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  1. Arya spent a lot of time training to be a silent killer so it kind of makes sense. Also, wasn't there a line very similar in this episode or last about arrogance? It's on the tip of my tongue but can't quite find it. And Bran, yep, I for a second thought the same thing, he was gonna kill himself. Didn't know what that would accomplish, was just a feeling.
  2. This is exactly what GOT has always been though. We thought Ned was the lead hero, oh wait nope. All hail King Robb, oh shit maybe not. This series and the books have always been a bit of misdirection.
  3. Funny you mention this, I was thinking he is there since it's empty and pretty important. Would be funny if they are all heading south and he's like, pay the toll bitches I finally got my castle! In reality I expect him to show up this week and then the next week reveal what Cersei wanted him to do.
  4. I gave it a rounded up 8. I get the griping about it being dark but, hello they didn't have lights back then and as the saying goes, the night is dark and full of terrors. It gave the episode a creepy feel that was needed. Loved it when the giant busted into WF and basically B slapped lil Lady Mormount to the side, chuckled when it happened, and cheered when she killed him. She went out after a big boss kill. Would have ranked it higher had we lost more of the main cast. Davos and Varys both should be gone, probably Brienne as well since she had her big moment of respect last week. Same w Grey Worm, but I get that they didn't want to kill off all of Dany's people. Also, had Jon and the NK had a small fight, say Jon is winning and then the NK raises all the dead and moves on, would've felt better to me. Maybe have Jon surrounded like he was and have Ghost jump in and save him. IDK, maybe that's all just fanboy talk though.
  5. I think that Arya was actually pretty well done. At the end of S4 she has lost basically everything and everyone, all dead and she is what, 14 or so at that time. She is suffering PTSD and puts up a wall to hide behind it, she focuses on revenge. She thinks that the FM are more righteous, for lack of a better word, than they are. Turns out they aren't any better than the Brotherhood. She thinks they only kill people who are bad and once she starts to realize they will kill anyone as long as they get paid, the FM lose their charm so to speak. Once again she feels lost and decides to leave because she knows she can't accept this. She gets to a literal cross road in her life, head south and get Cersei, or head north and maybe find Jon. She chooses family over revenge and ends up finding Sansa alive and some of her wall comes down, but she realizes that Sansa is somewhat leery or undercutting Jon so she keeps some of her defenses up. Finally she sees Jon again and even in that scene she at first keeps up her wall, then drops it and gives the big hug. So she is now getting some of her humanity back that she has been hiding away and meeting Gendry again raises some feelings she has always buried or hadn't really felt yet. The end of the world is coming and hey I always liked and trusted you, lets do this! Anyway that's a lot of words to say that this season has been more about Arya coming back to her humanity.
  6. Good acting then right! That's Arya's first kiss ever, and it comes after she tells him she is having sex with him, pretty normal awkward first encounter.
  7. Your welcome, and I was hiding that little bit because not everyone reads those chapters. I must not have been clear in my meaning. I know very well how the body works, what I am saying is that there is no reason for Arya to develop in some aspects and not "flower".
  8. I'm going to reply in spoilers because it's from the chapters GRRM has released from the next book.
  9. Who's to say the NK doesn't use his dragon(s) to fly across the narrow sea and do the same thing there?
  10. I have to say I loved the episode more than any for a while. I think the acting in this episode was as good as it has ever been. I actually felt tension, pride, fear etc. Show started off strong with Jaimes trial. Brienne saved his ass and Sansa stepped up to lead as well. It was a little out of character for Dany since this is the man who killed her father, but, maybe is shows growth? Arya - Gendry, been seeing this since S2. They seemed to have a bond then, more of teasing of course. Then last week I thought it was obvious they were going to be together. This episode they reminded us that she asked him to come to Winterfell, maybe not knowing why she wanted him there but she knew she did. It was nice to see a woman on this show get to choose for herself what man she wanted and when, it's not very often that happens so I am glad it was her. I think this was Sansas' best episode ever, definitely the actresses best. For the first time I actually believed she was a leader and making intelligent decisions. Then her scene with Theon was pretty touching, IIRC first time together since he helped her escape? Sam-Edd-Jon on the wall was great, and now our watch begins. Would have been better if Ghost was between Sam and Jon getting some attention, or if maybe we saw Jon introduce Ghost to Dany but whatever. Nice to see Brienne get knighted. It's something she said means nothing to her but we all knew meant the world to her. It shows her the respect she has earned. We finally learned what the NK wants to do. Basically end humanity and erase it from the world and that makes sense based on how he was created and why. I had no problem w the Jon and Dany scene. He was down there maybe trying to think about what could have been, or what she was like. Dany once she realizes who he is in front of of course has to talk about it. She herself is trying to understand the two versions she has heard of her brother. Kind and gentle, kidnapping rapist. Jon doesn't want to let her continue to believe he was a rapist and decides this is the time, which in true Jon fashion is the wrong time, but he is consistent! Side note, when Jon saw the nightswatch people arrive and Tormund came out of no where, I thought it was Ghost at first, I was like hell yeah! Nope.
