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  1. Aside from the assassination of one Stannis Baratheon, Drogon looked awfully small. Looked like Wun Wun could have taken that dragon 1-on-1 and come out unscathed.
  2. They really messed up Dorne this season. Should have included Arianne and Darkstar... and the Golden Company.
  3. No Illyrio Mopatis, the Cheesemonger? Lame. I feel like the events at the Wall are somewhat rushed... but then again they really want to show Jon Snow's reenactment of Julius Caesar.
  4. Loras going to Dragonstone and sustaining major battle wounds in critical condition was the only time I paid attention or respected him in the books... and yet D&D couldn't even give him that. And damn Dany... show a little bit more skin yeah? You're supposed to be showing half of your breasts every episode anyways.
  5. I'm pretty sure in the books they made his ass go be a the negotiator or die in attempt at Mance's camp in the books lmao... poor bastard.
  6. He showed more emotion in that 1 scene than he did for the entire duration of the books. Jon Snow in the books really didn't give a fuck about Ygirtte's death. He wasn't even sure if it was him or somebody else that shot her down. He was too enthralled into the battle itself. When he saw Ygritte's dead body, he was just "welp, there goes another dead wilding". Here's a good illustration of her death in the books imo: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/32600000/asoiaf-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-32690632-636-1000.jpg That is a more accurate representation of what went down.
  7. They had an extra 7 minutes to add in Stannis this episode... fuckkkkkk
  8. Who gives a fuck about Jon Snow we all watched this episode for Stannis.
  9. D&D, if you're still reading this, don't forget to cast Darkstar.
  10. OMG please by the old gods and the new, the seven, the lord of light, the drowned god, and the red god please D&D with all of the dumb changes you have made to this adaptation please let Oberyn live... I don't give a fuck if you and GRRM have to change the rest of the storyline to accommodate this change...
  11. Margaery was sweet eye candy during the trial. Probably the most attractive person there, aside from Oberyn.
  12. Screw Quentyn. Dude is useless and makes Dorne looked weak as hell. However, they better cast Darkstar for next season! And he better look good. I hope they don't cast no angry ugly old dude. Darkstar is younger than Oberyn.
  13. What do you think the battle of Ice is for? Stannis is trying to reunite the North under his rule... duh?
  14. They pretty much fucked up Jon/Stannis storyline. Stannis can never make the claim as KitN, likewise with Jon. Where's the character development now? Jon knows Bran is alive. They should have introduced Coldhands last season... as a semi-human looking mofo.
  15. It's obvious there will be a reunion... R+L= J people... The Reeds kids are there!! Surely they must know something... c'mon D&D grow some balls and drop this bomb now please.
  16. So when the fuck did she pass it to Margaery? She was at another table. No way she got up off her ass and planted it in the drink when Joffrey was slicing the bird cake.
  17. You really can't fault the show directors for this portion of the books. This was just bad writing in the books from GRRM. Again, even when LF was explaining to Sansa what went down I was still mighty confused. Imagine the unsullied.
  18. But how the hell did Olenna give the poison to Marg in the first place? That "plink" sound is would be from Joffrey's chalice. And how would Joffrey not see it? The drop off from Olenna to Marg I mean.
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