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  1. Well at least the quarantine isn't boring on your end.
  2. Just in case any if you are curious, this is what my left ankle looks like these days. The screws were to piece my ankle back together after it was shattered, and the rod going up my fibula was put in because the bone was not only broken, but twisted out of its socket from the sheer force of the accident.
  3. Glad to hear, any little girl would be lucky to be half you. In other news, things are ramping up more on my end. My unis gone all online for the rest of the semester, and places like restaurants and liquor stores are closed down. Luckily grocery stores aren't running out of food. As long as I can get food and pat my rent, I'll be fine. I never thought my first semester at a real university would be derailed by a pandemic.
  4. Ayy just dropping in again. I'm pretty much all healed up and walking normally once again. But things are looking serious here, even in North Carolina we've got unis closing, my own is debating whether to close outright to move to all online classes as we speak.
  5. Thanks Rhaenys, I'm happy you're still around. I'm attending the university of North Carolina at Charlotte. Basically going from the country to living in the states biggest city. I'm a music education major, meaning I'll most likely end up a chorus director.
  6. Good afternoon everyone, just popping in for a bit. Life's been going good, I'm now off crutches, moved into my own place, and I'm finally into the uni I've been wanting to go too. Still not 100% recovered from the accident, but getting closer every day.
  7. I cannot overstate how great autumn weather feels down here.
  8. I don't blame you for forgetting me, I haven't posted regularly in years, I'm the ghost of threads past himself.
  9. Ayy how ya doin, just dropping in and telling yall about recent events. So back in April, I was involved in a multiple car accident on the freeway, which resulted in me suffering a concussion, broken sternum and collarbone, plus a shattered ankle. No real memory of the accident as I was a passenger sleeping when it happened, plus the concussion knocked out my short term memory for a day. From there I had my first ankle surgery, which involved piecing my ankle back together with pins and screws, and spent all of May, including my birthday, in a physical rehab facility/nursing home, which is a story in and of itself. From there I've been staying with family, and had a second ankle surgery, since my ankle healed in the wrong place, and just recovering. Haven't walked since the accident, and I'm on crutches at the moment.
  10. Still don't understand the stupid Grey Worm Missandi romance going on, not to mention the other obvious canon divergences this episode.
  11. I'm surprised they fully showed Oberyns death, and i can honestly say that was the most brutal and gory thing i've seen on TV.
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