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  1. We can quibble over the exact diction, but I am saying that hordes of overreactionary people on Reddit and similar communities were calling Cooper a bust and a hack. Many renowned FF podcast hosts would float this sentiment as well.
  2. Comes up on the internet all the time my man. I dunno about what people in the Bay Area are saying in real life.
  3. He had a terrible year last year and that was his fault, but I think people went too far after that, ignoring the overall team problems for the sake of scapegoating all of it onto him. I guess I'll walk back my take a little bit, as I agree he wasn't fantastic this season on the Raiders or anything and did give up on some routes too early (although as I recall he was in the top tier of receivers before the trade when it came to yards of separation). But I don't think it's a coincidence that he started pretty much immediately flourishing after getting to a new team, a team that doesn't even have a good QB at the helm at that. People basically wrote him off as a talentless hack after last year, and I think it's pretty clear that that is not the case, so I don't think he deserved all the rancor he got.
  4. I'm so happy Amari Cooper is breaking out again after the trade. I think it's pretty clear that he is a very talented receiver who had a down year last season. He runs great routes and gets a ton of separation, yet everyone (at least, in fantasy communities) seemed to looove getting on the Trash Amari Cooper train after last year to a ridiculous degree. Think Carr and Gruden are obviously the source of his lack of production this year rather than a lack of talent on his part.
  5. IamMe90

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    This notion seems silly to me. For instance, last year’s Rockets took GSW to 7 (and would have won were it not for the infamous 27 missed 3s) whereas GSW straight up swept the Cavs. Would you have taken the Cavs over last year’s Rockets (with a healthy CP3)? That’d be a crazy take imo, those two teams were nowhere near each other, Bron and all. This year, there are several teams aside from the Warriors, including a few from the East, that I think could certainly take the LeBron-led Lakers in a series (although the difference is not as a great as the example I gave from last year). I will say though that looking at this Cleveland team this year shows you just how damn good Bron was last year. People were trying to say that everyone was downplaying the rest of the team last year, but honestly... that team outside of him had no business being in the playoffs, let alone the finals.
  6. IamMe90

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    Sorry, I didn't catch that, just came to this thread. It's not altogether implausible, but I think the latter idea is more likely at this point. And, man. 4 times I've voted to get Walker out of here, and 4 times I will have failed. It is so disheartening...
  7. IamMe90

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    What would waiting to report possibly do to mitigate anything Possibly Very Bad that happened? Why would they do that and risk potentially exposing themselves to accusations of foul play instead of just reporting as they normally do? The logical conclusion, to my mind, would be that there is another reason that they are reporting later than usual, that has probably to do with logistical concerns or something else non-politically motivated. IDK though.
  8. Rodgers wouldn't be sacked this many times because he's actually mobile, can extend plays with his mobility, and make throws into tight windows on the move. Qualities that Eli obviously does not have at this point (if he ever did). Or maybe he would have already broken his collarbone at this point... Lols.
  9. IamMe90

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Thielen?? What are you talking about?
  10. This is how the Packers have played during the last two seasons they’ve made the playoffs. The defense is so bad that and the last minute offense is so good that no victory or loss is guaranteed, regardless of match up. The last time we made the playoffs playing like this, we made it to the NFC Championship game. We lost horrifically, but still, that’s a pretty successful playoff run. Of course teams are scared of the Packers. Rodgers can manufacture late game comebacks with less time on the clock than any other QB in the league. And despite the defense playing shit, they somehow manage to get stops at these key moments pretty consistently, all things considered.
  11. he not wrong tho looking at the totality of his professional career, that's exactly how I would articulate how I feel about dak prescott haha
  12. No posts about the Pats Chiefs game? Holy fuck balls that was some incredible football. I 100% think one of these two teams is going to the superbowl. Mahomes was incredible, yet again, in an incredibly difficult venue. Despite a lot of points given up, but Chiefs D also made some key plays at the right moments. Hill and Hunt were both electric. I won't really comment on the Pats much because we all know what they can be, other than to say - they showed us they can still be what we know they can be. I think Michel is not really as good as his numbers would suggest, but he is more than competent at least and a nice addition to their roster.
  13. If you watch actual football and don’t just look at box scores, Barkley is an absurdly talented running back. Not just athletically talented, but talented at actually utilizing that athleticism in a way that is special in the NFL. The first defender almost never hits him. Just tonight, he evaded something like three tackles while powering through another two just to gain nine yards. He’s an unreal talent just in his rushing ability, let alone his receiving chops. Anyway, my only observation on this game is that Eli is truly horrific. He was under pressure a lot, sure, but some of those check downs came on plays where he actually got blocking. Fact is, as of right now, he has terrible vision, absolutely no mobility to extend plays when their shit o-line inevitably breaks down, and no deep throw anymore. All he does is hand off and check down to Barkley 85% of the time. Dude is completely washed in basically every way and I don’t even blame Odell’s (overly histrionic) display of frustration. Fuck the Giants, their ownership is clearly terrible.
  14. IamMe90

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    "relatively few" =/= zero
  15. IamMe90

    Westeros Football League C

    Engram is out too... seems like a poor choice for a backup?