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  1. Lady Asha

    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I was annoyed that they chose to end it with Dany. I'm not a minority myself but a few of my minority friends pointed out the whole "White Savior" situation...with the hordes of brown people carrying around the pretty blonde girl. Oh thank you pretty white girl for saving us...we are helpless....all hail pretty white girl...
  2. Lady Asha

    Favorite POV Character

    I love Tyrion. Catelyn annoys me. I liked her in the show but she seems like a total BIATCH in the book. Poor Snow.
  3. Lady Asha

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    Thanks! I've never seen a book character with my name before so I was pretty excited. Do you have any suggestions on which book I should start at? I've seen all the TV episodes. Should I still start from the beggining?
  4. Lady Asha

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    Hello there. I'm new. So even though I haven't read the books, I have a little more knowldege about the TV show than most people who just watch it. I've really done some research into back stories (come across a few spoilers along the way...had some things ruined for me...Red Wedding. etc...) But now I'm determined to read the books because I don't want to have anything else spoiled for me. Also: Yara Greyjoy is really named Asha, which rocks because Asha is my name. :)
  5. Lady Asha


    Why thank you Lord Tyrion. You seem seasoned. Any idea where a "noobie" should begin reading? I have seen all the episodes.
  6. Lady Asha


    Hello! Nice to meet you all. My name is Asha. I got hooked on the TV show and would love to start reading the books. I'm up to date with the show. Can anyone tell me where to start reading? PS: I heard that Yara Greyjoy is really named Asha. Is that true? Do I have the same name as a Greyjoy? Awesome. Lol.