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  1. Exactly. The show is about "bad things happen to people". That's why the shocking scenes are contrived and jarring. The books are about "why bad things happen to people". That's why the shocking scenes are organic and momentous.
  2. Why are you assuming I "don't get this"? In fact, I do "get this". I was pointing out that "this" makes no sense. And Mel also went on and on about the leeches, but somehow hasn't yet managed to put Balon Greyjoy away. Hmmm. Wouldn't someone want some more assurances, or some more proof that it will do any good at all, before they burn their child and sole heir?
  3. Okay, I'll bite. How is this act of burning his daughter necessary for his destiny? What was his reason? What was he trying to accomplish? What is the likelihood (if any) that his goals (if any) by this action will (or can) come to pass? Was there discussion of this act: weighing of options, calculations of outcomes?
  4. LOL, what North? Is there even a "North" to rally? They seem pretty thin on the ground thus far. Naw, Stannis won't burn Sansa. He'll burn Selyse and then forcibly marry Sansa, because that just can't happen to her enough, can it? Besides, he needs an heir now, doesn't he? *shudder* I apologize. I should head back to the Rant & Rave thread.
  5. OMG! Those poor people trying to stay hydrated as they march through piles and piles of snow!! Whatever shall they do, amidst all those snowdrifts, to get some life-giving water! How can they keep walking with literally millions of snowflakes falling into their faces and melting on their skin... and their lips.... and their tongues.....!!!!! Finally! Some common sense. Thank you.
  6. Soooooo not what I was saying. I can "believe the show is true to the book" or not, but still D&D have no business confirming one way or the other. Both they and GRRM have been saying for a long time now that, although they will arrive in the same place at the end, the show and the book will be taking greatly different roads to get there. The only logical purpose in handling it that way is exactly so the show doesn't spoil the books, so viewers won't know which events are in the books and which are D&D's own version. And hey! Thanks for the advice on staying out of spoiler threads! Not that I was asking for any. I am a grownup, after all, and perfectly capable of deciding for myself what to read or not.
  7. I'd like to say one thing about the show spoiling the books. I'm sure it's been said already, but I think it bears reiterating. Everybody understands that the show is going beyond published material. Everybody. That is not the issue. The issue is: D&D confirming that a particular thing will happen in a yet-unpublished book. It doesn't matter what the thing is, they should not spoil it. If questioned, they should say, "To know if {an event} happens in the next book, you'll have to read the next book. Until you do read the next book, we will not confirm or deny anything." We should not know for certain what is going to happen in unpublished material. We should be left guessing (and theorizing). Discretion is the better part of valor. I guess D&D don't have any valor.
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