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  1. One of my favorite parts as well. The “No, no, no!!!” Is such an awesome moment. It’s seeing his personal changes from his journey come to fruition.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I think the personal recommendation from Tywin is the major reason he was a contender.
  3. It’s crazy how one scene made his character so much more complex. Shae being in his bed completely changed the way I thought about Tywin.
  4. Yep. The only way Ned could’ve found out would have been if it became known among the other lords of the area.
  5. If we didn’t have his POV, I would’ve thought Tyrion probably was the poisoner.
  6. “For a brief moment, Ned considered telling him all of it, but there was something in Littlefinger’s japes that irked him. The man was too clever by half, a mocking smile never far from his lips. “Jon Arryn was studying this volume when he was taken sick,” Ned said in a careful tone, to see how he might respond. And he responded as he always did: with a quip. “In that case,” he said, “death must have come as a blessed relief.” Lord Petyr Baelish bowed and took his leave. Eddard Stark allowed himself a curse. Aside from his own retainers, there was scarcely a man in this city he trusted. Littlefinger had concealed Catelyn and helped Ned in his inquiries, yet his haste to save his own skin when Jaime and his swords had come out of the rain still rankled. Varys was worse. For all his protestations of loyalty, the eunuch knew too much and did too little. Grand Maester Pycelle seemed more Cersei’s creature with every passing day, and Ser Barristan was an old man, and rigid. He would tell Ned to do his duty. Time was perilously short. The king would return from his hunt soon, and honor would require Ned to go to him with all he had learned. Vayon Poole had arranged for Sansa and Arya to sail on the Wind Witch out of Braavos, three days hence. They would be back at Winterfell before the harvest. Ned could no longer use his concern for their safety to excuse his delay.” I love seeing people take up for Ned. He wasn’t as clueless as most fans portray him as.
  7. Nicely put. Don’t forgot telling the Iron Bank to “fuck off.” The list goes on.
  8. I like the vast majority of the characters in this series. I find something interesting and enjoyable about pretty much every POV. I’ve never understood anyone treating characters like they were sports teams.
  9. People not understanding that it’s ok to like characters that aren’t (morally) good people. And any ideas or theories that make no sense from a narrative/literary standpoint.
  10. That’s what I thought at first. I was scared to say “you have to be joking right?” in case you weren’t. Haha
  11. Westeros = ravaged women has always made the most sense to me. I know you said you aren’t here to speculate on this, but I’m curious. How did you come up with the Edmure and Aegon interpretation? I’ve never heard of either one of these.
  12. Her reign as the most powerful individual in the kingdom is a treasure to read.
  13. A few more I didn’t name the first time. Ned - Detective Stark trying to solve the Jon Aryyn murder is one of my favorite plots in the whole series. Barristan - Love when we get in his head. Cat Dany Bobby B Stannis Varys Littlefinger Tywin Roose
  14. Theon The 3 Lannister Siblings Arya Sandor (If I pick a non POV) *Thats just off the top of my head. I’m missing a ton.*
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