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  1. yep! http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/05/emilia-clarke-on-her-latest-game-of-thrones-nude-scene-this-is-all-me
  2. yep! and ha. i was at the torcon in 2003, with the BWB (a group of us who knew each other from the old board - ezboard.com! i miss that board) and grrm would come to our hotel room party every night we were there. and one night there was a lamprey pie, and he "knighted" all of us over that pie. so yes, i was knighted by grrm i even sat on his lap in my lyanna costume plying him with bailey's and asking sneaky questions... which he totally did not answer. he was a total gentleman about it too, and his partner (then) parris was right there too... it was all very respectful and innocent. i love him. he just needs to WRITE FASTER!!!!!!!!!!
  3. mmm. desserts. will there be punch and pie? more people will come if we say we have punch and pie.
  4. it was delivered by a soldier *wearing* a bolton uniform. could easily have been stolen. and the seal could be counterfeited as well by someone with a skilled...seal-maker, i guess. a rubberologist.
  5. agreed. taking down a psychopath at ramsey's level would be a pretty good motivator to do many various things.
  6. so what wolf head was that then? one of the half-direwolves nymeria's been birthin' all over westeros? please make shaggydog not be dead
  7. and where are the freys!? they deserve it the MOST! i want them all dead! slash i am very zen and peaceful. (but they still totally deserve it)
  8. loved that. "oh yeah, btw, i killed your little bitch stannis."
  9. yes, and the vale has been like switzerland in the most recent war, so they are completely unscathed. so that last scene was beyond awesome... and, like a silly person, i had almost forgotten her immunity to fire, since she hasn't used it in 5 seasons. now i'm like "dude, how many other bad situations could she have gotten out of using this?" but i'm glad they made us forget because it made it a surprise, at least to me. best surprise evar. i knew she would get the dothraki to join her but i thought she'd impress the khals, i didn't see her just destroying their entire patriarchal-pillaging-raping power structure. god DAMN! but um.... why doesn't dany's hair burn? "fire cannot kill the hair of the dragon." it DOES burn off in AGOT, but maybe they didn't want to sacrifice those long blond tresses on the show. still, i wish her hair would burn too. although i'm kinda bummed i'm spoiling myself by watching the show - because surely many of these things WILL happen in the books, and probably the dany-goddess-rising thing most of all (also un-jon, duh) - i AM glad i got to see the visual of that incredible fire sequence before i read it. i've been reading the books since 2000 and i prefer them, but no book could have done those visuals justice. and the music. that 'dracarys' astapor drogon music but with a new added dany-alone melody. oh gods. so good. i liked that daario was the last to bow... but... once he realized what she is... he BOWED. that's right bitch! also, could this be the scene that barrie gower talked about below? or is it lady stoneheart, i wonder? " [David] Benioff and [Dan] Weiss, when they write the outline each year, for last two years, we got to this one point and we read this one gag and thought “Oh my God, how the hell are we going to do that? But this is going to be incredible!” And then it got pulled and we didn’t do it in Season 4. And then, lo and behold, in Season 5 there it was again. And it’s pulled again! But now, in Season 6, it looks like we’re going to do it. Fingers crossed they won’t chicken out."
  10. Spoilers may now be posted outside of the ADWD forum, but they must be hidden under the correct spoiler tags: (spoiler)TEXT(/spoiler) except replace the ( with [
  11. hey RTG, welcome! you may want to edit your post and remove the spoilers, as new people - who may not have read all the books yet - will sign up and come here to post... just a suggestion :)
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