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  1. IamMe90

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Torn ligaments, out 6-8 weeks and expected not to make in time for the regular season. Dude is cursed the last few seasons, damn.
  2. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Welp, it's been a fun run this year, but I have to be realistic about dropping 3 games in a row and giving up home court advantage. We have been just terrible since our 2-0 start, it's pathetic. Not sure how much of this is bad coaching vs. players under performing, but it's definitely both. And this is why they should announce the MVP BEFORE the playoffs begin. It's supposed to be a regular season award, but even as a fucking diehard Bucks fan, these playoffs have changed my mind on who deserves to be the MVP. That's ridiculous.
  3. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    That was so pathetic. I'm not sure if there's some weird curse with me watching the Blazers, because literally every time I've watched a Portland game, Dame has been straight trash. Like, I had to look up his stats when I read discussion online about him being better than Kyrie because he's been so bad every time I've watched. Tonight was another one of those nights. He was quite frankly, terrible and has been for this series for the most part. This was pretty similar to the NOP series last year where they just double-triple teamed Dame the whole time during their sweep, except like, the team around him was played better this time around - it just wasn't enough to mitigate his garbage play this time.
  4. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Yeah, this is just (one of) the reasons that GSW is so fucking hard to beat in a series. Their opponent has to score at such a high level consistently because if they don't, GSW can erase most leads in a ridiculously short stretch at any point. It's so hard to keep up with without regressing to mean.
  5. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    What an amazing win for the Bucks when I was feeling somewhat confident that we were gonna give up game 1. Brook went OFF and it was so nice to see again. This team has so much hustle and explosiveness in pivotal second half moments, it's so goddamn exciting (and nerve wracking) to watch as a fan lol. BUCKS IN 5
  6. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    One of the most legendary game-winning shots of all time. Kawhi Leonard is a fucking legend. That was the most exciting game this postseason. FUCK
  7. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Honestly, I'm kinda glad I don't have to witness another inevitable Game 7 meltdown in that series again. 0/27 was already frustrating enough to watch last year, lol.
  8. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Flat Earth, "basketball genius," ball energy, 'nuff said. Naw, but seriously, I think he's been getting maybe a bit of unfair hate for his poor play, but it's (at least in part) exactly because of the aforementioned annoying as fuck attributes he has, and the shitty leadership you mentioned. It's like, way too easy to root against and hate him now that he's "the guy" on a team. He was much less obtrusively obnoxious as LeBron's #2 guy.
  9. IamMe90

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Honest question, when have they not been the favorites, other than overreactions to one game?
  10. Cool and enjoyable battle scene but also disappointed (but not surprised) that we got literally zero closure on the Night's King, the White Walkers, or anything to do with that side of the story. Just, lolz hero moment for Arya and now the story will wrap up with a battle with Cersei for the Iron Throne, despite the fact that the entire theme of this series was supposed to be that the petty political squabbles of man are moot next to the greater challenge that everyone ignores. I really thought we'd get some insight into the connection between the Night's King and Bran during their pseudo confrontation. But nope. Just a Cool Badass Arya Moment. Meh.
  11. I definitely don't disagree at all! It's 90% determined by the subjective narrative each voter subscribes to, in the end. That said, I'm just ecstatic the superstar from my team is in the running.
  12. You could also define it as something more relevant like "leading a team to win more games than any other team in the league" but eh
  13. I assume all of the advanced stats you're talking about are offensive, yeah? You can't ignore half of their games. I understand that offense is (and rightfully should be) weighed heavier in the modern area of the NBA, but also, the disparity between the two is huge.
  14. What advanced stats favor Harden? I'm not doubting you so much as just curious, because I don't really know anything about advanced stats but I also have heard many people online posit contradictory claims using advanced stats in the context of this particular conversation, lol.
  15. I assume you didn't mention Giannias as a potential candidate because he will win this year and is unlikely to win two years in a row. Otherwise, how dare you snub the Greek Freak! Anyway, re: the playoffs. All I know is it's really insane to go from getting booted in the first round 8 consecutive playoff appearances to likely to sweep the first round and make the finals. Go Bucks