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  1. Ah, fair enough! To be honest, I wanted Tommen's death to be a little more... relevant to the major events that happened. I was hoping he'd get actually murdered (somehow - I mean they did make a point of establishing that the Sand Snakes were in King's Landing) and that this would push Cersei over the edge. I was also hoping we'd get KL in ashes, foreshadowed by Season 2 in the House of the Undying - but naw, instead, it's just a ruthless power play by Cersei...
  2. I can't tell if you're trolling or just somehow missed a very important scene from the episode. Tommen jumped out of a window in the red keep after finding out what happened at the Sept.
  3. Jaime might kill Cersei in the show (although it'd be a lot more believable if they had spent at least one episode before now setting up their eventual separation), and it may even be because Jaime believes that Cersei had Tommen killed. But, uh, she didn't have him killed. She's obviously a despicable piece of shit, but I have no idea why you're saying that she had him killed. She actively prevented him from joining the trial in order to save him from a death by burning alive - she, of course, myopically didn't predict that destroying everything dear and important to him might drive him to suicide, but she decidedly did not have him killed.
  4. This is literally one of the most dumbfoundingly stupid posts I've ever read. Congrats dude lmao
  5. Is it just me, or did the, uh, "atmospheric disturbances," if you wanna call 'em that, look like they targeted pretty much only Bolton men (if not straight up all)? I had initially attributed these bizarre, but seemingly very enemy oriented deaths To the burning of Shireen. That is, it didn't really have its full (or any?) effect/power at the battle that took place with Stannis because Stannis isn't he PTWP and isn't incredidibly important to the back story. Once Jon becomes commander of the army and attacks, voila, pretty much of the cavalry, which they even made a point of explaining the big difference cavalry can make near the beginning, Also, the melting snow from the previous season when Stannis approaches Winterfull could have definitely been a red herring. Well anyway, on the inside the epsiode D&D just want on about war is in large part like. Do they mean it's lucky for the army that Jon Snow is the head of it because him being in command activated the power of the sacrifice? Or are they just saying that the atmospheric disturbances were random natural acts?
  6. We're all pretty much white walkers up here ;)
  7. Hi all, I've been lurking the general book forum for awhile but I only just started reading general chatter. I really enjoy the reading the debates in the politics threads so I thought I'd post. I live in the frozen shithole that is Wisconsin. ^_^
  8. "your sister." NO. NO THAT IS NOT OKAY, THAT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR "only Cat." ugh
  9. Gave the episode a 6; the only part I really liked a lot was the wedding. - absolutely hated the Shae/Tyrion scene. The acting seemed stiff, the dialogue.. ugh, and if she's really gone, well, that'll be a horrible ending to the show's entirely unsatisfactory treatment of the arc (i sincerely hope this isn't the case). - Cersei/Brienne dialogue is weird and out of place. - Stannis scene didn't really add anything positive to the episode IMO. - Sansa's exit seemed a little rushed. Also, her necklace seemed kind of irrelevant. - I don't really understand what the KL vision that Daenerys saw in the HoTU is doing in Bran's vision (are they same? Looked like it to me.) - Who was that random chick that Ramsey called "my love?" lol The Bolton interactions were mostly good, and I did think the purple wedding was pretty successful. I just really didn't like the preceding scenes that much.
  10. Hi all, first post here. IMO it was "dumb" because it showed her "bonding" with Tyrion, which runs totally counter to the omnipresent tension throughout their short-lived marriage in the books; Sansa hates her situation, does not show any sort of affection for him whatsoever and spurns any attempts at such by him. This is more consistent with the fact that she's married to an ugly dwarf who is a part of the family that murdered her father and beat her. But, it also makes the Tyrion whitewashing a little more apparent. I thought this episode wasn't one of the best (of course it was still enjoyable, overall.) I'm very upset by the exclusion of Coldhands this season. Yes, they can just introduce him next season, but at the cost of excluding the weirwood gate. The gate wasn't just cool to me, I had hopes that it would have some greater significance by the end of the book series. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm weirded out with the direction they went with Asha/Balon and I'm just not sure what they're going for. When I first saw Balon I thought for a split second that perhaps they might show his death (which would have had made much more sense to me than totally changing the ironborn plot thread at this point), but obviously this wasn't the case. Ygritte/John scene was meh but I'm glad they at least decided to get the arrows in 'em. More cersei whitewashing, but she's a good actress! I liked the joff/tywin scene as well as the arya scene.
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