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  1. Maybe like in Alien Nation, salt water affects them in a way to make them avoid the sea. But, yeah, it'd make the wall moot if they could just walk under the sea.
  2. Not that fussed about the battle scene, but then such scenes aren't really the type of thing that grabs me. In some of the previous battles on the show, as another poster mentioned, you had something on a human level invested on both sides. In this battle, it was a bit us versus them. Still, despite that, it was technically well done, which one should give credit towards. This is the best episode of this season, despite some issues I have with the Tyrion and Dany meet-up (I'd expect less trust from Dany towards Tyrion, as well as some better dialogue). Liked the Arya stuff and the Sansa/Theon reveal. It's also getting interesting in that on a narrative level, the show's now straying a bit beyond where the books have led us (although one or two important things are still yet to happen). Now when my wife, who hasn't read the books, asks me what's happening, I can shrug and say that I don't really know. ;) So, from me, it's an eight out of ten.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Well, amongst other things, that finale has sullied the Winterfell snow castle building scene, particularly as presented in the book.
  4. To be fair, they'd have had less room to squeeze him in this episode. Rather than panic now, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and wait a week, then panic. Still, even then there is a narrative problem with having Stannis come and save the day.
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    Favorite POV Character

    I've only just started the second book, so I'll confine my choices to the first one (as is the wont of this thread), but maybe it'll change in future. I have to say that all the PoVs were interesting in their own way, although I did feel Bran's to be the weakest, but still had its moments. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Jon Snow and Sansa's PoVs, because I'm not really a fan of their characters in the actual show. Mind you, I suppose I shoudln't be that surprised, because books allow the fleshing out of the character, getting into their minds and what they see, etc, which is hard, if not impossible, for a TV series or film to do. But if I were to choose whose PoV I enjoyed the most, it was Catelyn's. Not because of her character as such, but because so much happened within her parts. Eddard was very close behind.
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    Hi there. My name is Graham and I live in Sussex in the south of England. I suppose that means that I don't talk like a Stark. ;) I've watched the HBO TV series and got hooked after the first few episodes. Recently I've decided to go a step further and tackle the books. I've read the first book, which certainly added to my appreciation of the story and to my enjoyment (to be expected), fleshing the story out and giving more weight to the characters. For one thing, my appreciation of Jon Snow has increased tenfold, amongst other things (I don't care for Sansa as a character, but her PoV chapters are interesting). I'm currently reading the second book and getting some Stannis story. Anyway, I thought it was about time I joined up. So, umm, I did. Thanks.