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  1. IamMe90

    Westeros Football League B

    Just sent you one, sorry for taking so long.
  2. IamMe90

    Westeros Football League B

    I can do week days after 5:30. Anything weekends after 12pm is fine and I can make time.
  3. IamMe90

    Fantasy Football 2018

    I’m down for B, although I’ve never done a 2QB league - gotta study up for this shit!
  4. IamMe90

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    I don't think he has nearly the level of coaching acumen that people normal ascribe to him, but I also think he is a better coach than many NFC HCs. More importantly, he isn't terrible, and he has a huge assortment of assets (across a wide range of positions/parts of the game) that many teams in the NFC don't have.
  5. IamMe90

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    The Steelers have two of the most talented skill position players in the NFL, an excellent offensive line, a good head coach, a well above average QB, and objective success. This is a dumb take. The Packers are an annual borderline playoff team in the NFC.
  6. IamMe90

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    Plus, their WR1/RB1 tandem has completely dominated the rest of the league for years. People get excited about superstars. Given their success and the electric performances of Bell/Brown, it makes sense that they're considered a juggernaut.
  7. IamMe90

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    Oh yeah woops, that was 2016 when they won one. Somehow they did even worse with all that talent on their team last year. Lolz
  8. IamMe90

    NFL Thread: "Terrell Owens does what?" edition

    Re: Intriguing teams I just can't view Cleveland as intriguing until Hue Jackson is out of the picture. They had enough pieces last year to warrant that label, and yet they won only one game. And while Tyrod Taylor is a significant upgrade at QB from Kizer, I doubt it will be enough to really change things all that significantly. Plus, it looks as if Josh Gordon's status is questionable going into the season. Color me super intrigued about the 49ers, though; I'm kinda hoping for a Cinderalla story in which they actually win the division as the Rams' ultra-conglomerate of pro-bowl talent falls apart at the seams.
  9. IamMe90

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Yeah, no, you're right, it's about more than wealth. However, that is still a far cry from reducing his position to "representing his country." I think any motivations he has for wanting to increase Russia's stance in the world are inherently self-interested, whether they be amassing power, wealth, or whatever.
  10. Every report I've seen consistently mentions that Leonard wants to play in LA, including those reports made after LA's acquisition of LeBron. I wouldn't put much stock into rumors that he doesn't want to play with LeBron (even if it's somewhat true, I think his motivations for wanting to play in LA greatly dwarf whatever concerns he has about that). Personally, I think he balls out this year, barring injury. He's going to want to ensure at all costs that the Lakers actually want to acquire him in free agency next year and also get the best value he can get. That will not happen if he doesn't make an effort. But, who knows. The dude clearly has issues, so he may not make the rational move.
  11. IamMe90

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Putin's position is to enlarge his personal wealth vis-a-vis oligarchical control over industry and to continue his ability to do this by cementing permanent political power through murdering dissenters and propagating State propaganda to his people. Please.
  12. Thanks for putting this better than I could, hah. Personally, although @SpaceForce Tywin et al. may be right in calling me a shameless homer, I really like what the Bucks have done this offseason and am really high on their chances in the upcoming season to make at least make a 2 or 3-series deep playoff run. Going from quite possibly the worst coaching in the league to an above-average head coach will be huge. We now have more shooters than ever on the roster and a big not named John Henson or Thon Maker. I'd peg us somewhere in the 3rd-6th seed, although 3 is probably a stretch.
  13. They put up the same PPG, but Giannis has a higher eFG% and significantly more total rebounds per game as well. Most importantly, Giannis is a far superior defender to Lillard. Given that they have similar numbers on offense (though I would give the edge to Giannis due to efficiency and offensive rebounding), the difference in defensive value clearly puts Giannis over Lillard.
  14. Lol @ Lillard > Giannis. Come on now. I mean, Westbrook kinda too, but Lillard especially.
  15. Spare me. I opined that I agreed with someone, which is my opinion, and used the phrase "lol," which, as a ubiquitous internet filler word, is emphatically not the same as actually laughing at someone. Furthermore, there was no one actually here endorsing the viewpoint that was supposedly insulting to begin with. Finally, what I did not do is say people who think that Kobe is better than LeBron or Michael Jordan are "laughable dumbasses." Gtfo with this bs comparison, your post was not only a direct attack at another user here, but it was significantly more incendiary as well.