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  1. Atropis the Elf

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    Interesting story, OP. I didn't know of the books until GoT came out. A friend almost forced me to watch it, she was very excited and thrilled about it. Now my friend begs me not to spoil something for her :P I don't mind if people watch only the series or just read the books or both. I always prompt them to do either or both, in this way I have more people to talk with for one of my.. addictions.
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    Official Testing Thread

    it works!
  3. What hath God wrought?

  4. Atropis the Elf


    Hello fellow addicts. I'm new to the forum and, contrary to most of the boarders, I wasn't lurking before. I have just recently finished ADwD so I was purposefully avoiding anything relevant to GoT. I'm already having a delightful time in this forum, already liked some people, and I hope this will go on. While I finished the books in a quite fast timespan, I was thinking of starting them anew. At the same time I started doubting my sanity until I joined this forum. Kudos to all!
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    Official Testing Thread

    Thanks :)
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    Official Testing Thread

  7. Atropis the Elf

    Want to have an avatar/user pic? Read this thread.

    Make some posts first, then go back again to edit your profile.
  8. Atropis the Elf

    Favorite POV Character

    Catelyn and Arya!