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  1. Fair enough. Then I do apologize for anything you felt directed at you. I was specifically addressing the 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 crowd for every single episode. I really don't think I've seen a person say 10 to every single episode but I would question that person as well.
  2. Have you ever rated any episode above a 5?
  3. Dude have your reviews or votes been consistently bad regarding every episode?
  4. Eh if it had been season 1 or 2 or 3 I could understand the 'hoping it gets better' argument. It just wrapped season six and is way past the halfway point. I've never kept watching a lousy series in hopes that it would get better for more than a season or 2.
  5. dmo862000

    How would you rate episode 407?

    One complaint: Biter scene was kind of ridiculous. Aside from that? Amazing, especially for a setup episode. Season 4, for me, has (dare I say it?) equaled and possibly surpassed GRRM as far as quality overall is concerned. Okay so for this episode: I don't recall Sweet Robin getting slapped in the books, its been awhile and I could have just completely forgotten, but either way, great. Oberyn/Tyrion.... great scene.... love the Casterly Rock recall. Initial Jaime and Tyrion scene was great as well. Bronn made me uncomfortable in his new clothes and demeanor but by the time it was all said and done its possibly the most heart touching moment you could get between a mercenary with no morals and a narcissistic, overentitled dwarf without seeming forced. Hot Pie? 'nuff said. I thought Brienne talking about Sansa by name was stupid and loved that Pod called her out on it even if she was right. Jorah changing Daenery's mind was also rather swell IMO. No complaints here. The complaint of Petyr calling her 'sister' instead of 'Cat' makes sense as its a show and it makes it easier to understand for show watchers. It's, IMO, more of a 'decomplicating of things' more than anything else for viewers.
  6. I'm sorry but the trial may have been the greatest scene ever. Who cares what came before. I was left stunned and in awe. 10/10.I go wiTH my initial feeling which is shock and astoundment.