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  1. Foot_Of_The_King

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    This has turned into a very interesting discussion with valid points on both sides. I tend to agree with @Lord Varys that the true test of a great warrior comes from well... war.
  2. Foot_Of_The_King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Those who know based on confession from one of the twins -Tyrion (already knew but Cersei confirms it) -Ned -Cat (Jamie’s jailhouse confession) -Iylin Payne Am I missing anyone?
  3. Foot_Of_The_King

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    I’m one of the few people on this forum who truly enjoy’s every character in these novels. The different “camps” I see in the fandom is something I can’t understand. If the character is written well (and most are) then I like them.
  4. Foot_Of_The_King

    The business of ASoI&F fandom

    Such as??? Haha Ive lost count of how many times I’ve read the books so I feel I have a good of a gasp of the content as most people on here but I’m also well aware that I can learn a lot from other’s perspective’s. Who’s charging money for their “knowledge?” I’m really at a loss. Youtubers? Podcasters? Please fill me in.
  5. Foot_Of_The_King

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

  6. Foot_Of_The_King

    Dany does not have to go to Westeros

    This It just doesn’t work from a narrative perspective. Also, if I had the means to conquer a continent that was my families for 300 years, you’re damn right I would want to.
  7. Foot_Of_The_King

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Ned’s talk to Arya about how Lyanna’s “wolf’s blood” led to her early grave may be a large clue into the nature of her abduction/eloping.
  8. Foot_Of_The_King

    Lady Hornwood's last meal? Me thinks not...

    I’ve never thought about it before but I have to say, this makes the most sense.
  9. Foot_Of_The_King

    Is GRRM As Complex As You Believe He Is?

    He is very good at not leaving plot holes. As far as every single thread being developed to its fullest and all connecting thematic, I seriously doubt it. But what he does do really well is having a "tight" plot that's difficult to poke holes through.
  10. If this was the case, Jaime would be dead. This is probably right.
  11. Foot_Of_The_King

    Do the people of Westeros understand money

    This is a stand up bit.
  12. Foot_Of_The_King

    I made a visual timeline of events

    Wow. I’m impressed.
  13. Foot_Of_The_King

    Is x character a psychopath?

    Roose is the best example we have of a clinical socio/psychopath. Lady Dustin lays this out for us as clear as day with the whole “Roose has no feelings” spill she gives Theon.
  14. Foot_Of_The_King

    Is x character a psychopath?

    But how much of this is brought on by an actually psychosis of the brain and how much of this is just a result of a child experiencing massive trauma for a couple of years while being forced to do whatever she can to survive in a cruel world? Psychopaths are born not made.
  15. Foot_Of_The_King

    Is x character a psychopath?

    There is no clear definition of what a psychopath actually is. Sociopath is an easier term to pin down. When I think of the stereotypical “psychopath”, characteristics of antisocial personality disorder are what come to mind. Such as a total disregard for right and wrong, a complete lack of empathy/compassion/remorse, and the overall view that other people are objects to be used to your benifit.