the hero by killing the nk and his full army with wildfire haha
  8. Why would the nk send his army to winterfell then go elsewhere basically leaving them to be annihilated? it wouldn’t be a two pronged attack because all he’d have left would be him n the dragon plus his new army surely it would make sense to attack elsewhere and leave his army safely away from wf awaiting his return with a second army?
  9. If arya was to be imprisoned when she returns to The Gate would she be stuck with the Mercy face or does she know how to take it off? I don't expect it but considering the old guard heard her telling lies and she was the last to be seen with Raff there is a chance of it.
  10. King Tam Stark

    How would you rate episode 309?

    an absolute 10, the reaction especially from non-book readers whos minds have been blown apart is brilliant