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  1. Foot_Of_The_King

    Is there romantic love between Ned and Catelyn?

    Thanks for coming to my defense.
  2. Foot_Of_The_King

    Is there romantic love between Ned and Catelyn?

    They kind of do because of the incredible amount of love that the couple both have for the children.
  3. Foot_Of_The_King

    For the record... and posterity!

    1. Jon's parentage: RLJ: Too many hints 2. Tyrion is not a Targ, he isn't Aerys' son He's Tywin's son. I’m biased on this one because I really want Tyrion to just be Tywin’s son. 3. Bran didn't eat Jojen I really don’t know. Jojen paste makes sense to me though. 4. Ramsay wrote the PL This one is a real mind fuck for me. 5. Red door/lemon tree = Braavos I lean towards Braavos but if it was somewhere else I wouldn’t be surprised. 6. Lanna is the daughter of the SW and Gerion Lannister, not Tyrion Don’t know 7. Theon will not be killed before the heart tree at the CV. I don't think he’s done yet. 8. Young Griff is the real Aegon Targaryen I think he is fake. But I don’t completely sold on the whole Blackfyre thing.
  4. Foot_Of_The_King

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    Your right. A pretty good parallel there.
  5. Foot_Of_The_King

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    No, he’s just super Ironborn. I love the character too. One aspect of Euron that I think doesn’t get enough attention is the fact that he’s tripping balls all the time. I’ve always wondered how psychedelic drugs would affect an already “evil” mind. All of his grandiose ideas are easier to understand in this light.
  6. You are one of favorite posters on this forum. So I want to see where you fall on the whole “Tyrion is Aerys’ son” theory. Personally I don’t like it only because the dynamic of Tywin/Tyrion fascinates me to no end. And for me, it works better with Tyrion being Tywin’s biological son.
  7. @Lord Varys You make a good point that Tywin possibly had a sentimental side.
  8. Foot_Of_The_King

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    Dance. It’s one of the best chapters in the entire series. It does a great job of touching on almost everything going on in the novels at that point and the dramatic ending gives it a great boost. While writing this I realized I forgot about GOT’s ending. That’s probably the best.
  9. A lot of us would not be OK with that.
  10. Foot_Of_The_King


    Do you mean overrated in or out of universe?
  11. He could never suffer such a stain on the the Lannister name. If violence was his only option in stopping the whole ordeal, then he wouldn’t hesitate.
  12. Foot_Of_The_King

    TURNING POINT?? - A song of ice and fire

    Bran being pushed out the window. That brought out attempted child murder and royal insect in one moment. I definitely knew these books were “different” after that.
  13. Best answer I’ve read so far. Plus the powerful alliance would keep the Lannister’s in check.
  14. Foot_Of_The_King

    the mad Cersei's plan to kill Trystane

    My feelings exactly.
  15. Foot_Of_The_King

    Does anyone find the existence Mountain Clans of the Vale odd?

    You’re all right. My bad.