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  1. I'm only quoting one line from an epic post by Rockroi, on page 1. Go back and read it all, every word. It's well worth it. Bravo Ser!
  2. Remember in an interview Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said "I had a great last scene. It was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect way to end". So maybe he's going to live happy ever after with Brienne. Or, I have been paying attention and he dies in a blaze of glory after killing Cersei .
  3. I think Jaime is going back to kill Cersei and he said the 'I am a bad boy' stuff to Brienne so she would be hurt and hate him. He wants her to feel betrayed and hate him, because he thinks he will probably die.
  4. Varys had a huge role to play in this episode! Ghost had more lines than he did.
  5. This past week I've rewatched ep 2 many times and I did so again last night. When the credits rolled at the end I realised 2 things. There was a kind of purity about this episode. These people knew that many of them would face death very soon, so on their last night of potentially being alive, they revealed their thoughts, they showed their love and they spoke unspoken words.I also realised I will never watch this heartfelt episode again with the same innocence. It can never be the same, the purity will be gone ...... because many of these people will soon be dead.