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  1. From A Dance of Dragons epilogue chapter it's clear that in the book pretty much everyone in King's Landing (at least Kevan and all the Tyrells) think that Robert Strong is a complete undead monster. They're too scared to say anything about it without definitive proof. So that was totally in line with the book. The Arya part was told in the scene if you listen to the dialogue. Jaqen says that "wearing a face while being someone, instead of no one, is like taking poison". That's why she goes blind. So neither of those were due to sloppy writing, usually it's a good idea to watch the episode a couple of times before judging it too harshly... :leer:
  2. There were both good and bad things. Lets talk about the good first: + Dany and Drogon was funny, also it's good that they left "breadcrumbs" so that she can be followed by the noble rescuers :D + Meereen was ok, and would've been even better if they would've dealt with the aftermath of the Harpy attack properly + Meryn "no one" Trant + At least they didn't butcher the words in "For The Watch" like some here predicted, I just hope they would've given us a proper hint as to what is going to happen next + I liked the "traitor" sign, and wish they had spelled it like "TR8OR" XD + Stannis probably didn't die + Melisandre got to play it a bit different this time, being all hopeless + The end of the Walk of Shame was good with Cersei breaking down... And Pycelle omg XD + Sansa looks to have gotten away + Myrcella and Jaime scene was enjoyable + SER ROBERT STRONG!! OK then the more negative things, and just like the positives, there are many: - Pacing issues all around. Like really big. Most everything seemed rushed even more so than in any other episode this season. - Stannis vs Boltons battle was awful. No strategy. No tactics. No brains. Stannis just march right on Winterfell with very few men without preparing at all? And then get slaughtered like pigs... It was just really dumb. - Arya "face-sliding" was peculiar to say the least. So they know how to make copies of faces now? ... Ye-yeah... :ack: - No WunWun in For The Watch, and no final straw as in Jon suggesting they assist Stannis. Also where the hell are all the Wildlings? - Myrcella dead? Lame to bring in a new actress for like 2 scenes the entire season. That was very anticlimactic. - Prior to the Walk of Shame Cersei confessed to some heavy stuff, I think the Faith could have put her to death just based on the confession. - It was obvious that they had a double with Cersei's face plastered on in many of the scenes, it kind of killed the mood. But I understand why obviously. So not a big minus. - Brienne, if she actually killed Stannis. I thought she would help Sansa this episode. - No Benjen, got my hopes up from the preview :crying: All in all it's anything from between 7-9 / 10. They really need GRRM to start giving more input on the show. D&D can't do the story justice on screen on their own. Still it was as good as one could expect with GRRM writing tWoW and not participating in the creation of the show, and so was the whole season. Good, but not as good as it could've been..
  3. HAHAHA, um, yeah. Cause you know - moving an entire army is the same as one guy taking the fastest horse (of the few remaining) and riding there solo? And people here claim that the showrunners are the ones lacking logic :dunno:
  4. Laughing my azz off at the tards rating this episode 1/10. Oh My Rhllor. I thought you stopped watching after episode 6 but I guess not (because you think the show is very good and can't stop watching - but still trollvote it to 1 here ROTFL!). Btw IMDB is at 9.6 / 10 for this episode, and you're giving it 1's.. :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: pretty effing stupid This ep was a pretty strong one. Nice Drogon action. Stannis burned his daughter but who didn't see that coming - after all the guy shadowbabied his brother and burned a bunch of other ppl, and was gonna burn Gendry too. It was a well done scene imo, they showed the inner conflict the characters had about it. The part where Jon was on the wrong side of the Wall was pretty dumb but I understand that they did it because looked way more dramatic that way. Nothing much to say about Dorne, neither good or bad this time. I expect they will let us know the real plan Doran has next episode, but if not I'm content that we got rid of that storyline for the next season (hopefully) with Jaime, Bronn, Trystane and Myrcella heading to King's Landing. In regards to Braavos, I don't think they needed to make Meryn Trant any more heinous, and in my opinion showing a bunch of similar looking scenes of Arya tailing him was pretty pointless, but it wasn't bad. It just wasn't very good either. Overall I liked the episode, but it was no Hardhome. Still the good overshadowed the other parts quite clearly. 8½ / 10
  5. The look on Jon Snow's face in the end. :hat: Westeros. is. ****ed. :lmao:
  6. To be their man-slave? :lmao: This episode gets 9/10 from me. Hardhome sequence was epic. Best battle in the series really... but Olly and Dany&Tyrion scenes weren't that great (once again)
  7. I can sometimes give episodes 3x + and 10x - and still give it a high rating. Why? Because the + was that much more "heavier" than the -. Here's a real world example of this logic: I go to a club, socialize with my friends, pick up a pretty girl and get laid. 3x +, right? Well, unfortunately at the club I lost my crappy phone and broke my glasses, and on the way home the next day I stepped on dog poo, was stung by a bee and forgot to buy milk. 5x - ... I'd still give all that 9/10 because the plus, although fewer, completely outweighs all the minuses in my mind.
