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  1. What about Dacey Mormont? Well, besides for her being dead at the Red Wedding and all.
  2. Why are you defending a man that abandoned Samwell Tarly and an innocent mother for a whore and some coin? Who broke his oaths to the Night's Watch by wedding a woman? Also, there's no proof that he didn't rape her. Just his word. And we know what a word of a deserter of the Nights Watch is worth.
  3. but he actually might've raped that girl though...
  4. Because he abandoned the NW to go fucking whores.
  5. king bran goes and forsees all of this & sends in the cavalry to deal with any rebellion. king bran knows everything, my friend.
  6. Ramsay. Big Walder is his squire and he's a blood thirsty leech. It serves within reason that Ramsay would do such things to rile up the Northmen and Freys.
  7. Considering it's Cersei accusing them, probably. Cersei is a wackerdoodle with a lot of hatred towards the Tyrells. She probably had something to do with Loras being supposedly near death. Supposedly on Dragonstone. Huh, I don't trust the words of a mad woman, me thinks.
  8. This was when they were considering him to be Rhaenyra's King Consort when she took the Iron Throne. She was Heir to the Iron Throne, afterall.
  9. I thought that thing you were quoting had to do with Laenor being gay and promiscuous, not Daemon. Furthermore. during Daemon's flings with denizens of King's Landing in his youth, it was stated that he liked to deflower maidens and there was no mention of Daemon ever having sexual interest in men. I think Daemon is like Oberyn in that he liked all woman, lowborn, whores, highborn woman, all woman were fair game to him. And he too always payed his dwarf penny for the maidens he deflowered in the Street of Silk too.
  10. I remember reading the first three books of these, and thinking to myself that Shallan the so called wit was very annoying ‘I’m gunna steal from my mentor to save my family because my daddy dearest killed us all by getting us into a large amount of debt even though my mentor took me on as an apprentice and I’m only here to lie my way into getting what - I’m so smart anyhow! That’s what everybody tells me anyhow!’ The King though, I thought he had potential to be a good or even better king then his dearly departed dad, but it appeared not as he married a insane woman who opened to portal to hell and got himself killed by her. I wonder who rules now as his son who he abandoned with her is a child and a ‘war’ (against the supposedly subdued slave class) is ongoing though in the earlier books they don’t do nuthing, at least on screen. I dunno about offscreen either tbh:
  11. Besides for the fact that Ned has more of a romantic worldview then the Mannis has.
  12. I understand you in this... ive been without one for ages now.
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