  11. Been expecting this. They sent all of the, less abled or non warriors to the crypts, where the dead people are... all the NK has to do is raise them and they have a lot of people to kill and add to his army, oh and they all were buried with a sword on their statues lap! Tyrion will be there and he made a possibly telling comment, "perhaps after I am dead I will go to KL and rip Cersei apart"... volonquar? however you spell it. Also in the preview for next week, using spoilers since some people don't watch previews.
  12. Gave it an 8, maybe should've been a 9. All the way through this episode I kept finding things I liked, laughed at, felt emotion at, appreciated the acting, IDK seemed like a damn good episode to me. This episode for maybe the first time ever I actually felt like Sansa was as smart and good a leader as they have tried to make us believe. I'd say this was her best acting performance yet, she held every scene she she spoke in. As to the Arya scene, it did feel a little strange but I think only because we've seen her since she was a kid, that always changes things. I read an article where the director gave her total control of the scene. Maisie said she could choose to show nothing or any amount she was comfortable with.
  13. Yeah it's something that they/she probably knew deep inside but until it was verbalized it wasn't real. I mean, they have dead horses and mammoths, why wouldn't they also get the dragon.
  14. WW existing to kill the last Targ doesn't make any sense at all though. Maester Aemon has been at the wall for decades, Jon/Aegon has been in the north his entire life. Plus the long night was thousands of years before the Targs ever invaded Westeros so the entire Targ family reign came and went and the WW never showed themselves. The symbol thing however is interesting. First thing I thought when they showed him on the wall was that it looks like the Targ sigil.
  15. I liked the opening credits, seems like they put a lot of thought into them. I haven't read this entire thread so I may be just making same comments as everyone else. I am sure I wasn't the only one who felt Arya and Gendry flirting with each other. Hey you look good...you do too....then Arya turns as she is leaving to see if he is still watching her... classic flirtation scene. Had forgotten about Sam not knowing his dad and brother got roasted. Nice little plot tension maker there. Drive a wedge between Jon and Dany. Jaime and Bran and preview. Will this be another spot where Dany and Jon have some tension and drama? He will want Jaime spared, Brienne maybe speaks up for him. Jon of course wants to keep all the "living" alive for the battle. During this scene does someone also mention that Jon is Aegon? And one last question about that, since he pledged himself to Dany does that mean he gave up his rights to the throne? This is probably being discussed elsewhere. Theon Yara just seemed like a waste. Maybe Theon shows up next episode and tells Dany that Yara is back on Iron Islands and she can fall back there. I wanted more of Yara. The dragon riding, for me, was horrible. All I saw was that dog thing from the never ending story. Last thing...if Dany freaks out and wants to leave after hearing about Jon being Aegon and tries to leave, wills Jons dragon decide to stay with him? Isn't there supposed to be a bond once mounted?
  16. I gave it a 6. We all knew it was going to be a refresh and reset episode to get ready for the next few. As usual I have little interest in whats happening anywhere but the north.
  17. What would have helped this would be Tarly saying something to his son about taking care of Cersei later and avenging the Tyrells, but stopping this invader now. Since they are a foreign horde invading them, with warriors known for raping all the women and taking the men as slaves. We know Dany stopped that, but they don't know that.
  18. No, just see my other posts, I forgot where I was. Here we are free to rant about anything show related free from people like me trying to make sense of it. That's what I meant by show facts.
  19. Hey, forgot I was in rant and rave. So rant away. I used to avoid this section like the plague but got sucked in today! My rant would still be against Stannis, book and show. He is supposed to be logical, military minded no nonsense guy but he gets swayed by a priestess and changes his religion all of a sudden? Then is so fanatical in it that he burns his own people for not changing their beliefs? If he hadn't done all that he would've won from the start.
  20. Then do that, but don't come to a forum that is created to discuss a show and then say it isn't real. Of course it's not real. But if you are here to discuss the show then you have to use show logic and facts. The books are much different BTW....why would people support Stannis who used magic to kill his own brother and burned his own bannerman alive?
  21. Again. You must use what the show has done and base things on that when discussing motives and such. Cersei would've been dead long ago in reality.
  22. But when we are discussing this show we need to take what has actually happened in the show as fact, not what we want or what we would have done.
  23. Again, Varys left with Tyrion, he has no idea what has been moved where since he left. His little birds are Qyburns now. Please tell me you aren't going to really use Winterfell as support for this? Winterfell was left unprotected because Robb felt the north was entirely safe. The Greyjoys were not seen as invaders so they were able to just walk right in. If Winterfell was closed up for a siege that never would have happened. Cersei is paranoid and on guard, has the city watch and Lannister army there, very different situation.
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