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  1. But why would Rhaegar basically insult his first born son by naming his Aegon when he thinks hes the pwtp?
  2. Yes. Doran Martell was available at this time. Or Rickard could've even married her to one of his own bannermen or one of their heir's. He had so many choices for Lyanna lol.
  3. He named his children rhaenys and aegon. He clearly wanted another daughter, not a son if he believed aegon his son by elia to be the ptwp. He wanted three heads like the original aegon I and his sisters, so i pressume he wanted a visenya not a viserys.
  4. The circumstances of Jon's birth is that Rhaegar wanted a third daughter out of Lyanna because Elia couldn't have another child or she'd die. She failed obviously, giving birth to a son instead a daughter, which isn't something Rhaegar would've wanted.
  5. Why are you defending a man that abandoned Samwell Tarly and an innocent mother for a whore and some coin? Who broke his oaths to the Night's Watch by wedding a woman? Also, there's no proof that he didn't rape her. Just his word. And we know what a word of a deserter of the Nights Watch is worth.
  6. but he actually might've raped that girl though...
  7. he was certainty magical when meli disguised him as lord of bones when stannis wanted to burn Mance. she saved him through those means, indeed.
  8. no thats elia and her son not jon and lyanna
  9. Because he abandoned the NW to go fucking whores.
  10. The world book said that Rhaegar returned to the Red Keep to convince his father to bring back Tywin Lannister as hand before he went to the Trident. I'm not sure when they were brought to the Red Keep but I know it happened because Aerys supposed that Lewyn Martell was betraying him by not bringing all of Dorne's levies to the Trident. I guess he might've kept them hidden from his son's site or else Rhaegar might've thrown a right fit about it, I suppose.
  11. I dunno.. maybe bring back those three king's guard to protect Elia and his children, maybe. Aerys loves wildfire so much he'd bathe in it according to Jaime. What are the chances of him blowing himself up with them? High, very high.
  12. He came back to King's Landing in time for the Trident though. He knew they were there and did nothing about it.
  13. the reason question is why he didn't leave them with Princess Elia and his children who WERE IN THE HANDS OF FUCKING AERYS who was an INSANE MAD MAN WHO COULD'VE KILLED ALL OF THEM.
  14. king bran goes and forsees all of this & sends in the cavalry to deal with any rebellion. king bran knows everything, my friend.
  15. presumably they rebuilt their milatry after balons rebellion it had been ten years hence by the time theon returns, or is this a general statement?
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