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  1. From the moment the CDC embraced dodgy metrics from China, from the moment the government accepted the unfounded declaration of pandemic from a pretty much discredited WHO, from the moment that State and local Gauleiters assumed total power in America, this whole 'rona thing has been a political, not a public health crisis. The death rate is tiny. The infection rate pales beside the common cold or flu. The panic is unprecedented, and fed hourly by agenda driven media outlets and politicians. No one is using critical thinking, risk/benefit analysis, or common sense.
  2. on the contrary, the HBO series made me appreciate the books more. The writing and story arc of the TV series was just awful. I pray that George Martin will get off his butt and finish the job.
  3. I gave it a 7, based on the fact that there was just not much material to work with. I suppose we will never know how George Martin thought it should end. I was ok wtih Bran being the 'last man standing', or sitting in his case, First chapter, in the first book, was named "Bran"
  4. today, in the real world? Maybe. In Westeros, given the way life was there, and then, I stand by my statement. It was ludicrous. It's kind of like the bad guy saying put down your weapon, or I'll shoot my hostage. Knowing all the time that as soon as you toss your gun, the fellow will kill you both.
  5. stunned by the River Run silliness. That Edmure would sell out his family, his friends, his heritage, over the welfare of a child he does not know, has not seen, and won't ever see. In the time frame we are looking at, with the conflicts, the wars, the world view, the 'way things are', it's ludicrous that Edmure would turn the fortress over to the Lannisters like that. It was very disappointing, to see reality (or what usually passes for reality in Westeros), suspended, simply because the script writers could not do better than that. Just briefly, the silliness with Arya, badly wounded, then bounding around like some parkour athlete, was insulting to our intelligence. I did like the timely appearance of Dany, but thought those in the room were slow to show their obeisance.
  6. I am still unsure of where Victarion's ultimate loyalty is placed. Looks like, win or lose, he may go with several different choices.
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