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  1. She said she would return the cities to the ashes, meaning total destruction of them(hence Tyrion bringing up the Mad King and wildfire). That would have caused thousands of innocent people to die. This only caused those who were killing to die, the soldiers, ships, and masters. So this is a very different plan.
  2. I gave it a 10, only episode I ever gave a 10 to. I kept trying to think of reasons to give it a 9 and realized that if I had to think that much then it must be a 10. There were a couple minor things I didn't like but that's all. For me, the best episode of the series. Mereen - loved the action there. Got a huge reminder of the wildfire in KL for Ep10. Dany got more than one reminder of why her father was called the mad king. I liked the fact that there was actual combat and such from Dany's side. Normally it's all just threats and a few deaths, this time it was like, yeah you f'ked up and now you are going to pay for it. Dragon scenes were pretty damn good and Drogon is about twice the size of the others, nice to see them out and in the action. Sansa - she reminded me of Catelyn at first in the tent scene with Jon. About how she should have been consulted. Things calm down a little and then they talk and she made valid points, don't do what he wants you to do, he is better at this game than you are. She was right, Ramsey sucked Jon right out of his plan and likely caused more of his men to die than would have had he stuck to his plan. I liked the last scene where when Ramsey is getting nibbled on how Sansa starts to leave, then stops and turns back to watch him get ripped apart, then leaves. Like she needed to see it to believe it or because she is supposed to, kind of a nod to Ned. Tormund - Nice to see he didn't die in battle like I thought he would. I like his character and it wouldn't be the same without him. WunWun - Well, pretty much as expected, he breaks the Winterfell walls but dies in the process. RIP Davos - Nice little rallying cry to go get them into the fight. Sad to see him find the stag he gave Shireen in the pyre. Jon - really disappointed that he fell right into Ramseys trap but you know he had to. There is no way he wouldn't go out there to at least try to save Rickon. The thing he should have done differently would have been to turn back after Rickon died instead of going berserker Jon and rushing an entire army alone. I really liked his battle scenes and I hated the crushing part of it. I have a touch of claustrophobia so when Jon was struggling to breathe I was dying! So glad to see that he didn't die that way. Nice little feeling when he was beating Ramsey to death. The Battle - I thought it was shot amazingly well. The look was great, the way it showed how horrible combat truly is, blood shit and tears. I don't know how they did those scenes with the horses crashing together, it looked so real I would swear it was. Glad to see Winterfell survived with minimal damage. Dislikes - No Ghost at all? The expected Knights of the Vale running in at the last minute to save the day, again fully expected. I am sure there are things that others don't like, but for me and what I like to see, this was a great episode.
  3. Thank you. We had hundreds and hundreds of pages of filler material in some of the books. Its just the mature of entertainment in general. I mean, books 4 and 5 had so much filler they were created out of what was supposed to be just book 4.
  4. As to the Dothraki, in the books all anyone knows about them is that if you don't pay them off they kill pillage rape and take slaves. If you do pay off and it's not enough, repeat scenario 1. I see their portrayal in the show to be pretty faithful to the books. And yes, since her last chapter in the book has her being surrounded by them, we all knew she was going to make them a part of her army(other wise why do they exist in the first place), the only question was the how. As to the bad guys, yeah, they do make the bad guys really really bad. I guess that's so we can see how much worse they are when compared to the other bad guys in the show. That scene with the Mountain was just stupid and needless. Kind of reminds me of The Walking Dead tv series, they have to keep topping the last bad guy with a worse one. At some point it gets comical. Funny part is that the show seems to magnify all the book issues. Dorne sucks (in my opinion) in the books and really really sucks on the show. Mereen-Mereenese knot sucked and dragged on in the books and still does on the show. Arya and her FM training seemed pointless in the books as no one believed she would ever not be Arya Stark, and we got the poor payoff this week. I am glad that I wasn't coming off as insulting to you, other people were chiming in as if we weren't being civil and that's annoying. BTW, I still say best part of this episode was the preview for next week!
  5. So I assume you predicted that Dany would get herself out of the issue with the Dothraki? Not that she would be saved by Jorah and Daario or by Drogon, but that she already had her plan and was ready to do it? I assume you predicted that Dondarion was still alive and that the BWB were still "somewhat" good guys and that LSH wasn't behind it? There are times where they get heavy handed with for shadowing, Jaime to Edmure would be one of them, but other times they aren't and that's ok. This episode probably got my 2nd or 3rd lowest vote of all the ones I have ever given, but there was still plenty about it I found entertaining.
  6. Who is ranting? I am not YELLING, or insulting people. I actually thought Gargarax and I were having a civilized discussion, with both making valid sane points. BTW - misinterpretation of emotions is easy when reading something someone else has written in forums like this.
  7. See, again I am not saying that. I have been stating over and over that a lot of people who dislike the show do so because the show doesn't fit what they want to happen based on their expectations and find any details they can to rant and rave. If you can suspend belief for one show, or one trope, then why not another? The show is hugely popular and has a loyal following, so it may not be the story telling you and others are looking for, but apparently others are. Plenty of mis steps in the show no doubt, anything Dorne related, too many brothel scenes, Arya stabbing and quick recovery, too many times where Dany makes a grandeur stance in front of or surfing on a crowd, etc.. But, in my mind, the great things out weigh the others and I am ok with that.
