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  1. Yucef Menaerys

    Drogon's Fighting Worth

    Check out this thread of mine I started 3 years back (I can't believe it has been that long!)
  2. Yucef Menaerys

    What if: Emperor Aegon the Conqueror?

    It would be super easy to take a city with dragons than taking a kingdom like Dorne, I'm baffled at the people here who think taking the free cities will be difficult for Aegon, he had the entirety of the Westerosi (Dorne excluded) military at his disposal and big dragons. The Tattered Prince indicated he could take Pentos with just one tiny dragon.
  3. Yucef Menaerys

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    @Megorova I have to admit you have made some very convincing points in this thread, I'm onboard with your viewpoint and think Jon is AA not Dany as I had previously thought.
  4. Yucef Menaerys

    Quentyn Martell is Alive?... Death and POV characters

    A new Preston Jacobs convert Quentyn Martell is deader than dead. Case closed.
  5. Nothing mad about it, I'd do the same if I were Dany. Treason and rebellion should never go unpunished and she would set a bad precedent if she let the people who deposed House Targaryen and murdered her family go free. House Baratheon should be stripped of all lands, titles and banished from Westeros for life for the crime of rebelling. House Lannister should be removed from power for the sack of Kings Landing and murder of King Aerys, Princes Elia, Rhaenys and Prince Aegon. Casterly Rock should be given to more loyal subjects of the throne or better yet just keep it within House Targaryen, Dany can give it to one of her children if she does have any. I will be a little leaner on House Stark because I believe Rickard was killed unjustly but I have no qualms about the execution of hot-head Brandon who stormed into the Red Keep and threatened to murder the heir to the Iron Throne and Prince of Dragonstone with a bunch of his thugs. Jon Arryn is dead else he would've been executed too for treason. House Tyrell should be rewarded with Storms-end because they stayed loyal and true to the Iron Throne till the bitter end. After this is done Dany should make sure her dragons breed so that her future heirs can be secured and ready to bring the fury of the dragon on all who plot rebellion or treason. No one will think of rebelling for another century.
  6. Both would probably have been killed, C'mon guys this is the person who said "I will kill every Targaryen I can get my hands on" (I'm not entirely sure if this scene happened in the books, its hard to discern sometimes)
  7. Yucef Menaerys

    Was Robert right about Dany?

    I don't really have much of an opinion about this since I don't consider Robert to be the legitimate King and believe that Viserys/Dany have a better claim/right solidified by 300 years of rule. However, speaking from the point of view of Robert, it's definitely better for his rule, claim and his successors to have Dany killed, so to him it would be right to kill Dany.
  8. Yucef Menaerys

    Who whould win in election of Five Kings?

    Renly would win, he was very charismatic and people were naturally inclined to him. On the other hand I see no way in hell Stannis would win.
  9. Yucef Menaerys

    Alright I have a question to ask....

    You're not her fangirl.
  10. Yucef Menaerys

    I like the story but… complaints about style/substance/etcetera

    Dialogue is not only awkward but plain terrible, it's like Sanderson did not improve but actually regressed, I can't stand Shallan's chapters at all, it's because of the incredibly bad way she's written that she's my least favourite character. The way I see with Sanderson is he's desperately trying to put good humor in his books and failing spectacularly at it. Dialogue is the weakest aspect of Oathbringer, the author has a poor command of the English language, just try comparing GRRM's dialogue with Sanderson’s and Sanderson’s would feel childish in comparison. I'm really concerned because I thought he would continue to improve but sadly that hasn't happened yet, he's still in the class of what I call 'average' authors. I was hoping he would crack it to the level of the top dogs where people like GRRM and Tolkien are, but unfortunately I don't see that happening soon. With that said, in the class of average authors, Sanderson is definitely the king.
  11. Yucef Menaerys

    Oathbringer: Stormlight Archives 3 (Spoilers)

    This is exactly why I had to re-read Words of Radiance before starting Oathbringer. It's definitely the weakest in the series so far, that was a tad disappointing, I did not thimk this would happen to SA since the previous two books were excellent. As to the length, I agree part 1 is mostly filler. There's also a lot of deliberation in the Kholinar scenes it was annoying, he could've written everything in Kholinar arc in half the space he used. 'Nice' is a good description of the ending, nothing exciting though, I'm not even desperate or very eager to read the next book, there's no urge unlike when I finished Words of Radiance or Way of kings. Too much deus ex machina and overpowered characters.
  12. Yucef Menaerys

    Hightowers vs Targaryens

    The Hightowers have dabbled in the game of thrones before and suffered greatly for it during and after the dance, that has now made them extremely wary towards participating in the game. As of now I think the Hightowers would be too busy trying to stop the Ironborn to ever bother about Aegon, had the ironborn threat not existed I still think they wouldn't give two figs about Aegon or take part in the war. Assuming they do decide to take part in the war to come, they're going to go for Dany as that's probably their safest option since she has dragons, what would Aegon offer them?
  13. Yucef Menaerys

    Who was the rightful king in the TWoFK?

    At least Henry IV was a Plantagenet, the crown remained within the same family, so it's not comparable to what Robert did because he wasn't a Targaryen and had zero claim to the Iron throne hence why he's called the usurper.
  14. Yucef Menaerys

    How does Slavers Bay function as a trading hub?

    Very big plot hole you bring up here which I had frankly never thought of before, good job OP. Also why would any merchant risk trading in the free cities if there's like 50/50 chance of his ship never getting there? Perhaps the chances are even lower than that. The ironborn whom are perhaps the best sailors in planetos lose a lot of ships travelling to Slavers bay, Tyrion's ship also sinks, seems risky as hell, yet despite all this, these cities are all presented as thriving trading environments. Given how dangerous sea travel is there should at least be a secure and stable road connecting slavers bay with the free cities for this to make sense.
  15. Yucef Menaerys

    Who was the rightful king in the TWoFK?

    That depends, to the readers? Probably Stannis since we as readers have the benefit of knowing that Robert's children by Cersei are bastards and after them obviously the next person in line is Stannis. To most people in Westeros? Joffrey. They couldn't know that he wasn't Robert's son for sure, no DNA test available and everyone rightfully assumes that he is Robert's trueborn son, so that makes Joffrey the rightful king in their eyes.