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  1. wew lads. thats all i gotta say,
  2. What about Dacey Mormont? Well, besides for her being dead at the Red Wedding and all.
  3. Roose is a sociopath, Ramsay is a phsyopath. Roose is the calm, cold, calculated one whilst Ramsay is the idiot who will no doubt be killed by Roose after his father decides that his Mountain That Rides has no more uses.
  4. There are circumstances leading up to her doing those so-and-so called acts of vengeances.. like the Freys killing her family for example. She wants justice for their murder at the Red Wedding.
  5. What else do you think he was doing, naming his second child (and son) by Elia Martell Aegon? Explain it to me, please, in a logical way on why Rhaegar did that and produced to say "there must be one more". Do you think that Rhaegar really wanted another son by another woman when their child would posse an actual real threat to the Martell's and his precious PTWP Aegon? Rhaegar's believes that by hatching the original three (aegon, visenya, and rhaenys) that he might bring back dragons. Having another son would encroach on such plans. I highly doubt Rhaegar meant to have another son by Lyanna, and I'm pretty sure he'd be extremely disappointed by Jon's birth.
  6. I believe she's gonna lose her trial though. I have this gut feeling....
  7. "There must be three heads!" Rhaegar said in the flashback with Elia and her son, Aegon. Me thinks he did...
  8. Not just Aegon V, but Aegon IV too. He tried to conquer Dorne with wooden dragons and failed. If he heard that their was actual dragon in Westeros still, he'd put all his time and energy into trying to obtain it.
  9. I've also read FAB too and the dragons live for about 200 years or so? Give and take. I doubt that their are any dragons left alive or else the Targaryens would be desperately looking for them. They did all these things to get Dragons back...
  10. Rhaella and Aerys had three children. Rhaegar, Viserys and Daenerys.
  11. But Dragons don't live that long. They are mortal, even if they live far past the average human life span. So I don't think that Winterfell ever had a dragon in it or the Targaryens would've surely noticed, no?
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