  8. Referencing what Sansa suffered as rough sex is stupid and short sighted. I am going to choose to think that you are just hoping for some attention. Will not reply to any answer or reply you have to this so don't waste your time trying to explain your comment.
  9. I think the biggest difference is that I,and others, can just get past it and move on, and others look for items to cling to and hate on. When you watch a new Superman movie do you find it perfectly credible that no one recognizes Clark Kent as Superman because of his glasses? Do you think it was perfectly acceptable that Andy DuFrane carried out a short tunnels worth of material from his cell to the yard and no one ever noticed the different colored material on the ground? Do we all accept it when the hero in a spy movie gets shot and lives but random bad guy gets shot and dies instantly? Do we accept it when there are a thousand bullets flying at the hero and he is missed and yet he does a jump roll, comes up firing with a pistol and hits his target? Some things you take note of while watching and shake your head, but then you make your choice. Is this that big of a deal or do I ignore it and watch the rest of what I consider to be a really good show?
  10. Not really, I am saying that a lot of people have certain things that they want to have happen or assume will happen from the books and when they don't happen in the show the anger rises. Not saying that you are one of them but there are a thousand and one. Now, I will not defend the Arya scenes. I said the same thing last week, this was done wrong and poorly. I am also tired of Dany just appearing and standing before everyone. This has been the case since Season 1 Ep 1. She has done that stance or walk in every season. Now does that make is a shit show, nope. Every show has it's flaws.
  11. Agree with the Arya, and Dany comments. Disagree with the KL, not sure how anyone can say nothing has happened there. The FM has a tighter grip than ever, even changed the rules of trials. Cersei is more isolated than ever, very clearly so in the throne room scene. Getting hints of the wildefire potentially happening. The BF, agree here too, would rather have seen his death on screen.
  12. And again, stop putting words in someone else's mouth. I simply stated I don't compare the two. The funny part is you say this, and then immediately after say this So, all I am saying is that if you had never read the books, your views on the show may be different. I know plenty of people who have not read the books and they love the show. They aren't mad that Clegane bowl isn't happening, or LSH, or fAegon, or Jaime redemption arc is maybe going differently.
  13. Funny I don't remember typing anything like that. I simply said I don't mix the two. I don't give two shits that you dislike it or why.
  14. I went with a 6. I found plenty of things to like about this episode. I think it helps that I don't take book items and try to hold the show to them, separate entities. The Hound - I am so glad that it appears he will be trying to help against the WW and not some stupid Clegane bowl. That whole fan fiction fight never made sense to me, especially in the show. Now he needs to get Heartsbane so he has a great sword made of valyrian steel. Hopefully this scene ends all thoughts and rumors about LSH making an appearance. For a split second I thought when the Hound was pissing in the water that she would float up. Arya - Yeah, I am not happy about how this played out. They really should have left her injury from Ep 7 to just the gut slash. The whole stab and twist thing made this hard to swallow, but this is a fantasy show. I mean there are dragons, tree people, wargs and people who can change their faces. At least we finally got her to say who she was, she is Arya Stark of House Stark of Winterfell. KL - Yeah, that sparrow that attacked the mountain would have killed a man, those spikes would have been in his heart, but since it's undead Gregor, well you get your head ripped off instead. Pretty clear that we are going to see Cersei burn the city down. Qyburn obviously found the wildfire stashes she told him about. Cersei can see that she has lost Tommen now and has nothing left. Nice twist to end the trial by combat, Cersei's one wildcard she had left to play. Hopefully this happens in Ep10 and doesn't stretch out to next year. Mereen - yeah, Tyrion, Grey Worm and MIssande don't work well together. It's like oil and water when it's just them. So, what would Vary's secret mission to Westeros be? What house is he going to try to sway Dany's way? Will he be heading to Storms end and such instead of fAegon? And I at least got one thing right, it was Drogon landing on the pyramid. Do we get a battle for slavers bay this season, the siege is happening now so maybe Ep 10 Yara arrives to help break the siege. Then Dany has the Iron born ships and what ever ships from Volantis survive. Riverrun - Couple nice reunions. Bronn giving Pod a little lesson in true fighting was funny. I liked Jaime and his speech to Edmure, I prefer that he is staying true to who he was early on, I don't mind this at all. Now, once Cersei burns KL to the ground we will likely see Jaime break down. It was a nice nod from him to mention how Catelyn and Cersei would do anything to save their kids, including burning cities to ash. I fully understand the soldiers at Riverrun letting Edmure in, he is the Lord of that castle. Plus I don't think many of them wanted to die for it! I just wish we had seen the BF go out in style. Although, they likely would have had Bronn be the one to do it and then everyone would be bitching about bad ass Bronn again.
