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  1. Just read it. Didn't once at all try to see further into it I read it as it was and i have to say it was honestly one of the best chaps.
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    welcome welcome.
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    I blame the boar but hey who doesn't love a good king rib.
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    We blame Canada for everything around here but welcome Andrew.
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    Thank you for the kind welcome. I'm a nurse fore the mentally unwell instead of dealing with the ill effects of the body i deal with ill effects of the mind
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    Hi im geoff im a pysch nurse.
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    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Paxter is like omg Hot non homo.
  8. They should have showed them dumping cat in the river to give better future ref to lady SH and lord Walder was kinda lame in the books he is like the best villain he didn't even he he he