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  1. Well, thanks anyway. I have already asked on 4chan and reddit and my questions answered. Btw Tormund says: the big woman?
  2. Can anybody tell me what Dany answers at 44:40, when Jon says "at least you won't have to deal with the King in the North again"? Also, what is Tormunds reply when Jon says he didn't bring enough men? At 53.15
  3. Can anybody tell me what the Hound answers when he and Beric are looking at the bodies of the farmer and his daughter and Beric asks "How do you think it ended for them?" I just can't make out what he says. It sound like "must ass" or something ....
  4. As soon as i saw the skeleton wights I had a feeling they reminded me of something - now I know: they are taken right out of Tomb Raider 4. Well, it was the best TR out of the first 6. Regarding the questions how they became skeletons and how skeletons move with out muscles and sinews: 1. I assume they are very very old wights. The White Walkers probably positioned them there to prevent people from getting to the COTF hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago. 2. Age old skeletons come to life and attack people and you worry about plain mechanics???
  5. I wavered between 9 and 10, but gave it a 10 because finale and "of course you shall have a cabin!!!" with proper awed look. The Brienne-Hound fight was good and fit into the story surprisingly well. Emilia did some really good acting for a change. I couldn't care less about Lady Stoneheart. I was a bit sad that Tysha and Jaime confession was cut, but I agree with a comment on WiCnet, the audience would have been confused. Stannis arrival was a bit underwhelming, felt more like 40 dudes fighting each other, not 4 000 against 100 000.
  6. There is nitpicking and there are legitimate complaints because what we get to see it plain stupid and getting it right would not have cost a dollar more, just some thought. My remark about the giant seem to be the only part of my "utter nonsense" post you seem to be able to counter with some argument, no matter how desperately you have to reach and make up things out of thin air... I guess you liked "Prometheus" too, did I twist your panties with that remark? Seriously, two-post dude, have you even read the books?
  7. That is like saying you have won a 100m dash against a quadruplegic without a wheelchair, considering the books don't even have any visuals. They are, you know, books. So disappointed with this episode.
  8. worst episode of the season for me - 4/10 For the first time I felt the stuff in the beginning was really just filler, as much as I hate the people constantly whining about everything but plot twists and actin scenes being "filler". The battle - so much stupid. :bang: :bang: :bang: Wildlings gather and light a huge campfire about 300 yards from Castle Black to spring their "surprise attack" from there. Cold vegetable oil explodes when you poke a hole in the barrel. Mance was a man of the Nights Watch but has his men climb the wall directly above the gate where all tthe defenses are, including that scythe on a chain. ONE giant can lift the gate, it didn't occur to them to try that when they still had TWO of them and men that could have crawled under and taken out the defenders? John cuddles Ygritte while his brothers are still fighting for their lives. Plenty of brothers with swords and shields, but nobody does more damage than a stewart cook with a midsize kettle. Wildlings are already over the castle wall and attacking but Ser Alliser is still holding speeches. Most of all - that super diappointing ending. No Stannis. Seems like the more CGI money you give a director the less thought tis given to anyother aspect of a film. "Prometheus" by Ridley Scott comes to mind here, the most stupid ffilm I have ever seen.
  9. I loved the episode - my first 10/10 this season. At first I chose 9 because of the WTF beetle scene but I have read some comments over on WiC net and they really made sense. Some pretty subtle writing. And I just can't get over Sansa coming down that stair, holy smokes ... I get the impression some people here would find watching Harry Potter more enjoyable ...
  10. It is pretty clear that the purpose of the Dreadfort/Yara scene was to drive home that 1. Theon is truly lost, he is not playacting 2. Yara gets it and she is now free to pursue her other ambitions (Kingsmoot in season 5 yay!) Yara's other men were obviously fighting all over the Dreadfort (see blood spatters on ramsay), Ramsay clearly was content with letting her get away, his own casualties would have been to great if he had cornered the Ironborn. Not to mention they were fully armed and armoured, he was shirtless. A man can be excused for being a little cautious in a situation like that
  11. No, I have also heard that she has shed some weight. I think she mentioned in some interview that she trains really hard and that she has become much more fit. I wouldn't call her looks "bony", just pretty athletic. Didn't she visit the forum once and was basically hounded out by the comments calling her pudgy or fat ...? i remember reading sth to that effect.
  12. I found that Margaery-and-Cersei scene pretty weird. "I don't even know what to call you, sister or mother"??? Has she already forgotten that little talk between her and Cersei at Tyrion's wedding, where Cersei told Margaery that she would have her strangled in her sleep if she called her "sister" again? It didn't seem like taunting or a challenge on Margaery's part at all (and it wouldn't have been like her character either). I think the writers had totally forgotten that previous scene and messed up here.
  13. Gave it 5/10. So much clunky, wooden expository dialogue. I can't remember the last episode that was that bad in this aspect. Enough mention of the Iron Bank already please ...
  14. Not much need for moon tea when guy is eight years old ... might start worrying when he is 12 or 13 ... Btw where was it explained in the books that the WW are ruled by the "Great Other/Night's King"? I can't remember that. Everybody in the WIC comments section seems to regard it as an established fact ...?
  15. The episode was a bit disappointing, the first few scenes felt disjointed and either overly long (Dreadfort) or confusing (Bran), the wedding and the death were not nearly as dramatic as I had hoped. 6/10.
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