  8. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. 11/10 I agree with your profound analytical approach. The results of your deep study of this particular episode necessitate that I give you two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  9. There is no frigging way it's 20% of the vote, are you serious? The episode has a 8.9 on IMDB and all my friends say it was the best episode of the season :hat: It's someone trolling by making new accounts with which to vote 1, I bet. Probably because the Dorne scenes bombed or because they disagree with what happened to Sansa. Talk about wasting time on pointless exercises. Lame and stupid. Stupid and lame. If we consider most of the 1/10's trollvotes, its only about 25% 5 and below, which is in line with all the other episodes of the season. Makes sense? You decide ;) I give it 8/10. Arya scenes in the House of B&W were the best thing so far this season. RamSan wedding is great. Littlefinger is a sneaky little bee. Jorah + Tyrion = TORAH! It would be 9 if you removed the Dorne parts and 10 if in addition the Olenna/Cersei dialogue was a bit better scripted. I felt it was lacking in comparison to Olenna's earlier scenes. Also goddamn Tommen is such a little pusscake
  10. 3/10, 5/10 ? And you've rated the earlier episodes higher? What the *PEEP* have you guys been smoking. This was by far the best episode of this season. If it wasn't for Jorah getting greyscale I would've given it a 10/10, but cause I like Jorah it's a 9. Almost everything had pretty solid logic behind it, except for some Dany scenes, but those were done cause u'know DRAGONS!!! gotta spend the budget somewhere. Aemon scene was good.. to the people complaining about how he knows of Daenerys, even the book readers should know that all the important information the citadel receives gets passed around to the maesters on ravens. There is no lapse in logic here, and neither is in not telling the whole Wall about Daenerys, since the letter specifically states that she is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, which makes her no concern of the Wall. You are seriously just trying to find things to complain about. Talk about being a debbie downer...
  11. 5/10 It was the worst season starter of all 5 seasons (1st episode of season 1 being the best, by far), mostly due to the trailers spoiling most everything in it. Also the really short scenes and sort of playing catch up with everyone made it feel very... synthetic. You know like a play or something "drop the curtain, change the setting, open the curtain". It was a bad case of the "season premiere syndrome". The extras just felt like extras with nothing to contribute too but that is nothing new. Positive: + SANSA! LITTLEFINGER! GOOOOOD! I WANNA SEE MORE! + Robin "fighting" if you can call it that. lol + Mance & Jon + Stannis & everyone + Depressed Tyrion was believable. A very minor + though, since the lines weren't that good. The actor just happens to be very good. + Meereen. Sons of the Harpy. Dragons. Looks like I'll be liking Dany and her stuff a lot this season + Harpy statue torn off the pyramid. Epic Negative: - Trailers spoiled pretty much everything - Varys too upfront, sort of out of nowhere - Maggy the frog. casting, acting and general portrayal were bad. like really really bad. Too young. Too human. Cartoonish laugh. No explanation who she is or why she is there. - The Flashback in general. Melara wasn't even named, just some random annoying "Friend A" of Young Cersei's. - Melisandre & Jon. Felt way forced... - Cersei and Jaime convo was hilariously out of character for Jaime - A mole like Dorne. And just Loras in general. Everything about his scene just made me say "No!" out loud. Talk about stereotypes... - Missandei and Greyworm. Continuation of the dumb pairing from last season. Very forced. - Brodrick. (Brienne and Podrick). If one duo has to kick the bucket this season I would vote for this one. Neutral: ± Portrayal of the sparrows via Lancel. ± Margaery. Getting a bit more biaaatchy, are we? Not that I mind. ± Kevan. More or less what I expected. ± Pretty much everything else.
  12. Um, what? She clearly pushed him over to protect him because he was too weak to fight. In the previous scene he fell over in the snow, too sick to continue just as they arrived to the tree. Not to mention he has been ill most of the way.
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