  15. I see the scene with the BWB differently than others I guess. Most martial activities start out with a strong sense of what they are doing, right vs wrong. However as time goes by you see the people at the top die off and others rise up. These replacements often don't have the same sense and morals at the original leaders and they start to stray from who they are. So if they show the BWB and the leaders who were there before are gone and new people are running the show, then yes it would make sense for them to have changed. However, if they are still alive, then this would make no sense.
  16. I thought it was a decent episode. Mostly plot movement and setting up the last few episodes. I like that people are just dropping everything because Jon and Sansa are asking them to. I mean, they did it once and lost a lot of people, only to feel like the person they supported betrayed them by letting Jaime escape and marrying a non Frey after swearing to do so. Yes, the Boltons are worse and helped kill northerners, but right now they are all basically at peace and recovering from the wars. They are all trying to rebuild their familes and are not going to just jump into another war. To me this is actually done really well. Not sure how Arya and the waif is going to play out. Clearly the waif is trying to make Arya suffer which contradicts what Jaqen told her to do. Also, Arya was very nonchalant while walking about, has to be more to it than this. A gut stab and then falling into that water would be pretty close to fatal. Cersei is getting more and more isolated and when she loses Tommen...burnt them all!!!!!
  17. I gave it a 6, same as last weeks episode. Mostly getting plotlines moving forward, less action but more storylines. Not really moved by seeing the Hound, I was ok with him being dead so ehh. Obviously he is now going to track down the BWB and wreak some havoc. Jon-Sansa-Davos- Pretty much as we expected, begging for men, finding resistance and an excuse for Sansa to reach out to LF for the Vale army, which would be the letter she was writing. Kind of strange how Sansa was questioning Davos even though he was the one who convinced Lady Mormount to help. Also, surprised there was no mention of the family's ancestral sword that Jon had on his hip. Theon-Yara yeah I am sure that scene will get torn up for the naked women, get over it. More importantly it showed some growth for Theon. Yara challenging him to either man up or die but to stop being the sad broken man he was. It clarified for us that they are in fact heading to Mereen, we all figured it but now it's confirmed. Ayra - you knew that old lady was the waif immediately, or you haven't been watching! I just wish they hadn't stabbed Arya. We are 99.9% sure that Arya will live so instead of stabbing her in the guts, which is likely a death wound in real life at that time, a couple more nice slashes would have sufficed. Guess we get the conclusion next week in "no one" KL - Again, confirmation that Maergery is playing her own game and is not a true believer. Nice little f you from Olenna to Cersei. Nice speech reminding Cersei that all of this comes back to her and her stupid decisions. Maybe a lead in to her impending blow up? Riverrun - Got the "surrender the castle or else" scene, pretty much just like the book. And this scene showed exactly why Bronn is there with Jaime. Jaime needs someone competent to have his back and why introduce another character at this point? The blackfish is still the blackfish, straight to the point!
  18. The prophecy says Cersei will die at the hands of her volonqar,, her volonqar, no one elses brothers matter.
  19. His immediate family and the servants, they were there serving dinner when Lord Tarly made it clear that he would never touch Heartsbane. I am sure they would notice it missing and spread some rumors.
  20. What are you even trying to say about Tommen? He is Joffreys lil brother, Joffrey is already dead, and Tommen had nothing to do with it, what does any of that have to do with the prophecy we were discussing?
  21. The prophecy stated she would have three children, they would all have golden shrouds(death shrouds) and that the volonqar(sp?) would kill her, and that word, while spelled wrong, means little brother. The question has always been, Jaime or Tyrion. Cersei was born first so technically Jaime is also Cersei's little brother despite being twins.
  22. Have to disagree with you. The sword is a family sword, not Sams. As Randal said, the sword has been in the family for generations.
  23. Agree with you on Braavos, time to get Arya moving. The flash backs were really good and revealing. Coldhands however does not equal Benjen in the books or show. GRRM has said himself that Coldhands is not Benjen. I found the KL events very interesting for once. I see Maergery as playing the HS. She seems to be the one in charge and is just letting him think he has the best of her. She knows Tommen is not smart or cunning enough to see what it happening so she uses him as a pawn. This whole season has been about woman coming into their own so this would fit right in. Arya - not being no one but instead remembering who she is Sansa - If you won't help me I will do it myself Yara - Fine, I'll take the ships and take control of my life, likely heading to Dany Marg - taking control of KL and the King, from the other woman in charge Dany - didn't need to be saved by men, saved herself and took the entire Dothraki population with her Sand snakes- yeah the whole story there sucks, but the women are now in charge Lady Olena telling her oaf of a son that they were outsmarted
  24. Jaime still has a shot at redemption. He is still heading to the RL just as in the books and maybe, just maybe Lancel talks to him before he leaves. Dany - yeah, she loves speeches.
  25. I am hoping Lancel talks to Jaime before he leaves for the RL. They made a point to show Lancel on the steps of the Sept, making eye contact with Jaime, holding out hope for this. Jaime heading to RL and so is Brienne, could be a meet up of former pent up flames! Brienne would now have two suitors!
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