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  1. Yucef Menaerys

    What happened to the Dragons between riders?

    Yes Yes.
  2. Yucef Menaerys

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    @Megorova I have to admit you have made some very convincing points in this thread, I'm onboard with your viewpoint and think Jon is AA not Dany as I had previously thought.
  3. Yucef Menaerys

    Quentyn Martell is Alive?... Death and POV characters

    A new Preston Jacobs convert Quentyn Martell is deader than dead. Case closed.
  4. Yucef Menaerys

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Really brings up a point I've been musing over in my mind for some time that Maegor actually saved the targaryen dynasty even though he was a cruel and wicked tyrant his decisiveness in dealing with the faith militant was what kept house targaryen as the monarchs whilst aenys was a weakling and couldn't achieve anything decisive, Maegor was headstrong and tough and showed the faith that incest was something the targaryens didn't want to forgo any time soon, because Maegor knew that if they stopped practicing incest eventually they will stop having the ability to ride dragons, and losing that ability for the targs was something impossible to concede because it is the basis of all their power
  5. Yucef Menaerys

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    My favorite moment is when cersei gets imprisoned by the faith.
  6. Yucef Menaerys


    I really do hope that brienne betrays lady stoneheart and does not kill jaime