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  1. 1/10 for me... The show's an insult to George's writing. It's just sensationalist nonsense to my eyes... I have nothing against people who enjoy it but this is just not A Song of Ice and Fire. Certainly not what I remember reading.
  2. 4 for me... I slightly liked the Dany scene but I see what you mean about how they've turned her into this one note character that keeps giving off these speeches. Belwas will be missed but Naharis (>_> BROWN haired Naharis) did good, I salute. I'm surprised so many people love the wildling scene, it was bad ass in its own odd way but as a book reader, knowing what the Thenns are really like and what the Magnar of Thenn, Styr is really like- it's painful watching them being degraded into wild, savage cannibals. Aren't the Thenns in the books supposed to stand out amongst the wildlings because they're much more civilized than most free folk ?! Jaime raping cersei was painful to watch, I mean... What hell, D&D? I just didn't like this episode. Mereen looked amazing btw, though if they have enough money to pull those kinds of environments off- why didn't they just go all the way and make the pyramids colourful or give the mereenese their insane hairstyles? Ahh, I maybe give it a 5 at best, all in all